Products I Regret Buying!

I am sure every one has these products that they loved when they first bought them, then later they said "what was I thinking?!!!" I got bunch of those. Most of them I trashed though, but I still keep some that I think could be "useful" later. So far I haven't touched them!!  =/ So, here are those items:

1) MAC Tilt.
hmmmm I love blue in general but this blue hue does not work for my skin tone. Or maybe it does, but I am just not into this color!

2) MAC Plum Dressing.
This color is gorgeous but..... I don't know why I don't like it that much. I used it once and I liked it then. Maybe i'll try again soon and see how I feel. 

3) AVON Glazewear Intense Plum.
I bought it because it looks prettttyyy on the catalog! LOL. Wore few times to work. It made me look older than my age =/.

4) Sephora Lip Attitude Star S06.
This one is somewhat "plummish" and "pinkish" in color and sparkly! And wow, I just realized I bought a lot of "plums" LOL.

5) Femme Couture Cake Eyeliner.
It's way too drying and cakey. Does not go on the skin smoothly.

6) Revlon Colorstay. 
It caused terrible breakout - under the skin kinda zits. Ouch! BUT, i don't mind wearing it once in a blue moon for clubbing. It stays on for hours!

7) Black Radiance Creme Foundation.
I wanted the 'on the go' kinda foundation, but this one is bad. It's drying and cakey. Does not blend well. But now I use it to conceal blemishes!

8) Jesse Girl Loose Eye shadow.
My friend gave me this, and she said it could be a substitute for a MAC Pigment...hmmm??? Nahhhh. She was wrong, but I really don't mind the eye shadow. The color is pretty! 

9) Mineral Veil in Tinted Feather Light.
I'll stick to a regular mineral veil. This one is way too shimmery and the bronze color all over the face? No, thank you. I use this to highlight my cheekbones and collar bones. :)

10) Physician Formula Cover in Green.
Isn't this to cover redness on your face? I know it says "Powder Finish Concealer" , but it is way too powdery. Unless I need to cover some red zits, this will be kept in my drawer till then.

11) Victoria's Secret Lipsgloss in Wet. ;)
Catchy name, uh? LOL. This color is exactly like my lip color, so there's no point of me wearing one! I don't know why I bought this. =/

So, I am done with my list. What's yours?? :) Please share!


edlidza said...

meh meh post kat aku neyyy .... dr ko buang baik ko bg aku teraiii pulakkk wakakakkakak..:P juz kidddo ...tp klu nak bg leh ajerrr ...:P

Marie said...

Sorry about these products, especially the foundation! I hate it when that happens!

***** Marie *****

Curves ahead makeup said...

wow that allot of products thanks for the heads up !!!
Love your blog
new follower hope you can follow too !!

Toni Tralala said...

Oh gosh! Now I know what I shouldn't get! :O What's with you and plum!? :)) I was thinking of getting Revlon Colorstay but I'm definitely not buying it now.

Thanks for the heads up! :D By the way, it's crazy chilly right now! I'm lovin' it!

Rinz said...

Marie: I was on acutane because of foundation! LOL

Curves: Ill follow u too! =) Thanks for checking out my blog. :)

Toni - i love the weather but it's going to be soooo hot on Saturday! =/ and yeah I thought the Plum color would look good on me and nope it didnt.

appledia said...

Been there,done that*sigh*

p/s:Blame it to 'IMpulse purchase'....?^_^

MissA* said...

I've plenty of stuffs I bought and didn't use them... my sister is the lucky one, she gets to take all those I don't like!

Rakhshanda said...

Oh that's terrible. Shame they didn't work for you! I hate it when something like this happens.

Courtney Erin said...

I just cleaned out my makeup box and got rid of some stuff that I have never used, despite being really excited when I got it. For some reason I had three different shades of dark-bright red lipstick but no matter how much of a trend it becomes I just never feel right with a red lip so I totally don't know why I keep buying red shades.

xoxo ~ Courtney

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

its a pity that they dont work for you =(

but i dont like Physician Formula Cover too. it just turns to chalky power on face. sucks!

Rinz said...

MissA* - little sister?? he he little sisters like to experiment with stuff! Wait till she grows up ha ha ha

Cortney Erin - I am in the process of "liking" red lips since it's fall season and red is in. We'll see how it goes since i never liked a red lipstick on me before.

Pixie D - I wanted to love Physician Formula since it's supposedly developed by physicians LOL but oh well!

Jewelrybead said...

I have #4 and #6 too and totally agree with you- they are a waste for me too!
Interesting post!

Froso said...

#3 & #11 have been also tested by me and they are hideous. totally agree with you!

Kristie said...

Most of the stuff I don't use are drugstore products. I bought them in hopes of saving money but they break me out terrible - especially the foundation.

Rinz said...

Kristie: I agree. I have my favorite foundations but i use them sparingly because they are a bit costly. So when i tried drugstore foundations to substitute, i got huge zits everywhere. That if I use it everyday. LIke for Colorstay, I use it only when i go to club and wash my face right away once i get home. It has no spf and stays on which is a plus.

ShoppingAddict said...

Wicked Post- i am about to do one just like it this week on my Blog.
Thumbs up- nice to see a bit of honesty on a blog. x

Anonymous said...

Love posts like this.

Hmm,I wanted to try Colorstay, but I really don't want to break out. As you said I might have to get it for clubbing. :)

Ahleessa said...

I know that feeling so well. I buy things out of the urge and then ask myself "WHY!"... hehe~

Jo said...

I don't have any similar buys here but thanx for the the heads up! I love buying stuff just by reading the back of the packaging and marvelling at how good they sound. I haven had any regrets yet. Most of the beauty products I don't use would be stuff given as gifts. Most of those are still in their packaging.

Catanya said...

I love posts like this one! Besides, it is good to read someone who does not rave about all MAC eyeshadows for a while!

(^o^) Vane *0* said...

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