Review: Coastal Scents 56 Blush & Eyeshadow palette

I bought this palette not to long ago. I think the palette is pretty and I love the varieties of colors that come with it. Do not be scared of the bright colors of the blushes because all you have to do is to apply them very lightly! Love the eye shadow colors though, ranging from the lightest to the darkest shades. One thing that's missing is the blackest black color. The darkest shade it comes with is somewhat greyish-black. Well, we can always buy a separate black color. :)  The texture of the shadows is somewhat powdery, but it has a great staying power though. One problem (which can be fixed. ) is that some colors won't show up unless you apply a shadow primer first. Just apply any primer, even the cheapest one from a drug store will do the trick. In my case, I have to do apply a primer all the time since i have oily eyelids! For someone who is on a budget or simply doesn't want to spend lots of money, this palette is great for you.



Klaudea said...

Cool! I've never seen anyone do a review on this palette before! I really wonder if there is any difference in any of their palettes? Do you own any others from CS? I have the 42 stack palette in Shimmer and the 88 warm and shimmer palette. I notice the 42 stack one (which also comes with blushes) is more creamy with better color payoff than the 88 ones. Maybe you should try the 42 one if you feel this one you have is a bit too powdery.
I've got oily lids too! Which primer do you use?

Rinz said...

I use Loreal, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow insurance. This is the only palette i have. I am thinking of buying others as well and I have yet to check the 44 shimmer palette. Love shimmery colors! Anyway, I thought the 88 is the best palette among them all? U dont like it?

Anonymous said...

I'm so going to buy coastal scents palett this year:P


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