30 Day Challenge - Day 04 : My favorite foundation(s)

Hello Lovelies!

I am on my fourth challenge! YAY! Well, I just wanna share about these 2 favorite stuff! I love MAC foundations : Studio Fix Fluid and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. These two items have been great so far. My skin is sensitive, acne prone and will react if I use a wrong product. So far, these two have not yet caused any zits (knock on wood!) and provide a nice coverage that I want. I had been on acutane due to skin problem (stress can really kill my skin!) and I am staying away from using a thick foundation for more than 8 hours. I normally wash my face everytime I get home from work, just so my face is clean and those pores can breath again. I don't go to bed with my makeup on. To be honest, I did before in the past just because I was darn lazy and it contributed to skin problems. So I learned my lesson.

Well, Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 does provide a medium to full coverage with a minimum sun protection. One thing though, if I wear this foundation and take a picture, I will look like a ghost! Of course it happens because of the SPF ingredients, which is a minus in my book since if I want a sun protection, I can just wear an SPF lotion underneath my foundation or even a primer with an SPF! So, if there's an event, or a party, I have to reach for my other foundation that has no SPF in it. Bummer. Because the foundation coverage is really nice.

Mineralized Skinfinish Natural is mainly for touch-up, or as a setting powder. It also is my go-to foundation if I feel lazy to wear anything. :)

So there, my 2 must have foundations!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

♥♥ Rinz


Blog Awards - The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to L from Explore Not Another Blog for this cute award! Appreciate it! :)

With this award there are some rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

hmmm Another 7 Things About Me:

1) I am a girlie girl, I bet you guys know that already :)
2) My go to makeup product is an eyeliner - One swipe and I am good to go.
3) I wear 4-5 inches heels, YUP! I do wear flats but most of my shoes are killer heels!
4) I am passionate about fashion and beauty, but I work with numbers! I have no complaint about my job but I really wanna do something else soon.
5) I dont find Zac Effron is all that. I think Vanessa Hudgens was too pretty for him. LOL.
6) I do listen to Justin Bieber! YUP!
7) My natural hair is curly! Check out my Japanese Rebonding Hair Story. HA! HA!

...and I am forwarding this award to :

All of you! I enjoy reading blogs and every single post make my day so bright and pretty!! I cant go a day without a good reading. Every single one of my readers deserve this! :) So feel free to grab this token and post it on your blog - I hope to read the "7 Things About Me" post.



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Rent The Runway - Have you guys tried the program?

Hello Lovelies!

I've been meaning to share about this wonderful website that I came across not to long ago, but I totally forgot until I recently saw their email in my SPAM folder! *GASP*! I think my email automatically detect this, among many other wonderful websites' newsletters as junk e-mails due to its high security setting. Boo! Well, it's now back into my Inbox. :) I am sorry RTR, didn't mean to!

Honestly, I haven't tried this program yet because I found out about this website way too late. In 2010, I attended a lot of wedding and engagement events where I bought a different dress for every occasion, and each of them was quite pricey! Worst part?  I only wore them once! If I think rationally, it was a waste of money since I don't get to recycle my dress. I guess, I just don't like wearing it twice in front of the same crowds, you know what I mean? Besides, I love getting new stuff for each important occasion! :) So wedding and engagement events are the perfect time to get all glamorous and doll-up! However, for an upcoming occasion, I will try to get a dress from Rent The Runway, and I will only buy new dresses if it's family's occasions. My bank will thanks me. ;-)

Anyway, FYI, RTR has a lot of dresses to choose from, all depending on the occasions: Black Tie Affair, Winter Wedding, Date Night, Birthday (mine!), Girls' Night Out, Beach Vacation, Valentine's Day, Gossip Girl Style, Sorority Rush, etc. They also carry dresses for special ladies who are about to be married (not the wedding gown ladies, sorry, just some fancy dresses for rehearsal dinner), the bridesmaid, and the wedding guests.:) In my opinion, it's convenient to just rent a dress for every single bridesmaid, if you are on a budget!

The original price of each dress varies from $100 to 4K, and the rental goes from $50 to $300, which is quite affordable if you want to rent a MISSONI, or MOSCHINO, or even a NINA RICCI. :) RTR carries a lot of designer brands which I am so excited to try, and my personal favorite would be this one:

Carlos Miele

Retail: $2,600

Taken from RTR website

Let me just briefly explain how this program works, in case you guys might be interested to try.

1) Membership is free and you will only be charged with the rental fees and shipping. Return shipping is free!
2) You need to reserve the dress about 3 weeks before the event and the dress will arrive 1-2 days before that important day. All fresh - dry cleaned.
3) You also can order a back-up dress in a different size for free. Awesome! Or you can get another style within the same tier for only $25.
4) Return the dress once you're done with it - on the 4th day of your rental. No need to dry clean. Return shipping is pre-paid, so it's free! No hassle!
5) You also can buy an insurance for $5 just in case....If you ripped the dress, you would be covered!
6) If you need some designers accessories to go with the dress, you can rent that too!

You guys can tell that I am very excited about this program. I can't wait to try it in the near future!! :)

By the way, here is the latest newsletter that I received from them:

I think the dresses are gorgeous and I definitely would like to rent one, one day! Check them out if you guys want. This is my referral link if you want to use it! HERE!


♥♥ Rinz

30 Day Challenge - Day 3: My Favorite Brush

Happy Saturday ladies!!!

If this were a real test, I would have failed! I missed yesterday because I was busy doing other stuff and passed out early. I guess I was super tired. =/ Sorry!

Anyway, this is Day 3 and I am suppose to share about my favorite brush!  So here it is!

It needs some washing ;) I'll do that later, but for now I just want to share about my experience with this brush. I bought this Bionic Flat Top Buffer brush from Coastal Scents. It costs only $13.95!! I know right? Quite cheap for an amazing brush! The bristle is synthetic, yet very soft on a skin.

Here is the description taken from the website:

  • The long handled flat top buffer is denser and very durable, offering excellent powder pick up and coverage. Use this to buff in your loose mineral powders or to apply liquid foundation.
  • Matte black wooden handle, nickel plated ferrule crimped around the hairs.
  • 6 3/4" total length
In my opinion, this flat top buffer brush is excellent for applying mineral makeup, compact foundation or even the liquid type. Buff in that foundation once for sheer to medium coverage, or twice or more for full coverage! I am actually quite surprise that the price is affordable and not over the top expensive. I know some of us don't mind paying such a high price for good quality brushes (which I think is super important if you are into makeup and applying correctly), but there are some of us that might be on a budget or simply being "cheap" (like MOI! Just Kidding ;))  and don't feel like spending too much on brushes. So, this is perfect! I get my foundation right - all the time. If I want more coverage, I simply buff more! Awesome price for a great quality brush. I highly recommend it!
PS. I think they have a great thing going on right now! If you guys are on brush hunting, go check them out!

Taken from Coastal Scents

♥♥ Rinz


30 Day Challenge — Day 2 : Favorite Bag

Hello Ladies!!!

Yes, I failed to post yesterday. Boo!! Sorry, I had some important things to do - some family stuff. :)

Anyway, this is my second day challenge and I would like to share with my readers about my favorite bag. Nope, it's not an LV, not a Gucci and not even a Balenciaga. It's just a cute, pretty little thing called Juicy Couture! I love this bag. It's quite big and has a lot of room for my makeup bag and other things as well. :) I also love the color, the design and that beautiful crown keychain attached to the bag. Very girlish. :) My dear boyfriend got me this bag as one of the presents for Christmas. He was generous and I was lucky. :) Well, that's it. I am looking forward to Day 3 challenge tomorrow!

Juicy Couture bags are available at Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, and of course at the one and only JuicyCouture.com.

♥♥ Rinz


30 Day Challenge - Day 1 : Favorite Eyeliner

I got too many eyeliners and I love them all. I am an eyeliner girl because I always line my eyes no matter what the occasion is. :) When you do it right, you won't look like a raccoon! :) That's what I always try to avoid since I have oily eyelids. Everything smears within hours! Well, Since I can't choose what I like the most from my collection, I decided to post only 3 items that I love the most!

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, MAC Kohl in Smolder and Urban Decay 24 in Zero.

Well, MAC Fluidline stays on my lids no matter what - from one morning to another. Smolder on the other hand, gives the blackest color one could imagine (unless there's one that i don't know of?) and Zero stays put, but less intense. So Zero is safer for work place and the other two I normally use for clubbing or outing. :)

So, what is your favorite eyeliner??


♥♥ Rinz

30 Days Challenge!

Hi everyone!! 

I am about to discipline myself with 30 Day Challenge program! My life is so busy lately that I rarely get a chance to spend times on this little community! I miss reading posts and writing one. Well, when I saw some ladies that were (and still are) doing the 30 Day Challenge, I really got inspired to do one! So....starting today here is my 30 Day Challenge list:

30 Day Challenge!!!

Day 01- Your favorite eyeliners
Day 02 — Your favorite bag that you own
Day 03 — Your favorite brush
Day 04 — Your favorite foundation
Day 05 — Your favorite thing to do
Day 06 — Anything Hello Kitty
Day 07 — Your Favorite animal
Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
Day 09 — Your favorite pair of shoes
Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
Day 11 — Bag you want to have
Day 12 — Your Favorite color
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
Day 14 — Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you'd like to have
Day 15 — Photo of your favorite bracelet
Day 16 — Music you like
Day 17 — Fashion Pieces that's on your to-buy list
Day 18 — Your favorite beauty guru
Day 19 — Your favorite look from a beauty guru
Day 20 — Your favorite mascara
Day 21 — Your favorite lip stick
Day 22 — What makes you happy
Day 23 — Place where you want to live
Day 24 — Your favorite food
Day 25 — What do you want to get from luux
Day 26 — An Item from your wishlist
Day 27 — Your favorite skincare product
Day 28 — Your favorite drink
Day 29 — Photo of something that makes you go awww
Day 30 — Your favorite nail polish

Thanks so much to those ladies who keep these 30 Day Challenge alive!! I hope I don't fail to post a new stuff everyday because I don't like to fail at anything :)

I am about to post the Day 1 Challenge now ;) then will visit every blog before I hit the gym!

♥♥ Rinz


Nails Of The Day: NYX Jungle and Review

Hello lovelies!!

Happy Saturday!!! I hope you guys are having enjoyable weekend so far. Today, I just changed my nail polish to a new color that I just bought. I really wanted a rich emerald color and I thought this NYX was almost close to it. Almost. However, it looks more blue, than green. Teal? =/ A bit dissapointed, but it's ok. I will still be looking for that emerald color. I saw one from Chanel in the magazine, but I forgot its name. Maybe Sephora by OPI has one? Anyone knows?? Here is the list. If you guys know some brand out there that has pure emerald color, please comment below. Anyways, NYX nail polist does not dissapoint me at all. Even though it's cheap ( paid about $4.50), the color comes out opaque, clean, and smooth. The brush is not flimsy at all. SO YAY for NYX Nail polish. I think I am going to buy more colors from this brand.

Anyways, here are the pictures of NYX Jungle.

No Flash:

With Flash:

Well, that's it for now. I am about to do 30 days challenge starting tomorrow, I think it's gonna be fun!! Besides, I need to take a break from all these assignments a bit. :)


♥♥ Rinz


FOTD with Bare Minerals Shimmer and Shine

Hello Ladies!

This is my first FOTD of the week! I recently got this kit from my boyfriend's brother's wife, Mel (Thanks Mel), and I can say I am quite impressed with the colors! At first I thought the colors were too sheer for me, but once I tried them on, I fell in love with all of them!

The Kit has: Clear Radiance all over face color, Pink Petal Blush, Eyeshadow: Flicker, High Shine Gold Medal, Shimmer, High Shine Vapor, Lipgloss: With a Twist, Sprinkels, Intense Black eyeliner and a dual brush.

Here is the 'sheer look' I did earlier (kinda lazy look LOL):

using only these colors:

From left to right: Clear Radiance, Pink Petal blush; Flicker, High Shine Gold Medal, Shimmer eye colors and With a Twist Lipgloss.

and now I am about to go out....so I intensified the eye look a little!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
And oh, I was told that besides Sephora.com, you can get this kit from http://apothica.com/ as well. :)

♥♥ Rinz


Golden Globe Winner's dress. What do you guys think?

Hello my lovelies,

I was MIA for days because my internet connection wasn't working. Something went wrong with the wiring and the Time Warner technician had to come twice to fix it =/. Finally got my internet up and running again last night, I thought I wanted to post something but I had to catch up with my school assignment. Now I am free again! Yay!

Anyways, I just finished watching Golden Globe Award. I liked the results especially the Best Picture. Social Network movie was amazing! Congratulation also to Natalie Portman for winning her first Golden Globe award. And of course when it comes to award ceremonies, we will be talking about the gorgeous dresses and gowns, right? :) On this Golden Globe award, there were only some dresses that I thought were really gorgeous, and the rest were simply okay...hmmmm. Natalie Portman looked gorgeous though, especially now that she's pregnant. She was glowing, pretty in pink, but I was not crazy about the red rose on her chest!! The whole dress, hair and makeup are lovely,but that bright red rose is soo distracting! What do you guys think?

Image Courtesy: MSNBC

♥♥ Rinz



"Crazy For Pink" continues.....

Hello Ladies!!!

I can't believe it's almost Friday again! :) I haven't planned anything yet, but I would love to go to some snowy mountains, probably Big Bear. I just hope the snow hasn't melted yet. LOL. Anyway, I just want to share my Nails of The Day. :) I am starting to like pink color for some reasons, and weirdly, pink was never my favorite color. I was so much into black, red and purple colors for years, and now I am loving the pink!

OPI in Heart Throb.

With Flash:

Without Flash:

I really like this O.P.I Heart Throb nail lacquer. It's a very pale pink, very subtle, and I think the color is kinda romantic. ;) We may not even be into Spring yet to have pink nails but I am feeling it, so I am going to wear it. And another great thing that I just found out is that on OPI website, there is this interactive app. where you can choose any nail color you want and matches it with your skin tone and nail length, and see if you'll like it or not. I find this quite helpful! I'd definitely use it as a guide before I buy any OPI color from my local beauty stores since most of them don't allow customers to test out the colors for hygiene reasons. It's understandable. :)

By the way, I am still looking for that emerald color for winter, but haven't found one yet. I hope to find it on OPI.com or somewhere soon. If you guys know any, please let me know.

Additional picture: 
From Victoria's Secret's Sales that I got last week. 

Sorry, but I've got to share this one too! I bought lots of PINK stuff!! From undergarments to lotion bottles!!:)))) They had such a great deal. And oh, they handed me that nice looking paper bag (behind those Sales Bags) from the Holiday Season since they had some left, and I thought wow, what a difference in quality! I wish they could give us that high quality bag all the time!

Guess that's it for now. Good night!

♥♥ Rinz


Lipstick of The Day : MAC Blankety

Happy Monday!

I just want to share a swatch of MAC Blankety on my NC42 skin. :) I love this shade of pink, which I think is very subtle and wearable for everyday look. I've been using this color for months and this is my second tube! I think I am ready to move on and buy some other pink colors and if you guys have any suggestion, please let me know. :) It doesn't have to be only MAC, you know?

♥♥ Rinz


Stylish Blogger Award and TAG!

Thank you Malisha for giving me this award. I am a follower of over 200 blogs that I literally read everyday (dont ever think I don't read your stuff, coz I do!). I am a stalker like that ;) I love reading and looking at real pictures, not some magazines made up stuff. Anyway, to make it fair, I will now chose another 7 other ladies to tag!



Another 7 things about myself.:)
1) I went to a grooming class at the age of 17! Ha! Ha! Ha! It was sooo much fun. Learned the proper way to drink, eat, walk, talk, pose, etc, etc, etc. LOL. Funny stuff, i am telling you.

2) My parents encouraged my sisters and I to pursue dancing. I started when I was 5, but I quit early. We had somewhat professional trainings, but as I said, it wasnt for me. However, my youngest who is now 21, still doing it for fun while attending college. I am proud to say I still got a rhythm in me though I stopped early. LOL.

3) I never owned a Barbie. My first and only toy was a brown teddy bear. I was a tomboy. My dad bought me soccer balls, piano, keyboard, and sneakers!!!!!! All my babies pictures were either kicking the ball or eating ice creams. Oh my god. LOL.

4) My first heels were my mom's first date high heels! Those were killer heels, from the 60s. Platform, 5 inches! I looked great, at least that's what I thought! I used it to practice my catwalk LMAO. I was 12, yup!

5) My first lipstick was from Revlon. At the age of 16, I thought that was the coolest brand ever!
6) My first blot powder was from Cover Girl. Yup! Thanks to NIkki Tyler and her amazing smile. I was 14!
7) I was a big fan of 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Take That, Ant and Dec, and any boy band group back in the 90s. So dont laugh now. :P

Now I am about to pass this to 7 lovely ladies, that I hope they will blog about 7 facts that they find interesting about themselves. :)

**Toni - http://kookyheteromorphic.blogspot.com/
**Heather - http://primpandgiggle.blogspot.com/
**Courtney - http://sartorialsidelines.blogspot.com
**Marti - http://glamourmarmalade.blogspot.com
**Twinn - http://twinn-love.blogspot.com/
**Christine - http://christineiversen.blogspot.com

Thank you!!!

♥♥ Rinz


Review: T3 Featherweight Blow Dryer

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday first of all!! :) I am sure some of you are getting ready right now for a Friday Night Out! Well, I am going out too, but before I step out, I would like to share my opinion about this amazing blow dryer. I received it as a gift from my B.F during last Christmas. This little thing is very impressive that I have to blog about it.

What it is:
A professional, Tourmaline-infused hair dryer that delivers lightning-fast drying and a lightweight body. 

What it does:

The Featherweight works differently from old-school dryers. It uses SoftAire™ technology to produce a large, perfectly balanced cone of uniform ionic and infrared heat that dries large sections of hair evenly. Simply put, drying larger areas at a time means faster drying—60% faster in fact. Plus, this fast, even drying means no-over drying, which leaves hair smooth, shiny, and silky soft.

Patented T3® Tourmaline technology infuses the 'electric stone' deep into the dryer's components. Tourmaline emits ions and infrared heat to deliver frizz-free, healthy styling by sealing in moisture and reducing static electricity, polishing any style to lustrous perfection. Weighing in at less than a small bottle of water, the dryer's state-of-the-art components are lightweight and quiet for effortless styling.

Source: Sephora.com

My Review:

Well, I am glad that I got this blow dryer as a gift, since it is quite expensive to buy. Retail price is $200. But then again, maybe I would, only after I had a chance to try it out first.
First of all, this thing is so light that it does not hurt my wrist at all if I hold it for more than 5 minute. The regular hair dryer (I am talking about the $20 hair dryer that I dont even know the name!) that I bought from Target is heavy and is quite annoying to handle.

With T3 Featherweight Blow Dryer:

- I have a thick hair; this blow dryer dries my hair under 5 minutes, max!

- The heat is not super hot, which is a plus, or otherwise you will burn your face and scalp!

- The air blows gently and concentrated that I don't look crazy while drying my hair. LOL. 

- I find it easier to use round brush with this hair dryer.

- It minimizes and reduces flyaways. My hair is very smooth every time I use it. Silky straight if I use a paddle brush or a round brush. NO FRIZZ!

- It gives shines to my hair. Seriously, my hair is so healthy now. After I cut my hair a little, and starting to use this blow dryer, I don't notice any split ends. It's been a month now and I use it everyday. Yay! I always had split ends in the past from frequent use of hair styling tools, especially from a blow dryer.

- The best part is when I flip-out my hair and style it a little; the style will stay until I wash my hair later at night. I don't have to use any hair spray.

With A Regular Hair Dryer:

- It takes me up to 10 minutes to dry my hair using the highest setting.

- The heat is unbearable at times and it makes me sweat. Yikes. So I normally use the lowest setting, and it takes forever to dry my hair.

- I look like a crazy woman everytime I dry my hair. LOL. My hair goes everywhere even with the help of a round brush since the air stream is not concentrated. I believe it has something to do with the fan inside the blow dryer.

- It sometimes creates flyaways; therefore, I have to tame it down with hair serum or gel. 

- My hair gets split ends easily from frequent use. No shine, coarse and unhealthy.

Ok, that's it! I just wish this blow dryer was not that expensive, you know? *Sigh*

Check it out at http://sephora.com

 With Paddle Brush:

♥♥ Rinz


Blog Award

Thank you so much Toni for this Versatile Blogger Award! I really appreciate it. :) You are one of the nicest ladies I've come across through blogging and I really enjoy reading your blog.

Well, the rules are still the rules, which are:

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass it along to 7 beauty blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy

4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about the award

So, the 7 facts about myself: :)))))

1. Just like Toni, I am so anal! I want to always be sure things go smoothly as I want them to. It's almost OCD!! LOL.

2. I love POLKA DOTS!!! I think polka dots print is sooo cute!

3. My favorite color is TEAL! I know I will look my absolute best if the dress I wear is in Teal color. It goes with my tanned skin. :)

4. The last time I had my hair short like a boy was back in junior high. My dad forced me to cut my hair because I took so long to get ready. LOL. I still loved my dad though. Since then, I never cut my hair short ever again. It's my security blanket!

5. I am allergic to chocolate. Not because it would give me acne, but because I would get a cronic stomach problem, and then later I would puke! Yikes!! I can never eat more than a bite.

6. My favorite flowers are white roses. Red is nice and beautiful, but white roses are exquisite!

7. I love heels. Heels are sexy. :) I have a bunch of high heels, but only 2 flats and one sneakers. LOL.

Alrighty, now this is the hardest part. Every single girl on my list is sooo important to me .....but I can only choose 7. Well, they are:

1. Jolene

2. Mimi 

3. Marie

4. JluvBirdie

5. Sriya

6. Kali

7. Courtney

Thank you! :)

♥♥ Rinz


100ish Awesome Followers and Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY! (OFFICIALLY CLOSED!) XOXO

Who doesn't like Valentine's Day? I think it's a pretty special day where every girl and woman will put that extra effort to look beautiful and their eyes will sparkle all day, anxiously waiting for the night to come. For a DATE, LOL! :) Well, ahem, I am one of those ;). I am a girlie girl, and I love any special occasion, especially the Valentine's Day, that requires me to dress up, put my high heels on and look great. If I had to wake up early and spend hours to curl my hair, I'd definitely do it, wholeheartedly. Well, I know it's too early to talk about Valentine's Day, but I am already looking forward to it. :)
So, to celebrate that special day, as well as my awesome 100ish followers that keep me motivated to blog about all the things I love, I am doing this special giveaway! However, before I go into the details, I would like to thank you guys for your support. I really appreciate it. :)

About this Giveaway:

This giveaway will end about 10 days before the Valentine's Day so the winner will have a chance to receive the prize in time before her special date! PS: Please post a FOTD if you wear these items on 2/14!

                                                    The Prizes:

*Urban Decay The Black Palette - LIMITED EDITION-*

"A provocative palette of six black-based eyeshadows, eyeshadow primer potion and one 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil."

This screams SEXY to me! :)

What it does:

This glittery black compact with mirror features a daring palette of five black-based, glimmering, jewel-toned eyeshadows, and Urban Decay's darkest matte black eyeshadow, Black Dog, for adding dimension like never before. The set comes complete with a travel-size 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero and a mini genie bottle of Eyeshadow Primer Potion, so your color stays deep, dark and alluring all day and night.

Inside Picture:

*Source: Sephora.com*

*Urban Decay Black Lite Special - LIMITED EDITION-*
If that kit is not enough, I will include this kit so your eyes will sparkle with this travel-size waterproof eyeliner - 24/7 Glide On in Zero, and an ultra-lengthening mascara - Skyscraper Multi-Benefit. This is my personal favorite. I have this kit as well!. Click here to check out! 

*2 O.P.I Nail Lacquers*
....so you can paint those nails with pretty, sexy colors!
Colors: Got A Date To Knight (pink) and Vodka and Cavier (deep red)


1. Must be a public follower of my blog (either new or existing). This is a mandatory. Anonymous is not acceptable.

2. Post comment below stating "ENTER ME" (please be sure to include your email address so that I can get a hold of you if you win) - 1 ENTRY

If you would like to increase your chance of winning this prize, there are some additional entries (OPTIONAL):

1. Blog about this giveaway and include the above photo and link back to my post. Please comment back with the link in the comment section below, but under a seperate entry then the first one (Enter Me).- 2 ENTRIES

2. Post about my giveaway in your blog's sidebar which  include the above photo and link back to this post. Again, please provide your blog's link in the comment section.-

3. If you post about your kind of date for Valentine's Day, it's another 1 Entry. :)
                                    Maximum Number of Entries : 5

•This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, but please check your country's Custom Law & Regulations (import +export). I got my items detained in the past simply because the country does not have the products =/. I had to resend something similar to make up for it which reminds me that I need to check with the Custom official later to see if it's on hold! This time the worldwide shipping will have a tracking number. :)

•Giveaway will be officially closed on February 5th, 2011 at 11.59 P.M.

•I will announce the winner on February 6th, 2011. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email, or else a new winner will be selected.
•Winner will be chosen via Random.org's Third-Party Draw Service. It is a paid service where the record will be kept for years. Awesome! :)

I guess that's all! The contest starts now! :)

Good Luck ladies :)

♥♥ Rinz


UPCOMING POST - 100 followers/Valentine's Day Giveaway!

I am excited about this. :). This is my way to say thank you for your support ladies!!! I am having such a great time posting about what I like and learn about what others like through this little community we called "Blogspot". :) 2010 was so much fun and I am very optimistic for 2011. Well, stay tune! :) A special post will be made for this giveaway later. I need some time LOL because I just got home, need to cook ( yeah I am very good at that ;) ), and then hit the gym (yeah, new year resolution!) ..then dinner afterward. :)

PS : All of these are my favorite products :)


Some NYE celebration pictures from Vanguard Hollywood

 Now it's 2011, time for me to do some new year's resolutions. 2010 was a great year, but I hope that 2011 will be a better year!


MAC purchase and Makeup Look for NYE

I bought these few items from MAC just for NYE celebration. :) I love every single product and I give 10/10 on each of them.

From left to right: Smolder eyeliner, Lipgelee in Bubble Lounge, Eyeshadow in Knight Divine and Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Chez Chez Lamé.


Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Chez Chez Lamé from Cham Pale collection:
This highlight powder gave me the sheen and the glow that I wanted. YAY! I used it as a highlight for my cheeks and forehead (see picture below). The best thing is that this product does not have glitter in it. It's not that I don't like glitter; I just wasn't looking to be glittery for the night. Even for my dress, I opted a black bandage type kind of dress. :). And yes, most girls in the club were wearing glittery shadows, and sequin dresses. It's new year's eve after all!

Lipgelee in Bubble Lounge from Cham Pale collection: 
I am amazed that I never tried a lipgelee product before! This is better than a lipglass in my opinion because it doesn't feel sticky at all. :) A+! Bubble Lounge is somewhat pinkish+bronze with metallic finish. It also has shimmer in it. Well, I am sure it's quite popular because it is already sold out on Maccosmetics.com, and I was lucky to find it at a local store. Will definitely repurchase!

The rest of the products:

MAC Smolder eye liner: It is a must have for those who love the blackest black eyeliner. 

MAC Knight Divine eye shadow: The color is so pretty. It's a gunmetal color with veluxe pearl finish. For my FOTD below, I used it as all over color and Carbon on the outer corner. 

Well, I hope everyone had a great NYE celebration. :) I sure did. Will post some pictures later. :)
And oh, I also would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope this 2011 will bring much happiness and success to all of you ladies. XOXO.

♥♥ Rinz


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