30 Day Challenge - Day 3: My Favorite Brush

Happy Saturday ladies!!!

If this were a real test, I would have failed! I missed yesterday because I was busy doing other stuff and passed out early. I guess I was super tired. =/ Sorry!

Anyway, this is Day 3 and I am suppose to share about my favorite brush!  So here it is!

It needs some washing ;) I'll do that later, but for now I just want to share about my experience with this brush. I bought this Bionic Flat Top Buffer brush from Coastal Scents. It costs only $13.95!! I know right? Quite cheap for an amazing brush! The bristle is synthetic, yet very soft on a skin.

Here is the description taken from the website:

  • The long handled flat top buffer is denser and very durable, offering excellent powder pick up and coverage. Use this to buff in your loose mineral powders or to apply liquid foundation.
  • Matte black wooden handle, nickel plated ferrule crimped around the hairs.
  • 6 3/4" total length
In my opinion, this flat top buffer brush is excellent for applying mineral makeup, compact foundation or even the liquid type. Buff in that foundation once for sheer to medium coverage, or twice or more for full coverage! I am actually quite surprise that the price is affordable and not over the top expensive. I know some of us don't mind paying such a high price for good quality brushes (which I think is super important if you are into makeup and applying correctly), but there are some of us that might be on a budget or simply being "cheap" (like MOI! Just Kidding ;))  and don't feel like spending too much on brushes. So, this is perfect! I get my foundation right - all the time. If I want more coverage, I simply buff more! Awesome price for a great quality brush. I highly recommend it!
PS. I think they have a great thing going on right now! If you guys are on brush hunting, go check them out!

Taken from Coastal Scents

♥♥ Rinz


luckiebeauty said...

Wow! This is a good bargain,thanks for the review! During summer, I use some mineral powder instead of my liquid foundation. This is a very interesting brush!

herroyalbleakness said...

Thanks for the inputs on a good brush. I'm looking for something dense and soft for my mineral powders. I feel like ordering from CS now!

Anonymous said...

I am craving a nice brush set, I actually really need some, but money is incredibly tight, aaaargh! So I'm going to check out the link & keep my fingers crossed... Do you like CS brushes for applying eye make-up as well?

PinkOrchids said...

I really want to try coastal scent brushes!

Rinz said...

DalaLuz - yup, all my brushes were from coastal scents and target! believe it or not i dont own a MAC :) maybe one day but all my brushes work fine!

PinkOrchids - i think u should try!

MakeupSparkle said...

i REALLY need new brushes :( Haha, it looks like this is next on my "to-buy" list ;) Btw, I have a contest right now, and would love if you checked it out!

sugar sugar said...

This looks like my Sigma kabuki HD brush. :D

Marie said...

What a good price, thanks for sharing, I will check this out!:D

***** Marie *****

preciouspearl said...

I have the same brush.. and I love it :)


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