Hypnose Drama Mascara by Lancome.

Hmmmm I don't understand why they named this mascara, DRAMA, because it is not so dramatic. LOL. It lengthens, YES, but it did not help me getting that long dramatic lashes I was hoping for. =/ So far, YSL Faux Cil is a keeper!

GIVEAWAY!!!! By...Kate Gene =) ...and mine is ending tonight!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grand Opening Giveaway Reminder

Hey, everyone!

Thank you so much for the support you have shown me and my bracelet line: EightSeventeen Jewelry. Your kind comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

I just wanted to remind everyone that my Grand Opening Giveaway ends tomorrow. Participating is easy, so make sure you enter before time runs out!


- ShoeDazzle.com Gift Card
- Moon's Harvest Bath and Body Goodies
- NARS Blush or Lip Gloss
- 20% off your first EightSeventeen Jewelry Order

Click HERE to be directed to the giveaway!


Kate Gene
Owner/Jewelry Designer
EightSeventeen Jewelry


Makeup For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

What it is:
An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.

What is does:
“This foundation creates a soft-focus effect, which is designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight. It leaves your complexion with such a flawless finish, it can withstand bright or harsh lighting.” 

I am in love with this product, even though I know I could find a better coverage than this one. I bought this foundation for a wedding event not to long ago. It gave great coverage and it did stay through out that night with occasional touch-ups ( I use MAC Studio Fix for that). MUFE HD Invisible is a medium to full coverage, yes, but it is not as thick as the other medium to full coverage foundations that I am used to, like Mac Full Coverage and Studio Fix. For this MUFE foundation, “layering” is the key. The good thing is, even with tons of layering, MUFE HD does not give you a "pasty look". YAY! I don’t want to wear a mask you know what I mean, and first and foremost, I don't want to hear “wow your foundation looks great!!” comment. LOL. Especially not in person, except when we are discussing about makeup/cosmetics! 

I dont wear tons of foundation everyday, but for a special event, a full coverage makeup is my ultimate favorite. Go full, that's my mantra. Event makeup is different - with the lighting and all, you just want to look fabulous! And yes, it does give a soft-focus effect which is great for photography. Flawless! The camera can't detect where the foundation starts or where it ends, unless you pick the wrong shade of course. :) The most important thing is not to ever wear a foundation that has an SPF in it, or you will look like a ghost in a picture! I learned my lesson ;)
Overall, I think this foundation is very versatile. For every day wear, this foundation is perfect – one pump, you are good to go, and layer it if you want to have that full coverage look. I think it's worth the money - $40 per bottle.:)

and me wearing MUFE =)


So frustrated -My car got broken into last night.

…and I live in a good area. Well, things happened I guess.

I don’t keep stuff in my car so basically they couldn’t find anything.
The only damage was the key entry. Oh, I think they got my VIVA Glam V!
Stupid thief!

Oh well..I will not dwell on stuff like this. Have to be positive!! :)
Have a great Tuesday everyone. Friday is just around the corner!!!!


Fall Trend: Long Earrings.

Long dangling earrings are sexy and stylish. I own a pair but I'd like to get a better one. ;).
IF you guys dont have any, I suggest let's shop for one!!! I am going out shopping today and if I find something, I'll post the picture tonight =)

Rinz' favorite outfit


Fall is the time to get nude!!!

Ha ha I was feeling it this afternoon so I ran to the nearest store to get a nude polish . I think it is quite pretty!!! What do you guys think? What's your favorite nude color??

Color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color. It is so easy to apply on! Not too thick, and not too watery. Good consistency. You guys should try it!


Great Lash is not that great!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have short lashes that I am not really proud off. LOL. But with certain brands of mascara, my lashes can look full and thick! YAY for me. =).Though I like my YSL Faux Cils and Loreal Voluminous mascaras, I still want to like other brands so I decided to give Maybelline Great Lash a try. I was roaming around CVS yesterday so why not buy one, right?. It’s not that I never purchased it before but it was sooooo long time ago!! I thought the formula would be different this time but it’s definitely not. Original, baby! Might work for others but not for me. =/

Me wearing Great Lash - hmmmmmmm.....


Been so busy!! But i finally got some cleaning done!!!

I tossed out most of the stuff and I am keeping these few items... Most likely I am gonna get some makeup for Fall season next week! Any suggestion on what items I should get ??


Random thought : Vampire Diaries Season 2 is awesome!

Love love love Katherine! She had persona gotta admit, but I dont condone her bad behavior though . :) I personally love the character's fashion style and makeup look and I think they did a great job on Nina Dobrev as Katherine.  Cant wait for a new episode, tomorrow. Wanna see if Elena will ever fall in love with Damon Salvatore.

Those who missed the first episode of season 2, just click here :

Pic:Vampire Diaries CW

Another good hair day for me!

I love having a long hair because I feel more feminine that way. LOL. Once in my life, I tried a “ Victoria Beckham” short hair style and I didn’t like it at all. I felt like a boy LOL, instead of  “Posh”. I guess because I didn’t know what to do with a short hair!! So after that incident, I told myself I would never, ever cut my hair that short, ever again.

Anyway, this is me using Foxy Locks Extension that I bought not too long ago. Wearing hair extensions can be pain in the “you know what” since it requires a lot of steps just to get that pretty, bouncy hair! But with lots of practice, I can say that I am so used to it now that it just doesn’t bother me any longer. :) In this picture, I only put 3 clips of hair extensions (look how thick it is!) and I took me about 10 minutes (attached, combed, curled). I am not sure if I could compare this brand to any brand in LA. I did try the Euronext brand from Sally Beauty , but it didn’t give me the same thickness or volume like Foxy Locks does. So thumbs up for Foxy Locks!


Sprinkles Cupcake is the best!

It was a beautiful afternoon in Los Angeles so my boyfriend and I decided to eat some cupcakes. We haven't had one in months due to our 'counting calories' diets LOL, but this time we wanted to let ourselves go. We headed to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills (my favorite!) to get these yummy cupcakes! Like usual, it was a long line and most of the flavors we wanted were out =/. Nonetheless, we were still in heaven with these few flavors!

PS: Dear Sprinkles, please keep up with your customers' need and want! Less chocolate flavors, more fruits please!

Eco Friendly, Self-Filtering water bottles.

So I went to GNC after I read an article about saving a planet by not using so much plastic bottle and found this! The name is Bobble, LOL, pretty cute name ;). It's pretty much a reusable self-filtering bottle. I think it's a genious idea where you can keep on using the same bottle, intead of buying a new one water each time. It's eco-friendly which helps us saving our planet! I go to gym every day and with this,  I dont have to line up at the water cooler section or even buy a new water bottle anymore. I just use tap water, fill it and go! I think the price is like $9+. You guys should try it! It's awesome!


What's your favorite Mascara??

I have short stubby lashes =/ ( yep, sad!) and let me tell you ladies that I had tried all kind of brands. I was looking for that holly grail mascara because I strongly believe that " your eyes are the window to your soul". Gotta make 'em look pretty. LOL. From my experience, what works for me (maybe also works for others who have short lashes??) are the lengthening and the volumizing formulas. However, not all mascaras were created equal because at the end it depends on the type of brush they come with. I like a mascara that has a big brush with long bristles, yep!! The bigger the better because it lifts and coats my lashes evenly and gives that oomph look. :) After years of looking, I finally found what works. YAY!! And now, I only use L'oreal Volumizing Mascara and YSL Faux Cil, which is my current favorite. Here is the pic of lashes with YSL Faux Cil. I love it!:)



Dearest friends and blog readers:

This is my first giveaway, and I am super duper excited and I hope so are you. :) I was inspired by many beauty bloggers and like them and you, I also enjoy sharing my opinions about stuff I have tried, the hits and the misses. I am also glad that through blogging, I have gotten to know some of great ladies who share the same interests. :) 

Ok, here it is. My first giveaway!! There are many more to come so don't worry LOL. Only one winner will be picked through random.org. So here is the picture!

You can win:

Ardell Fashion Lashes in 118
Ardell Fashion Lashes in 111
Ardell Accents Lases in 315
ELISE Lashes (the same manufacturer for MAC and MUFE lashes!)
Sherani Lower Lashes in 192
NYX The Runway Collection in Jazz Night (very pretty colors!)
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Candy Shop
Beauty Treats Lip gloss palette

and 1 MAC Lipstick or a lipgloss of your choice. Just let me know the color!

Thank you so much for the lashes sponsor. MadameMadeline.com
Check out their website for discounted lashes. Use this code: "KSHARE" for additional 10% discount on top of their already discounted price.

Ok, lovely ladies. To enter this giveaway, the Rule is quite simple: :)

1) You must be (or become) a follower to enter my giveaway. This is to thank the followers and friends for the supports given. :)   

First entry:
To enter, simply write a comment : "Enter me" as well as e-mail address below this post. The e-mail address is a must, as I will contact you when your name comes up as a winner. Please include what you want for a bonus gift. =)

For a second entry:  the more entry the better right? ;), post about my giveaway on your blog. You must include a link to your post about my giveaway. A second entry must be a separate comment and please please also include your email address again as well as your preferred bonus gift.

I will choose a winner using random.org - so no matter when you enter, you all have an equal chance of winning! Yay! I will contact the winner to obtain mailing address so I can send the gift out right away! :)

The giveaway ends Thursday, September 30th, 2010@ 11.59 pm, almost midnight, PST.

The gift will be mailed out on Friday, October 1st, 2010 with a tracking number. :)

This open to everyone, Domestic or International!
If you are under 18 years of age, please have your guardian/parent's permission.

Thanks so much for participating. More giveaways will come later in the future. :)




Lashes: Sherani #126 Look :)

I made a Youtube video just to show how these lashes look - close up! :)

Here are the still pictures...

I think for only $2.79 each, these lashes look great! Sherani brand performs just like MAC or MUFE but the price is wayyyy cheaper. These lashes are lightweight, comfortable, easy to apply and yeah 100% human hair. It passed my 8 hours test. I didnt have any problem like irritation, dry eyes, etc.

Dont forget if you ladies wanna get more discount, just use "KSHARE" code for additional 10% discount. I think if you buy more lashes, you will get more discount.



Want thicker longer lashes?????

Hello lovely ladies,

I got these lashes in the mail yesterday from Madame Madeline (Thank you!!) and they are for me to review. Oh my god, these lashes are so goooorrrgeeouusss!!! I love false lashes and I think every girl should wear 'em all the time, seriously!! They just enhance what God gave you. If you are lazy, just use the half strip one! Or cut the long strip lashes into two :) LOL

If you want Beautiful Lashes for everyday look or a night out or whatever occasions: school, dates, parties, clubbing, etc. just check out their website:

They carry beautiful lashes from brands that are popular out there like Ardell, Andrea, etc at discounted price. FYI- ELISE faux eyelashes are made by the same maker of M.A.C. and Shu Uemura false eyelashes.

Oh, just use this code: "KSHARE" and get 10% off!

It's already cheaper anyways, but yeah use that code, you will get them even way cheaper. ;).

I'll be doing a picture and video review on one of the lashes (Sherani - because I think they are so dreamy) tomorrow and the rest I will put in my giftaway bags!!! SO stay tune!!


OMG I am so in love with this blue nail polish!!

It's Sephora by O.P.I in Skinny Jeans! Just got it today.
Since it's still hot in Los Angeles, I decided to change my nail color from red to blue :) It's a very pretty color and has a touch of shimmer in it.  FYI I have a medium-dark skin tone, and this color works on me.


A simple Cat-Eye look

Base: MAC Constructivist

Shadows: Too Faced Label Whore (all over lid and outer corner)

MAC Black Tied on the outer V

MAC Da’ Bling as a highlight

Liner: MAC Gel Liner – Blacktrack

That’s it. =)


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