MAC Fluidline Gel Liner vs. Sephora Waterproof Smokey Cream Liner.

I love wearing eyeliner, and I have been wearing it since my early teenage years. Most of my eyeliners are pencils but, I prefer to use a gel liner when I want that dramatic intense look.

Gel and pencils eyeliners are so different so for someone who loves eyeliners, she has to try everything there is in the market. I have MAC Fluidline (which of course every girl I know has it), and Sephora gel liner that I bought not too long ago and quite frankly I don't see any difference at all. I have been using MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for years and I just want to give another brand a shot you know. I thought this Sephora brand would be a great replacement.Of course it's cheaper too.

And just so you know, I went from Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink ($21) to MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack ($15) to Sephora Waterproof Smokey Cream Liner in Must Have ($10). Am I downgrading? Not really. I just love trying different brands. At the end of the day, if I liked something, I'd keep it! Just like a relationship. :)

 MAC Fluidline Blacktrack (left) and Sephora Must Have (right)

                                        What I look for in a gel liner:                                   
  • Silky/Soft Finish
  • Water Resistant 
  • Long Wearing
  • Does not smear
  • Smudge-Proof 
  • Matte Black 
  • Intense Color
  • Not overpriced! And not cheap either!

Based on my experience, MAC Fluidline and Sephora Waterproof Smokey Cream Liner (wow long name!) are about the same except the "smudge-proof" part. MAC IS smudge-proof while Sephora is not. With $5 more, you can get that with MAC. However, Sephora gel liner is so long wearing that it stays on my eyelid from 8 a.m until 12 midnight. I am happy with both even though Sephora is NOT smudge-proof. But hey, as long as I don't rub my eyes with my fingers, that eyeliner will still be there until I remove it. But if you are the type that rub your eyes constantly or want some kind of assurance, I suggest you get MAC Fluidline. :)

Well, this is me wearing Sephora Cream Liner in Must Have. I took this picture for my InstaGram album about 2 days ago? I didn't wear anything else except Sephora Must Have.

PS:- If you have an InstaGram app., add me up! :) User Name: msRinz

So MAC Fluidline or Sephora Cream Liner? 
Well, the choice is yours darling! 
I don't really care as long as it stays!



sugar sugar said...

great review doll! :) yey we're instagram buddies! <3

Courtney Erin said...

I use an Avon gel liner that retails for under $10 and works gangbusters - the quality is great and I love the price!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Donna ♥ Baby said...

sexy picture!! ive always wanted to try gel liners but its always so pricey.. and when i check out wnw or maybelline its always sold out lol. ill check out the one at sephora! thanks for the review! :)

D.Sadie said...

Thanks for the comparison. I love MAC's fluidline!

Vintage Makeup said...

They both sound lovely! I've yet to try either :)

Rinz said...

sugar sugar: hoooray!!

Courtney: I have yet to try Avon. I love Avon pencil liner.

Donna Baby: It is somewhat pricey. But one liner lasts me a year.

Rinz said...

D. Sadie: MAC Fluidline is it. But now i am enjoying this baby. :)

Vintage Makeup: U need to get one;)

Sara.H said...

Thanks for the comparison :) you look lovely in that photo <3

Michelle's Style File said...

I think I'll have to check out that MAC one : )


Bonnie said...

I haven't used gel liner very much. I don't know why. I have one by Make Up For Ever that I use occasionally for the smokey eye look, but I find that it takes way too long when I use it on a daily basis. Gel liners are perfect for creating certain looks, though.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kat said...

really great review! :)


PinkOrchids said...

I haven't tried gel liner before, I'm quite worried it would smudge as i have really oily lids. However gel liner seems to give such a sexy smokey effect, I really want to try! Took bad we don't have a Sephora, I would seriously never come out of that shop if we did!!xX

Anonymous said...

aww thanks for the review.. i love mac!


Jo Schaffer said...

Really liking the smoky look!

MsRinz said...

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