My Apothica Order Just Arrived. Picture & Reviews

The stuff I got from Apothica and yes, I got some free goodies as well with my order. :) Thank you Toni for organizing the giveaway! The giftcard was worth it! I got the package a week ago actually, and I have been using these following items for almost a week as well.

What I bought:


About the product
Anti-inflammatory, caffeine rich Green Tea and coffee reduce puffiness and reduce swelling while increasing circulation to alleviate and brighten dark circles. Concentrated with potent anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants.
1.00 fl oz
Who it's for Ideal for those with dark circles, and aging skin around the eyes.
What it's for To reduce puffiness and dark circles in the eye area.

My Review:

I have severe dark circles due to lack of sleep. I blame that on hereditary and school days. I slept late and that's what I got. This product has helped reducing puffiness and dark circles. Thumbs-up! I definitely recommend this product. It's not that expensive and it smells good. P.S - I have tried those expensive eye creams but nothing worked. So thank you Apothica for carrying this product!

About the product
Gently cleanse your entire body. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Surgras Cleansing Bar is a safe cleansing solution for severely dry skin. It will not alter the pH of the skin and it maintains the skin's natural lipid balance to fight dryness. It is a cleansing bar that cleans better than soap, without drying the skin.
5.30 fl oz
Who it's for Ideal for moderate to severely dry, itchy, flaky skin.
What it's for Cleansing and hydrating the skin of the face and body without irritation.

My Review: 

This soap is very moisturizing, and I love its clean scent! I use it as a body soap, and I know I am quite sensitive to anything that has fragrance, or weird ingredients. Well, so far this soap hasn't caused any rash or redness on my body, and no break out even.Will definitely repurchase! :)


5 Night Dream Vacation for 2 to Barbuda!

Hello Ladies,

Happy Wednesday. I've been away for a week, and I missed blogging and reading posts a lot! I thought I wanted to start later in the evening with a personal review on my latest purchase; however, I just received something exciting in the e-mail that I would like to share with all of you! :)

Well, I received an e-mail from Debra at LuckyChic.com about this amazing opportunity to win 5 Star Lighthouse Bay resort 5 Night Dream Vacation for 2 to Barbuda.

This is what Debra says in her email:

Lucky Chic is offering a vacation package opportunity for two to Lighthouse Bay Barbuda, on a private island off of Barbuda, which sits next to the island of Antigua. This 5-star resort has all the amenities for a dream getaway for two and includes all meals and beverages. Don't Miss out on this opportunity girls!
It ends tomorrow evening!

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime escape to Lighthouse Bay Barbuda, on a private island off of Barbuda, which sits next to the island of Antigua. This 5-star resort has all the amenities for a dream getaway for two and includes all meals & beverages. All rooms are suites. Package includes helicopter ride from airport in Antigua to this private island sanctuary! This spectacular, uber-luxe resort - is one of the Carribean's best secrets - Lighthouse Bay was featured in Vanity Fair Magazine and referred to as "quite possibly the greatest gift to mankind: a virgin stretch of incredible beachfront."

Please note: Portions of the proceeds from this Special Event will be donated to the Lili Claire Foundation.

For more Details, please go to:

What people say:



Hmmm.. mostly mix reviews...almost like gambling...hmmmm..I am just gonna bid for fun I guess..I wont put too much chips on it! LOL

My Review:

I wanted to test it out and purchased $12 Lucky Chips and lost them all on this:


And I wont be bidding  anymore because I'd get addicted LOL.
 The girl (winner) is lucky to have won Sephora Giftcards worth $50 each, besides this H&M giftcard! I checked her profile LOL ;)

PS -  1 Chip will increase a $0.10 on a bid; but you need $6 to buy 10 chips. Unless you have lots of money to keep on bidding, or free time (you gotta sit in front of your computer, and wait till the bid timer ends with your name as the last bidder in order to win the bid) and hope that one chip will get you the prize, I'd suggest stay away, or you will get addicted! And no, you won't get back the chips you used to bid on the item!



Has any one ever tried Smashbox Halo Foundation? Coz I just did!

Hello Ladies,

Happy Thursday! I can't wait for tomorrow to come because I will head to Sephora Hollywood & Highland to get some new foundations right after work! :) Yes, more foundations! In my previous post, I had mentioned that I bought several items from Sephora last week, unfortunately some of them did not work well with my skin type.
One of them is Smashbox Halo Foundation, and let me tell you why......

HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder & Brush Set

What it is: A face-perfecting anti-aging powder and brush duo.

What it does: Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder HALO is the first anti-aging powder with the science of skin care built in. It's advanced formulation of pure gold, 48 minerals, 11 amino acids and a powerful peptide deliver powerful anti-aging benefits while the patented hydration system continuously revitalizes skin and provides a hydrated look that won't accentuate lines and wrinkles. The built-in shaver allows for the convenience of a pressed powder combined with the radiant finish of a loose one, and the super-sized brush deposits the perfect amount of powder every time.

                                                        My Verdict:

As you can see from the picture, the design of the case is quite remarkable. I can't deny that. The built-in shaver only shaves a little amount of powder, which means you won't have a messy and dirty looking case. ;). It has a mirror too, which is a plus! The only thing I don't like is that the case is quite bulky and heavy. It's not the type that I would like carry around in my purse. =/

Now, let me talk about the foundation. The texture is so light and "airy", and it does not get "cakey" on my skin. Most powder foundations I have tried in the past were not helping the appearance of my skin at all. They ascentuate the lines (that I don't have) and pores! If you don't have pores, and suddenly you see them all, you become self-conscious, you know? This Halo powder is great, awesome, and amazing; however, I have to keep on reapplying it every single hour, and I was annoyed by it. I don't like reapplying my makeup at all. Once or twice is fine, but constantly? Hmmmm nope. Another thing that bothers me too is that the coverage is not as great as Bare Minerals. Don't expect this powder to cover imperfections because the coverage is very light, but somewhat buildable. If you are looking for a medium to full coverage, this powder is not for you. But, if you are looking to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores, and have a glowy healthy looking skin at the same time, this HALO powder is definitely it.:) Give it a try! :)

Anyway, I have to return this back to Sephora because I don't like a bulky powder that doesn't fit in my makeup bag, and the constant "buffing" and reapplying. Sorry Halo. It's not you, it's just me! =/




Haul of The Day: Illamasqua Foundation (Pictures & Review)

Happy Sunday everyone!

I can't believe a week has passed by since my last post. Geez, I've been busy with personal and work issues, sorry. Anyway, I just bought some new products, and I am going to share my experience with you guys. :)

Yesterday, I bought these some amazing stuff from Sephora. I was actually eyeing them for quite a while, but I stopped myself from buying any cosmetic product because I have tons of MAC sitting inside my bathroom drawer. Well, it was my BF who said, "Get them and get it over with if you want them so bad". LOL. I am so thankful to have a BF who is very supportive. In many occassions, he had helped me picked my dresses, and my lipsticks. Ha! Ha! :)

This is one of the products that I have tried:

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in RF 240

Color Swatch on my NC 42 Skin

You can find the color selection at Sephora.com

What this foundation does:

Lock away your inhibitions and bring your confidence to the fore. Touted by professional makeup artists, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation provides maximum, long-lasting coverage without feeling or looking heavy. It blends easily and hides problem areas perfectly. Create your canvas and then paint your work of art.
My verdict:
I absolutely agree that this Illamasqua Foundation provides a long lasting coverage without feeling or looking heavy. It also covers dark circles like a great concealer, which is a plus. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the color selection. It only has about 9 colors to choose from. I am NC 42 in MAC, and I can't find my exact shade. Bummer! I should be in between RF240 (for deep olive skin with golden undertones) and RF210 (for medium skin with neutral undertones) since I have a medium golden/yellow undertone. RF210 is lighter than my skin color, but I tried it anyway, and of course it made me look pasty/ashy! Blaeh! One thing I hate to see is the color of my face is lighter than my neck! Some girls I know don't mind it, but I sure do! The RF240 color is darker than my overall complexion, but I don't mind it at all. (See above pic). I'd rather look tanned than pasty. LOL. All I have to do is blend it well, and set it with a powder than is a shade lighter, and voila, I am good to go! It does stay for a whole day, and does not cause any breakout. I will definitely repurchase. Oh another thing, IT HAS NO SPF, which is awesome for photography. ;)

I am going to post about others sometimes this week since I have not yet tried them.

Till then!




MAC False Lashes Review and Photos!

Alright ladies, I have finally gave this MAC Mascara a try! I was sticking to my YSL "Faux Cils"
for so long, and I refused to try any other brand; however, the name "false lashes" drew me to this mascara. I am not sure if any of you have tried this product by MAC, but I am going to share my experience. First of all, this mascara is huge. LOL. I don't really like the shape, and how it looks. I don't know..it's not as "smooth" as other mascaras, but hey, it's not that important as long as the product is great. Right? Like I mentioned earlier, I bought this mascara because of these 2 words: "False Lashes". So I thought to myself, maybe it would work wonder.. just like YSL, only with a better price.

So, hmmmmm...I am quite disappointed to tell you the truth. Well check out the pictures below, and you my lovelies..be the judge! Sorry, the lighting is bad, but you can still see the lashes. :)

I am not liking the packaging much. 

Without mascara: My lashes are short!

Bad lighting at the club. Sorry, but you can still see the lashes! With 3 applications.

My Favorite Mascara,ever! YSL Faux Cils. 

My conclusion: I should never buy a mascara based on its name! ;) Well, at least I tried MAC False Lashes. 


♥♥ Rinz


I won Apothica giveaway!

Thanks so much to Toni Tralala at http://kookyheteromorphic.blogspot.com/ for hosting the giveaway. I really can't believe I won it. LOL. I have received an e-mail from Apothica, and I can shop anytime now!

I am sure many of you have heard about Apothica.com, an online retailer specializing in cosmetics and skincare. I've been browsing for few hours now and I can't decide which one I want! If it was up to me, i'd be buying lots of cometics products! But right now, I only want to try some skincare stuff. :)

These are the items that I would love to try!

1) Ole Henriksen Travel Essentials - Oily/Blemish Prone

Since I have a sensitive skin, and prone to break out, so I think this would be perfect. I would like to try the set out first, and see how my skin reacts to it. :)

and we are back to makeup.... :D

2) Stila Cosmetics Lip Glaze - Berry

Didn't I mention in my previous post that I wanted to buy Stila Lipglaze in Berry?? Well, this is my chance to get this pretty little thing!

Well, the colors are so pretty, I just can't resist it! The shades are ideal for summer.

4)DuWop Foundation of Youth - 5 Tan

Or maybe I should just get this foundation? I really need one right now. This is what I read from the website: The foundation is a lightweight, nourishing foundation that actually improves the health of your skin while providing a flawless finish for your skin every time. Sounds good, don't you think?

So, what do you guys think? Should I get any of these products, or should I look for something else instead? Let me know!!


♥♥ Rinz


I am back to LUSH after 8 years!

Hello Ladies!

I am sure many of you have tried LUSH, so this is not something new to talk about. However, I have not used this brand for about 8 years since I last purchased its bath bombs from Union Street San Francisco. It was not because I hated the brand. It was mainly because I found other brands that were equivalent in quality (really? that was 8 years ago!), and more cost effective. For someone who can't commit to one particular brand, that's what they do! Buy stuff and dump stuff.

So today, when I was in Old Pasadena Town, I decided to walk into LUSH store and check out their products. I could see that they have added more lotions, and hair care items to their line. The layout of the store has not changed since. So I tried the sea salt scrub (I forgot the name), and I thought it was AMAZING! Then I put this Dream Cream Lotion on my hand, and immediately I could feel the difference. I have dry skin during winter time, and this lotion gives instant moisture, leaves my skin soft and supple. Ha! Ha! So, the minute I got home, I lathered myself with this body lotion. Now, 6 hours later.......my skin is still soft, and the scent is still lingering. Even my boyfriend loves the natural scent it has. So, why did I abandon this brand in the first place? I really regret it. This lotion is the best lotion I've ever tried!! I definitely will go back and buy more stuff, especially the sea salt scrub.:) I also like the fact that LUSH products are freshly made from all natural ingredients, and not tested on animals. I think all products should be like that.

So, are you a LUSH fan? What products have you tried? Please share!

♥♥ Rinz

What I am currently using (pre LUSH): 

Olay Quench Plus



Maybelline Fit? Not so fit!

Maybelline Fit

Well, I have heard, and read lots of mixed reviews about this latest product from Maybelline. I refused to listen to bad stuff, so I went ahead and bought one for myself.
Since I have used and tried many concealers and foundations from department stores, and Sephora, I was a bit skeptical about drugstore foundations. THAT, I have to admit. Why? Because it has always been so hard for me to get a good match. It's either too light or too dark. Unfortunately. Besides that, the color is either too pinkish, or too orange. =/
Well, this Maybelline Fit's promises sound good to be true. I guess it works for most girls, but not for me. The reasons are:

  • It's too greasy for my skin. A bit runny, and does not provide good coverage. Or maybe I read it wrong? Is it supposed to be a tinted mosturizer kind of foundation? hmmmm.....
  • The color matched good at the beginning, but turned ashy on me. =/
  • It doesn't stay longer than an hour, max!
  • I need to layer with lots of powder foundation which defeats the purpose of having a foundation to begin with. A foundation on a foundation is gross! Too thick. I don't really like it, unless I do a party makeup.
  • It gives me red bumps and zits, especially on the T-zone area. Yikes!
Oh well. I just wish that these problems did not occur, you know. I don't want to have a bad skin, so I have to put this away. I think this formula is great for those who do not have a sensitive skin.

Well, there goes my review on Maybelline Fit foundation. Have you guys tried it? And is it working for you? Do tell!!


♥♥ Rinz


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