Update: Paris Story.... :)

OMG! I havent blogged in months or almost a year!!!! To be honest, I've been very busy  and well, lack of passion for blogging and i didn't know why. I used to be able to sit in front of the computers forever. Haha! Nonetheless, I miss reading blogs and miss writiing them too. Lately, I've been browsing blogs a lot...I read them, comment on them and little by little I started to feel like I want to blog again, which is a good sign. :)

Anyways, If its not too late i want to wish A Happy New Year 2014. May your 2014 be filled with happiness and joy.. :)

Anyways, a little update ...because its been long overdue! :):):) 

Well, I am engaged! :)  It happened on 11/04/13 in the most beautiful and romantic city in the world...Paris. My then boyfriend, Arb, actually took me on a European trip as his birthday's treat. We first stopped in London for 4 days before we went to Paris, Switzerland and Italy. London was breathtaking as usual and we did lots of sight seeing and shopping.  We enjoyed our stay (London is one of his favorite cities in the world!) but for me, I knew I couldn't wait to be in Paris with him, because, uhmm well, Paris is magical. It just is... So, we left our Hilton Hotel in London around 5 am or so on November 4th, 2013, a day after his birthday so we could get to Euro Rail on time. Our train to Paris was around 6 am I think which we did not mind because we wanted to arrive in Paris as early as possible. The train ride was amazing. It was my first time on Eurorail! Haha! All we did was holding hands in the train, enjoyed the view until I fell asleep. AND for some reason, Arb's phone alarm went off and this beautiful romantic melody woke me up from me deep nap! I actually got mad at him a little hahha. I even asked him why did he have that song on his phone and he said "I don't know". He only smiled and I didn't bother asking more questions. The melody was actually a ballad from this Bollywood movie Bachna Ae Haseeno  It was the first Bollywood movie we watched together in a theatre and our favorite Bollywood movie by far.:)

The minute we arrived at Paris Gare Du Nord station, we immediately took a city train straight to our hotel.The journey with the train took about 20 minutes. When we arrived at our final station, I think it was Bir Hakim station, or another station around that area, I couldn't remember, but when we walked out from the station, well there it was... Eiffel Tower and our hotel was right around the corner. :) Though it was my second time in Paris, my feeling was different this time. Everything about this city touched my heart, touched my every core like never before. So we went to our hotel, we checked in, and we walked to the Eiffel Tower right away. Yup walking, because the hotel is 5 minutes away. :) And what a view! Eiffel Tower is beautiful! Even more beautiful when you have someone you love standing next to you, holding your hand, look into your eyes and say how much he loves you and that he would do anything to make you happy. :) We took many pictures of course ;) from every angle, every direction, every corner. And yea, we paid no attentions to those gypsies who kept coming by trying to sell us something or asking if we knew English. LOL. Oh well, when you ignore them, they will go away. Around 1.30 pm we went back to the hotel to eat and change. Arb told me to wear something nice. I was like "uhm, its cold, and windy..I'd be wearing a thick jacket". I noticed he was excited and nervous, and was talking to himself a bit lot. So we walked back to Eifel Tower and got in line to get to the summit. It was a longgggg line even though we had purchased the ticket in advance. Once we got up there, we were ecstatic. The view of the city of Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower was magnifique!  Again, we took lots of pictures and enjoyed the time we had with each other until I suddenly heard that melody again. That same melody that woke me up from my nap earlier in the train. I told him to turn off his alarm because its so loud and I was embarrassed. I guess with the wind and the cold air, I got easily irritated, He then asked me to go somewhere else.. far from the busy windy area. So we stepped into the deck area and walked around for almost half an hour before he dragged me to the nearest bench and sat me down. He looked damn serious this time. And then it began......"Love, we have been together for 6 years. We've been through thick and thin together and you know me like no one else knows me..and you make me so happy. I love you with all of my heart and you're the love of my life. I would do everything to make you happy."  (Oh yeah I remember those lines!) People started to look at our direction and yeah I got nervous because I hate being looked at. And then it happened! He got on one knee and proposed! I burst into tears immediately and so did he. I said yes and we kissed. The people around who witnessed the event clapped and congratulated us. One of them was sweet enough to take our first picture as an engaged couple. He said to me, "who would have thought we would be standing here on top of the Eiffel Tower when this happened?". I love him. Thats's all I know.




Later that night, he took me out to a fancy french restaurant to celebrate our engagement. Well, that's the story of the proposal :) More stories to come!




My New Favorite Pair of Lashes

Hello Lovelies,

It's been a while since my last post, I do realize that. I was MIA, a bit busy with life. Hey, sometimes things happened! :) I miss reading blog posts, and writing them. Anyway, I want to start fresh today and hopefully I can keep up and keep on writing. :)

So, just like every woman who loves makeup, I love, love, love false eyelashes. I have tried almost every brand there is in the market, except the mink lashes. First, they are quite pricey, second, I feel bad for those animals!!! Not until recently, I discovered this one brand that is not only100% cruelty free, but also cheaper than those that are adorned by Hollywood Celebrities! I asked some high end salons in Studio City, those mink lash extensions that Jennifer Lopez wears cost around four hundred dollars! So I thought to myself, forget it, since I am not good at maintaining the lash extensions anyways.

So back to this affordable brand, I am sure many of you have heard Velour Lashes.  At first, I was like, there's no way, these mink lashes could be this cheap. But of course I couldn't help it and bought myself a pair. A T-Dot-Oooh. Sound flirty, and fun!  Yay!

The Packaging:

When I open it.. OMG to die for...So pretty!

Close up look. And the writing is so cute. :)

And this is how t-dot-oooh looks on me...

I can say that I am now officially hooked!
I actually want to buy some more pairs. Lash In The City is next on my list.
These Velour Lashes are so lightweight, easy to apply, and though they look kind of big in the box, they actually fit my eyes! I guess I have large eyes ;)
The price on the website shows $29.99, with 50% off. I am not sure if the price will go up later, or it's going to stay $29.99 forever, but who cares, I feel fabulous each time I wear these lashes. 

The best thing I read from Velour Lashes website that got me interested to buy:

Because mink is 100% natural fur, it provides a natural shine, is super lightweight and flexible, gives a feather like look, can be curled like real human hair, and can be worn up to 25 times. Synthetic eyelashes, although cheaper, are irritating to the eye, fake and unnatural when worn, and can only be used a few times. Mink eyelashes are considered a premium high end product when compared with synthetic ones.

I am going to see if there's other brand out there that can beat these mink lashes. If you know any, please share ;)


P.S: If you have InstaGram, please follow (I'll follow back). Same user name: MsRinz. 



Happy Valentine's Day

..and a Happy New Year. I know its been months since my last post. Ive been dealing with so many personal issues and workloads that take most of my daily life. But i am planning to start blogging again.. Ill start slow and see how i can fit this activity (i swear i love blogging!) into my daily schedule...
With that being said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow Bloggers. You guys are special.. So enjoy your special day tomorrow!!



Circle Lens Review : EOS Star Violet - Super Cute Anime like!

Hi everyone! This post is long overdue! I just moved to a new place, trying to get settled in.. and arghh is taking forever since I have too much stuff. =/ I don't think I have enough space even though this little condo is with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths haha!

Anyways, a quick blog post. I was sent a pair of circle lenses for review by Mukuchu.com about two months ago, but because I had to move and all, I did not have a chance to try them out until last weekend.

Here are the pictures of the EOS Violet from the Star Series:

 EOS Bottle

The lens is pretty cute!

Since Halloween is coming, I think this kind of lens is perfect for the occasion. I normally don't wear anything other than plain grey, brown or black color, but this purple lens with that star shape is actually cute and very anime like.

Additional Info From Mukuchu.com:

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

There are colors available on Mukuchu.com.
Check them out >> HERE

Here how EOS Star Violet looks on me. I was trying to look a bit anime, dont mind me! ^_^

And in a natural light without a flash:

Are they wearable for everyday look? Of course not. That's why I prefer to wear them on Halloween night along with my cute Halloween outfit! Can't wait! ^_~

By the way, Mukuchu is having a sale right now: Buy 2 pairs, and get 1 pair for free. You can check out their Facebook for more details : https://www.facebook.com/events/535596859788788





Have you ever shopped at Beyond The Rack?

I just did my first purchase a month ago, but unfortunately, the item didn't fit me. So, I had to return for a store credit, oh well. I just wish I could get a credit back on my Visa, that would be totally awesome. So now, I have to shop for something else....hmmm..

So, have you ever used this website for your shopping need? ^_^
They carry a bunch of designer items at great price. 

And today (until July 4th) they have pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags on sales. For those who don't believe in buying fake items ( i hate counter feit), and don't really want to spend money should check out the website.  
Happy Shopping!!

Beyond The Rack

Nail Of The Day : Dior Nirvana

Happy Sunday lovelies,

Just a quick post on my new obsession, a Dior Nirvana Nail Polish. :) It's a lovely color, isn't it? 
I just love the green/teal look on my nail lately. 
Have a great evening!

PS: I have tested and tried all the products I bought during my vacation. I will do a blog post about the products soon! <3


I am back from a month vacation!!

Hello fellow bloggers,

I am back from a long vacation!! Yay!  I was actually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia visiting family and friends. I had so much fun and it was a great trip for me. It's been a while since I last saw those lovely faces. :)

Anyway, I am going to do a short blog post - just some pictures of the food I ate on the plane. Ha! Ha! Well, a lot of us may find the airline food unappealing, but for some reasons I really loved the meals on Cathay Pacific Airways. :-) Chinese food baby!! And also, it was my first time on Cathay Pacific. I  normally take Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines, but their round trip tickets are sooooo expensive!! They are normally around USD 1,700 to 2 grands so when I found a cheaper alternative, which was Cathay Pacific I just hit the purchase button. ;)  Besides, I wanted to spend my money on other things...like shopping!! :)

Another good thing is...Cathay Pacific Airways is based in Hong Kong. If you are like me, a cosmetic junkie, especially Asian brands, you will find a lot of things to buy at the Hong Kong Airport during a layover. :) I actually spent some times at Scent and Beauty boutique browsing makeup and skincare. I wish I could take some pictures!! Oh well...

Cathay Pacific Airways Menu:

Cathay Pacific Airways Supper:

Sweet and sour chicken. Yum!

A cup of Noodle!

Well, I skipped breakfast because I wanted to sleep!

About to arrive in Hong Kong!

Lunch in a different flight:
Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpur.

Again..rice. I am Asian and I don't mind it ;)

Well, that's all for now. I am going to post some makeup stuff I bought later ;)




NuMe Curling Wand 32 MM

Hello pretty people!! I was away for while!! Gahhh!! Life is soooo busy for me. =/ I am trying to balance everything...and I hope I do it right. LOL. Anyway, I got some free time to spare now and I have to write this important blog post to show my appreciation. :)

I actually won a blog giveaway (Thank you Mie @NoBeautyLimits) and I received this wonderful NuMe Curling Iron plus some other pretty stuff! What an amazing feeling because I love hair styling tools!! ;) Anyway..here is the picture:

I basically won a $135 NuMe 32MM Curling Wand that comes with a heat resistant glove, a set of feather extensions and feather extension starter kit. How cool is that?? I haven't tried their feather extensions yet, but I will soon. :)

 Anyway, here is the product description taken from NuMe website:

"NuMe's tourmaline curling wands lets you have it all by creating gorgeous long lasting curls and voluminous waves. The simple and effective clip-free design gives you silky smooth curls every time without the risk of tugging or breaking your hair. Our exciting technology will give you the healthy, bouncy, luscious curls that you only dreamed about having. Best for all hair types.
The NuMe Curling Wand uses our signature negative ion technology to get you the lasting look you want, quickly and without the damage of conventional irons and curlers. Get perfect frizz- free curls, a cascade of mermaid waves or just some added volume to your locks without the hefty hair dresser bill."

So, I've been playing around with this curling wand and I really, really love it. :) To be honest, I would normally prefer a traditional clip-curling iron (Versus clip-less / wand) because it's easier to use where I don't need to wear a glove and twirl my hair around the wand you know...However, I kinda like this NuMe curling wand now because unlike any other curling wand I've tried, NuMe is very lightweight, easy to use, and it heats up real fast. It actually beats my favorite BaByliss Pro. So wearing a heat resistant glove and twirling my hair around the iron are no longer my biggest issues! Thank god! So I get to curl my hair so fast..so easy, and the curls stay for hours!

 Here is the picture of my hair :

Well, it took me literally 5 minutes to get this result. I was a bit busy at the time so I did not spend more than 15 minutes (like usual) to style my hair and my hair still looked full and voluminous. :) The waves/curls stayed like this from early in the morning till late at night without any help from hair spray/gel. I am quite happy with NuMe Curling Wand so I highly recommend you guys to give it a try...

Here is the website if you want to know more about NuMe: http://www.numestyle.com/ . The online store basically carries all kind of hair styling tools and here is what I have: http://www.numeonline.com/shop/products/Curling-Wand.html

I guess that's all for now! Happy Monday to everyone and I am glad to be back writing! Yay to me!



EOS Max Pure Brown Circle Lens

Hello Lovelies!

I was given this product by Lens Village (lensvillage.com) for a review....

Take a look at the cute packaging!

This lens is by EOS in MAX Pure Brown. You can find this product HERE. 

Is EOS Max Pure Brown lens comfortable? Yes. I tested them and wore them for 4 hours as usual. I did not have any problem. But again, it's different for everyone.

I feel the color is quite natural. It does enlarge my eyes. My eyes are quite big and sparkly in person, according to my boyfriend who can be the world worst critic ;). He said I still look like me, only with big sparkly eyes. He thought they are pretty. Ha! Ha! If you prefer a natural color, I would suggest you to try Max Pure Brown.

Product Description:

Diameter : 14mm 
Base Curve : 8.60mm 
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year 
Expiry Date : 2013
Power Available : 0~1000 / -0.00 ~ -10.00

By the way, LENVILLAGE is having a big sale right now. Some of popular lenses are now $10/pair, instead of $19.50.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great start of the week everyone!


Happy Friday !!

I am blogging from my new Blogger App! Hope it works!!:)
Wishing you all a very Happy Friday!!


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