Dry, Chapped Lips? What's your remedy?

I have dry, chapped lips all my life. I am not sure if it's due to the weather or I just don't drink enough water. I pretty much do everything I can to keep my lips healthy. You know, healthy lips equal to sexy lips! I normally use a rough towel to scrub my lips, but that will leave me tons of used towels to wash at the end of the week. Eeek! I got tired of doing the chores,  so I went to Sephora (a real good excuse to buy other beauty products!) to get some lip scrubber or lip butter, and of course I ended up buying all these! Ha! Ha!

Well, I really think I need all of these products. ;) We'll see if I get to them soon. So far,  I have only tried Brown Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh, so this post will only be about that.

The sugar inside Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. Looks yummy isn't it? :)

So what is this Fresh Sugar Lip Polish? 

It is actually a lip scrub/ lip treatment made from real brown sugar crystal. Besides brown sugar, this product also has other great ingredients like shea butter, and essential oils from meadowfoam, jojoba and grape seeds. All of these ingredients, especially the shea butter which has been clinically proven to have superior moisturizing properties and contains a high concentration of vitamin A&E will keep your lips well moisturized.

I finally tried this Sugar Brown Lip Polish today and I loved it! All I did was gently scrub my lips with a tiny amount of product. It didn't take that long to remove all those dry flakes and dead cells. Just under a minute. The result is well moisturized and squeaky cleaned lips. My lips are looking healthier than ever. :) And since Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish is made from sugar/food technically, I think it is OK if you to mistakenly swallow the product. I did, and it didn't make me sick at all. I actually liked its sweet taste!

My only complaint about Brown Sugar Lip Polish is that the product is quite expensive. I paid $22.50 for 0.6 oz jar.  Oh well. It's FRESH after all. Not some cheap brands. Unless I know how to mix brown sugar with essential oils, I will continue to buy one. A healthy looking skin is more important than $20, don't you agree?

Anyway, the product can be found at some department stores, and also Sephora if you are interested to give it a try. :)


Yesterday in iPhone Photos....

Happy Monday! 

Well, today I would like to share some pictures from last weekend since I haven't done this in a while. Those who follow me on InstaGram probably have seen some of these pictures since I constantly update my IG account. :)

So here are the pictures...

I changed my hair color again. This time I was in a hurry and I used this product:

Revlon Medium Ash Blonde.

Medium Ash Brown.

And last Saturday, my friend and I attended a big 3-0 birthday party.  Since it was really important, the birthday boy celebrated it in style. It was held at a big hall and it was very formal. We had a great time. Great food and great music!

The entrance:

Our table:

 The cupcakes:

The boogie dance- I don't know - cupid shuffle? They all followed certain steps! I didn't participate because I didn't know this kind of dance. :)

Our clutches and iPhones..of course!

 Great minds think alike. We both had nude color shoes on! And the place was so dark, we couldn't really take pictures of our faces and dresses, unfortunately. It was like a club. LOL.

 And this is just for fun.. :)

 That's all for now...More reviews to follow!! I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.:)


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The Secret Circle Is Now My Favorite New Show!

The Secret Circle finally aired last week after CW spent quite some times making buzz about its new TV show. I did watch the pilot episode and I kinda like the story line. I love everything and anything witches, werewolves and vampires so I had to watch the show. ;). Anyway, from all of the characters in Secret Circle, I am in love with Faye Chamberlain the most. She is supposedly the bad girl in the show which I don't care because she has the most awesome outfits among the girls. This is my favorite look from her:

I love whole combo - the burgundy colored dress paired with a medium size belt, a leather jacket and combat / military style boots. The lovely fringe necklace that Faye has on just completes this whole look. I LOVE IT! This is the kind of style I would normally wear, except the combat boots. I don't own any. I never thought they would look great with a short dress, but I guess I was mistaken. I might want to hit the mall this weekend and check out those combat boots. I think they are awesome! I can't wait for more episodes of Secret Circle for fashion ideas. :) And oh, since I am in love with the total look, I put together an outfit that is similar to the one from the first episode. Enjoy!

The Secret Circle Fashion Style: Faye Chamberlain

Miss Selfridge magenta dress
£37 - missselfridge.com

Black blazer
$49 - sears.com

Lace up boots
$34 - makemechic.com

Miss Selfridge black studded belt
£14 - missselfridge.com


Geo Super Nudy Gray Lens Review

I received these pair of Geo Super Nudy Gray from Lenvillage.com for review.  Lenvillage is an online company that carries a wide variety of circle lenses, and color contact lenses. There are so many options to choose from. They carry GEO, NEO, Dueba, EOS, etc. It was a bit hard for me to pick one since I wanted everything I saw on the site. At first, I wanted the extreme style lens, you know the cute anime doll-like eyes? I thought it would be great to see how I would look with those kind of lens. Sometimes, we just need to step out of our comfort zone and be daring a bit. ^_~. Ha! Ha! But at the end, I chose Geo Super Nudy Gray XCH-625 instead. I think the size of the GEO Super Nudy is perfect for my eyes, even my boyfriend couldn't tell I was wearing lenses. Let me put a bit of info about Geo Super Nudy Gray :


Power Available : 0.00 to -6.00
Diameter : 14.8mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year

Here are the close up pictures of the Geo Super Nudy Gray on my eyes:

 Picture taken without flash....Sorry, my lips were so dry that I had to crop this picture.
Geo Super Nudy Gray

Reasons why I like Super Geo Nudy Gray:

  • I like the fact that its life span is a year, which means I'd be able to wear and store them for up to a year, or I'd be wasting money buying new stuff every three months or so.
  • I love the blend of the colors - so pretty! 
  • I am in love the thick dark limbal ring around the lens. The effect of large irises is sexy. If you know science, then you will know why dark, thicker limbal ring is considered attractive. I won't elaborate much here ;)
  • This Nudy Gray looks great in a natural light, and perfect for a night time. Just add some drama by having a smokey eye makeup.
  • Also, these lenses give me that doll-like eye look which I find very cute!
  • Finally, the most important reason: I had these lenses on for 4 hours and they didn't bother my eyes. I have sensitive eyes after Lasik surgery and I do not want to mess around with my eyes by wearing contact lenses for a long period of time.

Here is another picture of Geo Super Nudy Gray. You can tell how " big" the lens is, but still natural..

I am starting to like circle lenses as I find them cute and sexy, and they do change my look depending on the color and diameter. Do you own any pair of circle lenses? If you do, please share! :)

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by LensVillage.com. I was not paid to share my opinion. My opinion is honest as always.


Shapes Brow Bar ...shaping my eyebrows to perfection!!

Happy Friday ladies!

I just want to share my great experience at Shapes Brow Bar,  a salon specializing in designing and shaping eyebrows. I am sure some of you have heard of Shapes Brow Bar or have come across their kiosks or small salons somewhere at the malls. Well, that's because Shapes Brow Bar offers franchise opportunity to beauticians who are interested in owning the brand. One thing you guys should know is that Shape Brow Bar offers eyebrow threading as their niche service besides makeup application, mini facial, and eyelash extensions. However,  those additional services are only available at certain locations which I am sure at their regular/bigger salons. The kiosks at the malls only focus on eyebrow threading. That's it. I love going to the kiosk even though the line can be quite long sometimes. I know some of you would be like "what?", "a kiosk?". Well, some people might feel a little weird to get their eyebrows done at a kiosk, because they feel as if they are "on display" and others can see them. I was like that too, but once I was inside the kiosk, I didn't feel weird as much. And I have been going to the same place for months. I totally love the service. The Shapes Brow Bar stylists only use threading method to remove unwanted facial hair and shaping those eyebrows to perfection. I personally hates waxing my eyebrows because the hot wax tends to rip my skin off and I would have red wound or gash for weeks! I am not sure how many of you have had layers of skin ripped off during your wax session, but I did and I won't go back to waxing my eyebrows. I think my skin is just too sensitive.

For you who don't know what threading is (some of my friends did not know!) let me explain a bit what threading is:

Well, threading removes individual or a line of unwanted hair in one pull using threads. Plucking with tweezer allows for only one strand at a time. With threading, a stylist will have more control over the hair. Result? Beautiful, sexy eyebrow.

Also, threading is cheaper than waxing. No need for wax, muslin clothes or wax melting pot! I pay only $10 each time I go to Shapes Brow Bar. But the price also depends on the type of brows you have. The price is here http://shapesbrowbar.com/services.htm

So if you have eyebrow threading available at your salons, go for it! By the way just so you know, I brought a friend of mine to Shapes Brow Bar and she cried a bit. She said she couldn't handle threading and would rather have her eyebrow waxed. I guess threading is not for everyone so I am giving you, first timers this little warning: expect some pain (which I think quite tolerable) or some minor discomfort. ^_~

Eyebrow Threading Result

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MAX Pure Pink Circle Lenses by G&G

Circle lenses have been my favorite since I first tried them last year. I normally like the natural colors so they blend better with my brown eyes, but this time I want to go a bit funky with vibrant colors. ^_~. So I decided to purchase pink lenses from PinkyParadise since pink lenses are quite popular now. I got MAX Pure Pink by G&G, and here is the description:

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Upon received:

MAX Pure Pink Lenses by G&G

Before I go on with my FOTD with these pink circle lenses, let me just review a bit on PinkyParadise.com.

The customer service is excellent. I got my package less than two weeks. Unfortunately, one of the lenses was damaged. Yup, sad. I can't blame the company since I don't think they even knew about it.

The lens was damaged from inside the bottle. I was quite upset because I wanted to use them right away. So I contacted the customer service and Joseph responded to my e-mail in a timely manner. All he needed was the picture of the damaged lens and for me to fill out a complaint/return form. I did just that, and he processed my complaint and sent out a new bottle of MAX Pure Pink lens like days after. I even received an email from him with an international tracking number and I received the package less than 2 weeks. So the customer service is excellent!

This MAX Pure Pink was worth the wait. The color is so pretty, very subtle pink and not too crazy. I love them. I think they blend pretty well with my brown eyes. The diameter is only 14.5 mm but they are huge! I wonder what 18 MM would look on me. Ha!Ha! Anyways, here are some FOTD with G&G Max Pure Pink Lenses. 

MAX Pure Pink Close Up

I have another pair of circle lenses that are up for review anytime soon. I can't wait to try them! Till then. Happy Wednesday everyone!


Party Dresses Anyone?

I finally had a chance to take look at Ideeli website this morning. Yay! I have been a member for so long, but never bothered to look at their site. I really didn't know they carried fabulous items until I opened their email this morning and saw this brand, Tadashi Shoji, which is one of my favorite brands. And to be honest, I normally buy from HauteLook since I have its app on my phone and it's easier to shop that way. It is also can be very dangerous since I tend to click Purchase all the time! ;-)

Anyways, I noticed that Ideeli has finally made an iPhone app. Ohhh nooo! Hahah! Well, I can't help it but to have it installed on my phone. ;) And today, for the first time I really spent hours looking at their sales items. The clothes and shoes are all gorgeous ! You guys should check them out before the sales end or the items get sold out.

Here are some of the items I was thinking of getting this morning.

From Tadashi Shoji, one of my favorite brands.

I love this Grecian dress with sequins. It's beautiful and glamorous! Price $179 from $448. Not bad :)

I was also loving the dresses from this line, Eliza J:

I really love this lace dress. Something that I would wear at a formal gathering. It is sophisticated and feminine. Guess how much this dress cost? $79 from $148.

This dress is quite simple, but I really love it. It's perfect for a dinner date with friends and relatives, especially when you tend to over indulge yourself, you know?  ;) The tummy area is quite roomy! Price? $69.00 from $128.00

Then there's Basix. Never heard of it before but I love the dress.

A combination of silver and black can be quite stunning! Price? $129 from $195.

And these 2 are by Matty M:

This sequin shrug is so adorable and the price isnt that bad. It's $39 from $88.

This tube sequin dress is only $50 from $168. I think this dress is super cute!

And of course I am a shoe lover and had to look at these pairs!

Charles by Charles David. $59 from $110.

Chinese Laundry $36 from $99.

Bebe. $60 from $130.

PS: Ideeli also has Harajuku Lovers bags! It's not my favorite brand, but I find their items quite pretty!

So, if you haven't yet checked this site yet, I suggest you guys go visit now :) www.ideeli.com.

I am about to purchase something....and I hope I don't break my bank. Hahah!


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