Update On My Hair! Brazilian Blowout anyone?

 Well, the above picture says it all. The root is growing! *GASP*. And it’s not a pretty sight! The rest of my hair is pinned straight, but the root is wavy and frizzy.  It looks weird. :-/  It has been at least ten months since I had a hair treatment, and I guess it’s about time for me to do the Japanese Straightening again. I can’t tolerate the unruly and frizzy hair, and also, I just want to spend up to 5 minutes on my hair every morning, if possible. During the first few months after the treatment, I can simply washed and blow-dried my hair, but now I have to flat iron the root a bit so I don’t walk out from home looking odd. For those who don’t know what the Japanese Straightening treatment is, please check out my previous posts.:) I did a lot of posts about my hair. It is similar to Brazilian Blowout, but less harmful. I personally know a lot of women who have had their hair straightened using the Japanese methods, either with Yuko system, O2, iStraight or PaiStraight. The result is the same - silky straight up to a year except the root, of course.  I would like to also point out that even though you have the Hair Rebonding done at a Korean salon, it would still be a Japanese method because that's what they use. I have to say this because there were some women that thought if they were to have it done at the Korean salons, they would probably end up getting a Korean Rebonding Perm, which is not true. I have called and asked many Korean salons, and they told me that those systems were made in Japan. They were made available to public for the past 10 years. I had my first Japanese Rebonding in 2001 and I had to say my hair was perfect!

Anyway, back to Brazilian Blowout, I read somewhere on the net that California's attorney general's office has filed a lawsuit against the Brazilian Blowout hair straightening solution claiming it contains high levels of formaldehyde -- a hazardous gas and known carcinogen banned by California's Safe Cosmetics Act. I don't know the status of the case right now, but I did read that that the Brazilian Blowout is banned in Canada. Oh well, I guess there’s always a price to pay if we want to look good.

On a positive note, I managed to tame the unruly part and did a fishtail braid! Here is the result on my first trial!

and here is the whole look! Well, sorry for the "grainy look", I was actually playing with my new Verizon iPhone app. :) I am loving the iPhone!

Well, that's all for now! Happy Tuesday everyone!! I am now back on my study desk - got a final exam this Thursday, so wish me luck!

♥♥ Rinz


Anonymous said...

Wow, your fishtail braid looks really good! I tried doing it to my hair in a side braid the other day too.. But mine didn't look that great. I think it's because I have really long layers. That and I just sucked LOL

Good luck on your final exam! May the academic gods bless you :)

Rinz said...

Susalie: I got long layers too, and I had to put some hair mousse to make it stay. it worked! You should try that too:)

lisa said...

your hair looks AMAZING!! well there's formaldehyde in basically almost every foundation/concealer out there.. unless you're using the totally completely natural stuff.. which doesn't off anybody any coverage at all.. haha i think you'll be fine.. and if not.. you're still smokin' hot hahahaha

i love your blog.. i'm a newish follower :) i'd love for you to visit and follow me too!

Princess Feef said...

hair looks nice ,, and love the braid <3

MissA* said...

I've had Japanese Straightening a few times. I don't have long hair though :) My sister's born with wavy hair and she's been having Japanese Straightening at least once-twice a year.

Good luck with your final exam ;)

Vanity said...

do the tutorial on that braid if u can..loved it!

Jo said...

Your new hair looks great! I like how you braided your hair. I’m not so sure what kinda straightening to use in Singapore. None of those names you mentioned looks familiar. Usually the best ones with long lasting effect is called shiseido rebonding. Haha.. As in they use shiseido crea, which is considered good. We have ice rebond, soft straigh rebond too. The former claims not to use heat... duh... how to straighter? The latter produces naturally straight effect and not poker straight. I did the latter but some parts would still curl at the ends if I sleep the wrong way. However, i’m fine with it. I just dowan poker straight.

Jo said...

Sorry for the many typo up there. Insensitive keyboard. =D

나니 said...

Brazilian Blowout was also featured on CNN or something where they told people NOT to use it, because it could have terrible consequences using the products..

Patt♥ said...

I love your fish tail braid! :) your hair looks great! :)

sugar sugar said...

the fishtail braid looks lovely on you!
i wish you loads on luck for your exam! ^-^

Jo Woods said...

Your fishtail braid looks great, I love your hair :)

Goodluck with your exam Rinz :)


Superficial Sydney said...

Love the braid, it looks so cute!

I had a disaster with a Keratin treatment last year "brazilian blowout". I paid about $400 which is an ok price in Australia but i didn't notice ANY smoothness or really anything different apart from the feel - which was worse. I went back to the salon repeatedly and they assured me that's the result i was supposed to have and if they put any more keratin in it it would "die". I demanded my money back knowing it was just a waste and they reluctantly handed it over after about about 3 weeks.

I have now found out that the brand they were using called Keratin Complex had some major manufacturing problems around the time i got the treatment and all their products have been recalled :/

Needless to say i am frightened to ever let Keratin near my hair again lol.


Laiqah said...

Please teach me?? :) LOL

I want to get the Brazilian blow dry done, but haven't found a salon yet. It's so damn expensive too!

Saimese said...

Eek, that must be a pain to have frizzy roots & pin straight hair. Love the braid btw.. I could never get it down so right on the 1st trial. Did you watch any videos on how to do it?

Dee O. said...

it looks so nice! i love the braid :)


devin olivia said...

your gorgeous I love your long hair
I've been thinking about cutting mine
hope all goes well

Rinz said...

Saimese: Rakshanda did it and posted some pics on her blog. I just followed the step :D

Marie said...

Loving the braid, it sure is one easy way to deal with bad hair days!:D

***** Marie *****

cselab said...

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