Want thicker longer lashes?????

Hello lovely ladies,

I got these lashes in the mail yesterday from Madame Madeline (Thank you!!) and they are for me to review. Oh my god, these lashes are so goooorrrgeeouusss!!! I love false lashes and I think every girl should wear 'em all the time, seriously!! They just enhance what God gave you. If you are lazy, just use the half strip one! Or cut the long strip lashes into two :) LOL

If you want Beautiful Lashes for everyday look or a night out or whatever occasions: school, dates, parties, clubbing, etc. just check out their website:

They carry beautiful lashes from brands that are popular out there like Ardell, Andrea, etc at discounted price. FYI- ELISE faux eyelashes are made by the same maker of M.A.C. and Shu Uemura false eyelashes.

Oh, just use this code: "KSHARE" and get 10% off!

It's already cheaper anyways, but yeah use that code, you will get them even way cheaper. ;).

I'll be doing a picture and video review on one of the lashes (Sherani - because I think they are so dreamy) tomorrow and the rest I will put in my giftaway bags!!! SO stay tune!!


Rakhshanda said...

wow very nice lashes here...want to buy these..really nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I have been loving falsies lately, but Ionly use them on special occasions, since I'm afraid of destroying my own :P

The ones you got, looks really pretty!

Rinz said...

Well, L, as long as you pull the lashes out from your lid gently by using a wet cotton swab, i think you will be fine! Thats what i do all the time. Oil remover will destroy the false lashes and i dont want that. I want to be able to use the lashes for 4-5 times.


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