Rent The Runway - Have you guys tried the program?

Hello Lovelies!

I've been meaning to share about this wonderful website that I came across not to long ago, but I totally forgot until I recently saw their email in my SPAM folder! *GASP*! I think my email automatically detect this, among many other wonderful websites' newsletters as junk e-mails due to its high security setting. Boo! Well, it's now back into my Inbox. :) I am sorry RTR, didn't mean to!

Honestly, I haven't tried this program yet because I found out about this website way too late. In 2010, I attended a lot of wedding and engagement events where I bought a different dress for every occasion, and each of them was quite pricey! Worst part?  I only wore them once! If I think rationally, it was a waste of money since I don't get to recycle my dress. I guess, I just don't like wearing it twice in front of the same crowds, you know what I mean? Besides, I love getting new stuff for each important occasion! :) So wedding and engagement events are the perfect time to get all glamorous and doll-up! However, for an upcoming occasion, I will try to get a dress from Rent The Runway, and I will only buy new dresses if it's family's occasions. My bank will thanks me. ;-)

Anyway, FYI, RTR has a lot of dresses to choose from, all depending on the occasions: Black Tie Affair, Winter Wedding, Date Night, Birthday (mine!), Girls' Night Out, Beach Vacation, Valentine's Day, Gossip Girl Style, Sorority Rush, etc. They also carry dresses for special ladies who are about to be married (not the wedding gown ladies, sorry, just some fancy dresses for rehearsal dinner), the bridesmaid, and the wedding guests.:) In my opinion, it's convenient to just rent a dress for every single bridesmaid, if you are on a budget!

The original price of each dress varies from $100 to 4K, and the rental goes from $50 to $300, which is quite affordable if you want to rent a MISSONI, or MOSCHINO, or even a NINA RICCI. :) RTR carries a lot of designer brands which I am so excited to try, and my personal favorite would be this one:

Carlos Miele

Retail: $2,600

Taken from RTR website

Let me just briefly explain how this program works, in case you guys might be interested to try.

1) Membership is free and you will only be charged with the rental fees and shipping. Return shipping is free!
2) You need to reserve the dress about 3 weeks before the event and the dress will arrive 1-2 days before that important day. All fresh - dry cleaned.
3) You also can order a back-up dress in a different size for free. Awesome! Or you can get another style within the same tier for only $25.
4) Return the dress once you're done with it - on the 4th day of your rental. No need to dry clean. Return shipping is pre-paid, so it's free! No hassle!
5) You also can buy an insurance for $5 just in case....If you ripped the dress, you would be covered!
6) If you need some designers accessories to go with the dress, you can rent that too!

You guys can tell that I am very excited about this program. I can't wait to try it in the near future!! :)

By the way, here is the latest newsletter that I received from them:

I think the dresses are gorgeous and I definitely would like to rent one, one day! Check them out if you guys want. This is my referral link if you want to use it! HERE!


♥♥ Rinz


Anonymous said...

This seems so cool!

Rinz said...

hey L! I thought so too! I might wanna rent a dress for my bday!! :)

kali said...

Gorgeous dresses and great idea.. but I think I'd want to keep the dress once I got it -even if I wore it only once! =\

Rinz said...

Kali - i agree with you. sometimes we have an emotional attachment to the dress we wear!! :))

Meg said...

Thank yo very much for the lovely comment on my blog! ;)
I've never thought to rent a dress but it's a very interesting program!

Curves ahead makeup said...

Great review on this site looks great !!! Also thank you for stopping by my page your the best ;)

Christine said...

I have a few brushes from Coastal Scents. I like them, but i prefer Sigma :)
But i really love the makeup from Coastal Scents, very good :)

Closet Fashionista said...

I've been a member for a long time but I have never had an occasion to use it XD

Bonnie said...

This is an interesting idea. I would totally be up for it if I was positive that the sizing would be perfect. I'm a difficult size to fit since I am so small. I can see where this would definitely come in handy, though.


Courtney Erin said...

I've actually always wanted to try this but haven't really had an occasion to -- but I hope one presents itself!

xoxo ~ Courtney

~Caro~ said...

Thanks so much for sharing! This is an awesome idea! I know what you mean about wearing the same dress twice.. :D ... I will check out their site to see where they ship to or if there's a similar program where I live! :)


Viktorija said...

How DARE you forget to share such an awesome site?! lol I'm definitely checking it out. Thanks for sharing! :D

Rinz said...

i need to find one perfect occasion to rent the dress from that site and i will try with the $50 first LOL and go from there!

shoppingaholic said...

Thanks for sharing... I am gonna check it out soon.

Marie said...

Thanks for the link!:D

***** Marie *****

Primp and Giggle said...

RTR sounds like a dream come true thank you so much rinzzzzz!!!!! :)))))


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