SOLIA FLAT IRON REVIEW. PS: I am loving my hair ;)

Hi Lovelies!

I am sure most of you have read about my shopping haul that I posted last week and how excited I was to get a great flat iron at a discounted price. For those who don't know what I am talking about, you can click HERE. :) 

So, yes, this one is it! I think it is far better than my Original CHI flat iron. Look what it does to my hair? :)

Straight, sleek and shiny!!! I love, love, love it! My hair is smooth, silky, shiny and straight to the max! It stays straight up to 3 days! Yes, I have tried it.

So why do I have an obsession with great looking hair that I am almost OCD about it?

Well, I have this love-hate relationship with my original hair...the hair that I was born with. I don't really like wavy/curly hair at all because it tends to get frizzy and messy. I don't mind cute spiral curls or romantic soft waves created with curling irons, but not the kind of curls you see in the picture below. My hair was a bit damp when I took this picture by the way, and seriously, I think the hair looks messy. FYI, all my sisters have great looking thick straight hair. My youngest sister, however, has an obsession with spiral curls that she has to get her hair digitally permed every year. She obviously likes to look like a doll. I don't blame her. It is super cute. Unlike her, I prefer straight hair and I will do whatever it takes to get my hair perfectly straight even if I have to spend tons of money on Japanese Rebonding/Straightening or Brazilian Blowout! Yep, I am obsessed. :) You can tell by reading this one particular post: My Flat Iron Collection.

My Opinion On Solia Flat Iron:

Well, let's see its specification first:

The Solia 1¼" flat iron features the Dynamic Alignment System to ensure perfect contact between your hair and the plates. It supplies even heat distribution for true silky straight hair. Its ceramic/tourmaline ion technology will generate gentle far-infrared heat and extra negative ions to create the perfectly frizz-free hair without heat damage. 

  • Variable temperature settings, 170°F-400°F (actually up to 450°F)
  • All hair lengths and textures
  • 2-year warranty

 I love the ON/OFF switch as well the the variable temperature setting. The heat goes up to 450°F which  I think is perfect since my hair is thick and curly. It smooths out every frizz, and with one or two glides, the curl is gone! It takes about 15 minutes to do my whole hair.

So overall, I am very satisfied with this Solia flat iron. I love the quality and its performance, and of course I love the price too! :) I bought it on sale and I am very happy that I did not spend over a hundred dollar for a great flat iron. In my opinion, this is far better than my Original CHI that I bought for $155. Don't get me wrong, I really loved my CHI flat iron because that iron served me well. It lasted 7 years before it broke. Original CHI was among the first flat irons that entered US Market so I can't complaint about it. It's just the technology has gotten better so I am looking for something better. :)

So, where did I buy this Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion flat iron from?

FOLICA.com. I bought it for $79.99 from its original price, and if you are planning to buy any brand of flat iron or even a curling iron from FOLICA.com, they have this code for an additional $10 off. So use it! :) They also give you free shipping and handling on any order above $50. This SOLIA was my first purchase from FOLICA.com and I had no complaint on the shipping and customer service. The shipping was super fast and the customer service was excellent. For instance, I sent them an email asking for an additional discount because I didn't know about their additional discount code and they had no problem with it! They credited my account. :) So yes, I will shop for more in the future if they keep on making their customers happy.

That's all for today. Happy Thursday everyone!


Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

I've got Ghd flat Iron and I love it. I didn't try Chi but I guess it's great too!!

Patt♥ said...


Jessica said...

Loving your hair color! I might have to check them out I've been long over due needing a flat iron. I wanted the chi but this is cheaper so I'll probably try this one instead ;)

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i had a chi iron too ( well my sister did) and i hated it cause it pulled on my hair. but i gotta a new one now :) anyway! i love what it does to your hair. relaly nice and smooth!

karla camille foronda said...

I love your hair color!!

much love♥

Taj Acosta said...

wow your hair turned out really great!! xo

Vintage Makeup said...

Love your hair!!

Hollie said...

what a great finish! great find!

Marie said...

Yay for being satisfied with your flat iron!:D

Thanks for the review and pictures, glad this works for you.;D

****** Marie *****

=p said...

Have you ever tried the kqc x-heat? its on flatironexperts.com.


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