My current obsession - Sam Edelman Wedges

When I first saw these pair of sky high wedges on InstaGram, I seriously fell in love...hard! So I went to the local Nordstrom to buy the shoes, but unfortunately they were out of stock. I was crushed! The sales assistant said the shoes were a special edition - part of the Holiday 2011 collection. Whatever. I didn't really care. All I wanted was the shoes. Fortunately, he was quite helpful. He checked Nordstrom.com for me and it showed that the store still had some...at least a few pairs left. So he took my order bla bla bla.. he said within 5 days I would get my shoes. Low and behold, on the fifth day, I got a shocking email from Nordstrom. My order was cancelled! The email stated that the shoes were no longer available. They even removed the shoes from the website. Even SamEdelman.com did not have them anymore. I was so upset. I really wanted the shoes. So I went to Twitter and tweeted Nordstrom, asking: "why this thing always happen? Why my order was cancelled, again? This wasn't the first time!". Well, I got a reply from a CS asking if I could provide him with more info through a Direct Message. So I did. He said he would check the availability for me. Half an hour later, I got a phone call. I was so excited when the CS (His name is Michael by the way!) said there's one Nordstrom somewhere in Texas still had one pair left and the sales assistant from there would be calling me soon. So I waited...and waited...but no phone call. =/ I ended up bugging the CS on Twitter again asking him to call the Texas store for me. He did, twice! He promised that someone would be calling me soon. I guess the store was really busy. Finally, at the end of the evening, I got a phone call from Texas! Yay! The sales person took my credit card info and processed my order. :) I was soooo happy! I give Nordstrom Customer Service (Twitter especially) an A ++++++. Great customer service! Anyway, here are the shoes!! They arrived within 3 days. :) And yes, I am seriously in love with them. They are so cute, and sexy! ;)

So.... what are your current favorite shoes? Do share!


Circle Lenses In The Mail!

Hello Lovelies!

Guess what I got in the mail today? 3 pairs of circle lenses for review. I am excited to try them! These lenses were sent to me solely for review purposes so I will try them this week and I will post some pics along with the review. ;)

Have a great Monday!!


Hana Flat Iron Review

Hello ladies,

I was sent a flat iron by Misikko for review. The packaging came so cute and I almost didn't wanna take it out from the box ;).  Anyway, this flat iron is by Hana and you can check out the product here: Hana Professional Flat Iron.

Hana Professional Flat Iron

I just wanna keep this review quite simple. All I can say is that I love, love, love it!. Although it's only 1", Hana flat iron does wonder to my hair.

Hair Before:

Towel dried, unruly hair. Well, I think most of you know I have curly/wavy hair. I normally flat iron my hair, and if I got tired of flat ironing my hair, I would treat my hair with either Japanese Rebonding or a Brazilian Blow out.

Hair After:

Silky smooth, straight hair!

I was using a new eyeliner, and that would be in my next blog post;)

My Hana Flat Iron Review:

Q: How long did it take to heat up the iron?:

I let it stand for 2 minutes before I began using it.

Q: Does it come with a dial-button adjustable heat?:

Yes, it does. Adjustable Heat 140-450° F.  I used 400°F for my hair type.

Q: How long did it take to flat iron my hair?

15 minutes because my hair is super long, thick and curly/wavy.

Q: How did it feel when I was done with the whole process?

My hair was super smooth, straight and it stayed straight for 2 days.

Q: So how would I rate this flat iron?
5 stars! I am very picky when it comes to hair styling tool, and I personally think this is one of the best.

Misikko also was nice enough to send me a sample of Hana Shine Shield Thermal Protectant serum that also can be used as a leave in conditioner. More info can be found HERE. I love the serum because it's not greasy and it makes my hair smooth and shiny. I highly recommend it. It's quite pricey though, but a little goes a long way. Protecting your hair from heat damage is super important and if you don't have any heat tamer product, I suggest you get one. There are many brands that are available at Target or any beauty supple.

I guess that's all for now. Thank you for reading this post!



Here Is The Updo For The Last Wedding Event

Sorry about the dark root! I was so lazy to get it retouched, but I will this weekend:) 

Additional pictures from my boyfriend's cousin's wedding:

PS: A review on Hana Flat iron will be up tomorrow!

Here's a sneak peak of what I received in the mail. Thank you Misikko for this beautiful package!

Have a great Friday night everyone!



Elegant, Romantic Updo Styles.

I love wedding events. This is the time where every woman will try to look their best. Some prefer to wear their pretty LBD; some prefer elegant evening gowns. I guess it depends on the cultures and individual preferences. For Persian and Armenian weddings, looking your absolute best is A MUST! Long beaded evening dresses, glittery shoes, elegant updos and top notch makeup ...are pretty much normal. For men, shiny suit is a must. Besides, it matches the elegant, beautiful event. :) I love dressing up and I really don't mind going through the hassle of finding the right dress, or getting my hair and makeup done. Of course it will cost me a lot of money, but that's OK :). It's a celebration after all, why not looking pretty. :)  So, my boyfriend's cousin is getting married this Saturday, which means I need to get my hair and makeup done. I have booked this girl from a local salon in Studio City (Glendale salons are fully booked! 300 guests I can only imagine...) to do my hair & makeup and I just hope she's good because I have never used her service before. *Fingers crossed*. She charges $250 for both, which is not bad at all. After emailing back and forth with her, I finally sent these following pictures:

PS: These updos have always been my favorite:

The thing is.... I like every style!!! I still don't know which one I want one. Ha!Ha! I am thinking of getting Nicole Ritchie's bohemian updo. It's always been my favorite. What do you think? Which one is your favorite?



My Christmas Wishlist! :)

My Christmas Wishlist

House of Harlow 1960 studded booties
$437 - my-wardrobe.com

Balenciaga silver bag
$1,445 - balenciaga.com

Lanvin necklace
£725 - harrods.com

Christian Dior black round sunglasses
£229 - profilebrighton.co.uk

Dior Five-Color Designer Eyeshadow
$59 - saksfifthavenue.com

M·A·C 'Festive Frost' Face Kit
$60 - nordstrom.com

M·A·C Plushglass
$19 - bloomingdales.com

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Eye Liner
$29 - saksfifthavenue.com

Dior Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Parfum
$98 - saksfifthavenue.com

Have You Guys Tried Remington T Studio Curling Wand?

I am actually wondering how many of you have tried this Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand, and if you guys loved it or not. I bought one last week after reading great reviews on Target website. I include the link there and if you see the reviews, it actually has 57 five-stars ratings! Amazing!!! That's what I initially thought before I purchased this cute pink wand. Oh yes, the price was $29.99 and I got the big wand so I can create wavy, soft curls. 

Description of the Product:
  • Barrel Size: 1.5", 1"
  • Features: High Heat, Temperature Indicator, 30-Sec. Heat Up, Multiple Heat Settings, Automatic Shut-Off, Swivel Cord, LED Indicator Light
  • Material: Plastic, Ceramic
  • Heat Maximum: 410 degrees
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Includes: Heat Glove
  • Warranty Description: 4 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


I seriously don't know if it's me or the product, but I don't think Remington T Studio Styling Wand works for me. I am not that picky when it comes to beauty tools as long as they work fine and give beautiful results. I tried an hour or so to curl my hair with this curling wand, but the curl didn't happen. LOL. Well, I finally gave up, just put a dress on and went to my friend's wedding. Well, to be honest, my hair was quite wavy, but not as wavy/curly as I would have liked. I would love to show you guys pictures of my hair from different angles, but I didn't take a lot of pictures that day. However, I have this one and only picture that shows my wavy hair a bit close up... 

Unfortunately, I didn't really like the result. So I went back to Target yesterday and returned this stuff. I am still looking for that magic curling wand that can transform my hair from blah to wow! If you have any suggestion, please let me know!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



MAC Milan Mode.

I am loving this pink color! I am not sure what collection Milan Mode belongs to ( I was told it was a limited edition?), but I knew I just had to have it. What do you guys think? :)


Snow White and The Huntsman 2012. It's gonna amazing!!

Are you guys excited for the movie? Because I am! Charlize Theron looks good as the Evil Queen. Kristin Stewart? She's pretty and fair, which makes her perfect for the main role! I love epic movies because of their dramatic costumes. :) I can't wait to see the movie!


In the epic action-adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) plays the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen (Oscar® winner Charlize Theron) out to destroy her. But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, Thor) dispatched to kill her. Sam Claflin (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) joins the cast as the prince long enchanted by Snow White's beauty and power. The breathtaking new vision of the legendary tale is from Joe Roth, the producer of Alice in Wonderland, producer Sam Mercer (The Sixth Sense) and acclaimed commercial director and state-of-the-art visualist Rupert Sanders.

Have a great Friday night!!!


Pink Lips are sexy! I finally realized it!

Hello lovelies! Sorry for being M.I.A. I was literally busy with personal matters, and work. But this won't happen again, I promise. I have managed to do a little schedule for myself so I will have time for everything and anything! I hope I didn't miss a lot...but I know I have tons of reading to do. ^_~

Alright...lets get back to blogging! :) I am sure some of you have tried MAC Girl About Town. It's a vibrant fuchsia color that complements any skin tone. I have seen it a lot on celebrities such as Katy Perry and Rihanna, and the color looks beautiful on them. Well, to be honest, at first I thought the color was quite scary. Ha! Ha! I bought it almost 2 months ago, but I let it sit in my drawer because I thought Girl About Town was too bright for me. I was afraid I couldn't pull it off. Then 2 nights ago, I had to attend a friend's birthday party and I wanted to wear something different than my everyday nude color lipstick. So, I finally gave this lipstick a try..... and you know what? I am totally in love with the color!! I think the color is perfect!!! Bright and beautiful! ^_^

MAC Girl About Town

Isn't the color gorgeous?!

 And this is me at a friend's birthday party, with a simple winged-out eyeliner and a Girl About Town on my lips!

Sorry for the Asian V Sign ^_~

Overall, I think MAC Girl About Town is just vibrant, beautiful, and playful. I should have never let it sit in my vanity drawer for months! LOL. I am planning to buy more pink lipsticks after this!



Review: Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

I was picked to review Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel by Kelo-cote company. I received these two products from them:

 Advanced Formula Scar Gel

Advanced Formula Scar Therapy Spray

I am actually quite excited when I received the products in the mail because I have always wanted to try new things that could help with scars especially acne scars. I had some marks/scars from past acne problem and like most girls, I am quite conscious about it even though it is not that bad. Of course, I did acutane treatment, and that helped get rid of acne, but unfortunately I am left with scars. Yikes! So when I received these Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Therapy, I had to try it right away to see if they would actually work.

What Advanced Formula Scar Gel/Spray Therapy claims:

Kelo-cote is the only patented, transparent, self-drying, flexible, gas permeable, waterproof Silicone Gel Sheet which improves the appearance of scars and prevents abnormal or excessive scar formation. When used as directed, Kelo-cote has been shown to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieve the itching and discomfort of scars, as well as reduce the discoloration association with scars. Kelo-cote is effective for both old and new scars, and in the prevention of excessive and abnormal scar formation.

Intended use: For the management of old and new scars, including Hypertrophic and Keloid scars, resulting from surgical procedures, trauma, wounds and burns.

My Review:

After using the Advanced Formula Scar Gel consistently day and night for 2 weeks, I can see an improvement on my acne scars. I am quite please to see that the bumps (hypertrophic scars) on my skin have slightly flatten/reduced. Acne scar is my biggest issue you know, and I am sure everyone dislike them. So far, this product hasn't caused any zits on my face. I also use the products (Both Scar Gel and Spray Therapy) on a scar that I got from a car accident and I can seriously say that the scar looks better now! The products have helped reduce the scar discoloration and it looks way smoother than before. I will continue using these products and hopefully I will see more improvements! :)

If you have scars and would like to use something inexpensive to help reduce the appearance of those scars, I suggest to give Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Therapy or Gel a try. To find out more about these products, please visit: http://skincarerx.com/kelo-cote.html

Disclaimer: I was sent these products to review, and my opinion are 100% honest.


Versace for H&M

I am sure many girls are excited about this news. Versace for H&M collection will hit stores nationwide on November 19, 2011 so mark your calendar!

So what do you guys think about the collection? 
I am in love with the selection of colors they have. The whole collection is pretty; however, the only item I would wear is that Purple Cutout Silk Dress. I am just not into pattern or flowery design. Beads and sequins are fine!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!


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