Nail of The Day: Confetti in Fashionista & Review

So what do you think??
The color is bright pink and I think it is very pretty for summer time.I love it! The name itself is quite fancy - Fashionista. :)

What do I think about this brand?
It is not expensive. I paid $3.50 for this polish at CVS. At first, I thought the quality would match the price, but I was completely wrong! The polish is somewhat smooth, and it dries quite fast. However, the texture is very thick (I like it runny!), and I still need about 2-3 coats for each nail. Other than that, I have no complaint. $3.50 is a steal, don't you think? Definitely worth buying.

What are your favorite nail colors at the moment? Brand and name please...I would like to check them out. :)



Blog Award and A Little Update!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Happy Friday!! It's been days since my last blog post. I was on medical leaves and couldn't do much really. BUT, I was on Twitter though,when ever I got a chance. ;) It's always entertaining to read some tweets from some lovely ladies I know there. If you have twitter account, follow me, and I will be following you too! :)  

Well just today, after spending whole days and nights in bed, I finally feel slightly better and here I am sitting in front of my computer (trying LOL) and saw this Butterfly Award from Jo Wood at http://plymouthbarbie.blogspot.com . Thank you girl for passing this award to me. That's very sweet of you.

I always follow the rules when it comes to blog awards, etc., so I am going to do just that.

Award Rules:
Link it back to the one who sent it to you and then pass it on to 7 people. 
Also, I have to write 15 random things about myself.

Seriously, I love every blog that is in my list, so this is hard. So what I am going to do is to pass this award to 7 latest blogs I just discovered.:)

15 Random Things About Me:

 1) I love short skirts. Haha! I own too many of them.
 2) I hate red lipstick. I think it makes me look old. =P
 3) My natural hair is curly. 
 4) I am not into buff guys. Haha!
 5) I am a geek. A cool one ;) I can discuss all about technology and can switch subject to  
     makeup and fashions!
 6) I don't own a watch. Don't like watches. I don't know why.
 7) I love Hello Kitty. Who doesn't?
 8) I love black nail polish.
  9) I eat sushi at least once a week. I used to eat it almost everyday. Yup!
10) I can imitate any hand writing, seriously. I think I could. I have tried it many times. :) 
      And my own handwriting? It isn't that pretty looking. LOL.
11) I tend to sleep with my makeup own, just because I am lazy to remove it especially
      when I feel sleepy. I have to get rid of that habit!
12) I love attending wedding ceremonies, but I really don't think I wanna get married. Too
      much responsibilities. And the divorce rates in this country?  It's scary. Well, I might
      change my mind one day, who knows...:)
13) I love exotic flowers like Orchids. :) 
14) I wear flats at work, and 4 inches when I go out.
15) I love to eat! I can finish 3 plates of rice. Seriously! 

Well, now I am going to pass this award to these following blogs:

I guess that's all for now. Have a great weekend girls. More makeup post to come, but for now I just wanna chill and get better ;)



Nail of The Day and Random Pictures

Milani Nail Lacquer Neon in Fresh Teal

This color is gorgeous! My first time buying MILANI Nail Lacquer and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of this brand. It's even better than my OPI nail polish. I only used one coat here (picture above). The color is very opaque and the polish itself is very smooth. I didn't get any "air bubbles" at all. Seriously, I love this better than OPI, but that's just my opinion. I bought this for $7.99 at CVS, and I believe that's more expensive than the website which is only $4.99.  For more info, visit www.milanicosmetics.com.

And...I  would like to share some randoms pictures from yesterday :)

This one of course was taken from underneath the pier!

The view.....at 2.00 P.M.

I had to have some Fish N Chips since I was at the beach. It was delicious!

Then...I needed a dessert. I love Pinkberry..so I bought myself the Original with tons of chocolate toppings!Yummy! :)

My Favorite Pair of Sunglasses.

Since it was practically sunny, I had my sunglasses on while roaming around the 3rd Street Promenade. And I don't want under eye wrinkles, of course! I love this sunglasses a LOT. Though I have many pairs, I always go back to this 2005 Chanel. :) Love the color, love the shape. People buy name brands for reasons and one of them is quality. I abused this one a lot, but it is still in great condition. It was $450 back then. Kimora Lee has one and I got mine because of her! Yes, I used to watch her show. LOL :) Well, at the end, it's worth the money.

....And of course, I can't escape the Sephora store so I got myself some little thing :) I'll do a review of this foundation soon!

My final purchase is this one - a neck massage wrap from Brookstone. I need some good neck rub so why not?

Well, I hope everyone had a great Father's Day Weekend.  




StillGlamorus Mythology Eyeliner and True Love Lipstick

As promised in my previous post, here are some simple looks I did with StillGlamorus Mythology eyeliner. :)

StillGlamorus Mythology Eyeliner (Flash/bathroom lighting)

StillGlamorus Mythology Eyeliner (Without Flash-Natural Lighting)

Well, I am in love with the color. It's bronzey and sparkly, and it gives that natural smokey-eye that is not overdone. Don't get me wrong-- I love the killer, over the top smokey-eye look, but if I want to go the beach during the day, I wouldn't want to roam around with "black-out" eyes. At night, maybe. :)

Well, just so you know, besides Mythology, I also used MAC Soft Brown in the crease and along the lower lash line with lots of mascara. However, in the first picture, I rimmed (tightline and waterline) my eyes with MAC Smolder for more intense look. I love the contrast between the bronze and the black colors. Very pretty! Now the most important question is: How long this one stays on my super oily lids? Quite a while! Possibly about 6 hours, then I got to touch up! So yes, this StillGlamorus Mythology is definitely a keeper. Love the color and its performance.

StillGlamorus True Love Lipstick

And this is the lipstick from the same brand called True Love. I really love the natural/nude lips, so this lipstick is a must have! It's a cream lipstick so it last longer on my lips. Yay!

Now the price....hmmm. The lipstick costs me $10.00 and the eyeliner is $9.00. Shipping is about $5, I believe, or maybe less depending on how many items you buy.

Are they expensive for an Indie brand? Well, it also depends on what you think is expensive. I personally think they are affordable. These products are not stamped with "StillGlamorus" brand (yet). Maybe because they are still brand new company? I am not sure, but I don't mind it. I know I love "designer brands cosmetics" and Sephora stuff (who doesnt?) because of their qualities and names (Ahem!), but you know, these Indie brand products have exceeded my expectations. I am quite happy with the purchase and will definitely be buying some more later.

Well, that's all for now. If you guys are interested to learn more about the brand, you guys can check this link out: http://stillglamorus.com/


Stillglamorus Cosmetics

I was browsing Youtube just for fun the other day and I came across this one video by StillGlamorus. I kinda like the colors that the guru was using in her video so I ordered them.:)

Well, after a week and a half waiting, I finally received the package. I haven't tried the products yet, but I did the swatches and loved the colors. I will do the reviews later, I promise! I need to wear them for a long period of time before I could say something, you know? Right now, just a picture. :) I am actually quite excited! This is an indie brand, no label on the products (not yet I guess?), but it's O.K. I like to support them all! :)

StillGlamorus: Eyeliner in Mythology and Lipstick in True Love.

That's it. Just a teaser for now!



My New Favorite Eyeliners - EOTN

EOTN: MAC Soft Brown Matte on a crease, eyeliners, lashes & Mascara

I think I might have found my holy grail eyeliners! Nope, it's not from MAC, or MUFE, or Stila, or Urban Decay. I have all those and I really love them; however, they fade away after few hours, even if they are smudge/water proof eyeliners. If I do a lot of touch ups, they can last up to 8-9 hours.

I have super oily skin so a perfect eyeliner would be something that is:
  • waterproof
  • smudge proof
  • stays on forever (yeah, as if) - from 8 A.M today to 8 A.M tomorrow morning perhaps?
  • and with an intense color. 
Well, that is my ideal eyeliner. Also, I have sensitive eyes, and finding one great eyeliner can be quite frustrating. I can definitely say that I have tried every brand out there, and none of them could be compared to these two eyeliners that I bought a few days ago.
Do you want to know the brand ? :) It is something that I've never thought I would try. Ha!Ha! But yes, I did give it a chance, and I am glad I did. The product is amazing!

It's AVON Glimmersticks Waterproof Eyeliner. Up to 12-hour wear, retractable, self-sharpening. I bought them from this Avon lady at work, and they were like $7 each. I decided to give Avon a try after reading its catalog. I got them in 2 colors: Brown Chocolate and Blackest Night. The brown is truly dark brown and the Blackest Night is one of the blackest blacks I've seen. Very intense. I love the colors. I wore these two yesterday (see my EOTN above) from 8 A.M (on June 10th) until 10 A.M. today. Yes, I slept with my makeup on because I was so tired, so don't copy that. It's a bad habit of mine. But guess what? The eyeliner did stay for over 12 hours with no smudging, no fading - nothing! Of course this morning I woke up with slightly messy eyes but who cares? My boyfriend thought it was sexy. Ha! Ha! Well, the point is that the product did stay for over 12 hours period. Just so you know, when I got home around 2 am this morning, my eyeliner was still as fresh as it was on Friday morning. So, I am quite please with its performance. Eyeliner is my thing - I need one that stays on forever and ever. :) Well, I guess I have found it. I will definitely repurchase!

So where can you find AVON? I guess Avon.com, unless you know someone who sells them. I personally am not into direct selling products because the reps can be so pushy, but I am lucky that there is this nice lady at work who sells Avon and she's not pushy at all!  :)

Happy Saturday everyone!



Things I Received In The Mail This Week :)

I finally received the NYX Eyeshadows that I ordered with '50% off + Free Shipping' code yesterday. I am sure many of you know about the 'NYX 12 Year Anniversary Fail Sale'.  The sale didn't go too well that NYX had to make up for it with 50% discount codes. I was pretty upset, but I did participate just to get some essential colors. I wish their server was working properly during the event. I managed to put 20 items in my cart, but I couldn't check out. Ha! Ha! I refreshed the cart for over 10 hours period, but still couldn't go through! It was ridiculous. They should have known that girls would not pass up the opportunity to buy a product at $1.20 only. NYX stated that there were few hundreds managed to get the deal, but I really doubt it. Lots of people were pretty upset and mad. Oh well, things happened. I hope NYX learned from it. Anyway, those eyeshadows in the above picture are Black, Golden, Deep Bronze and Highlight. Very basic colors for smokey eye look. What do you guys think?

Happy Friday!!




My Flat Irons Collection and Review on CHI, TS Titan, ISO, Remington and MAXIGlide

From Left to Right: CHI, TS Titan, ISO International Turbo Silk, Remington Wet to Dry, MAXIUS Maxiglide, Maxiglide Mini

I think most of my readers know that I don't like my curly, wavy hair. I really don't know what to do with those curls. It is hard to tame and it gets frizzy fast. Besides, as an Asian girl, I prefer a silky, smooth and super straight hair because that's the "ideal beauty" according to by my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and society. I was brain-washed. ;) Due to my obsession with straight hair, I bought all kind of hair products and beauty tools. I also have had Brazilian Blowout and Japanese Rebonding which can be super expensive. I can only do that kind of treatment once a year since it can be pretty damaging to your hair. Flat irons can cost between $50 to $300, depending on a brand, plate material, plate size, and temperature. I have a thick hair so I need a flat iron that has a temperature between 380° - 410°.  I have bought a lot of flat irons that do not work well with my type of hair, and I feel like I wasted a lot of money.  Some of them I have already trashed, and I have only these (see above picture) left. I hope this review will help some of you.



By far the best flat iron I have used. It lasted for about 7 years, can you imagine that?! I bought it in 2002 and it just died on my last year. The temperature is about 356 degrees fahrenheit, and it has a swivel cord. The plate is ceramic, which won't damage your hair. The price is $99 and up, depending on the stores. I really need a replacement for this, so I have checked around and found that Apothica is having a sale for $69.00. Check out their sales items, up to 70% off and a free shipping for purchase over $49.00. They also have Stila, The Balm, M.D. Formulation, Laura Geller, Clinique, Clarins, Murad, Napoleon Perdis, Vincent Logo, Essie, all on sales. Here is the print screen of CHI flat irons:

TS Titan Mini Flat Iron:

Why do I need a mini flat iron? Well, I used to have full bangs and I needed something small that can help styling and smoothing out my bangs the way I wanted to. This little thing did a wonderful job! It's still working just fine.

ISO International Turbo Silk:

I bought this flat iron at the mall to replace my CHI. It worked well for a month or so. It gave me the straightest hair and it heated up fast. Now, it takes forever to heat up, and won't smooth the freeze and curls as much. It just gives me a nice wavy hair.  It was a waste of money really. The sales person "gave" me the discount of 50% and I paid $99 for the iron. I felt the pressure because she said "the sale is only today. The original price is $199". Ha!Ha! I fell for it! Especially after she did a demonstration. By the way, if you do a research online, you will find that this brand does not cost over $99. Oh well.

Remington Wet to Dry:

I like the idea to skip the blow dryer all together in my hair routine, but seriously after a while, my hair looked damage. It works yes, but I will only do it when I really don't have time to spend on my hair. Don't ever use this kind of flat iron on everyday basis.

MAXIUS Maxiglide:

I don't know how to even begin. I was fooled by a great infomercial. There! This flat iron is supposedly helping to tame the frizz and keep the hair smooth and straight for days! MAXIUS's selling points are: innovative ceramic detangling pins detangle, smooth and straighten hair all in one steps; and its patented steamburst technology penetrate the hair's cortex which hydrate and condition the hair especially dry ends. So what you do is filling up the steamburst pod with water and while you flat iron your hair, you just press the steamburst button to let the steam comes out. Sounds good, eh? Well, it doesn't work for me. First, the detangling pin doesn't detangle my hair and the plate is not ceramic. Maybe it was coated with ceramic, but the whole thing inside is metal. I broke one of the plates and that's how I found out. Also, it burnt my hair. The steamburst technology? Nah. Doesn't work. I spent $109.95 for the whole kit which includes that Maxiglide Mini. Money "worth spent". So after this incident, I don't pay attention to any infomercial anymore.

MAXIUS Miniglide:

Forget it. It comes FREE with the MAXIUS Maxiglide kit, and doesn't even straighten my hair, even an inch! That's how bad it is.

Well that's it. Quite a rant. :)
Have a great Sunday everyone!



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