Random thought : Vampire Diaries Season 2 is awesome!

Love love love Katherine! She had persona gotta admit, but I dont condone her bad behavior though . :) I personally love the character's fashion style and makeup look and I think they did a great job on Nina Dobrev as Katherine.  Cant wait for a new episode, tomorrow. Wanna see if Elena will ever fall in love with Damon Salvatore.

Those who missed the first episode of season 2, just click here :

Pic:Vampire Diaries CW


Marie said...

Thanks for the link, never really watched this! Might watch it tonight!:D

***** Marie *****

Aziajs said...

I am obsessed with this show! And I agree about Katherine's look - from head to toe she looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, this is so funny. I was thinking about posting a vampire diaries pic aswell. Love this series :P Love Damon and Stephen. I also like Elena and Katherin's makeup and style.

Rinz said...

Damon is YUMMO LOL =) i love Kat's hair and her killer heels :)


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