I am done with school and I am out shopping & Celebrating!

Hello Ladies!

Happy Oscar Day!! :) I can finally say I am done with school for good. Well, not for good, but till I start my Masters' Program. So, I am back to blogging and I can't wait to check out what I have missed all these weeks!! But before I do that, I would like to post some pictures of few items that I saw at Sephora yesterday. I am thinking about getting these makeup items; however, I would like to hear your opinion about them first. If you guys have tried them, please share your opinion! I would love to hear them. :D

Item 1:

                                          Orgasm Iluminator by NARS.

Why I want this?

I like the "glowy look" and this product will help me to achieve that or I can simply use it to highlight my cheekbones. 

I don't think it is available online anymore, so I have to buy it from the store. The one that is available online is part of the "Forever Yours Eye, Lip & Illuminator Set".

Item 2:

Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder by Guerlain

Why I want this?

It's a highlighter and a bronzer in one! It is not in a liquid form, so it will be easier to carry around. Just take a brush, dip, and sweep it across your face!

Item 3:

De SLick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay

Why I want this?

I have an oily skin, and my makeup normally goes away in 2 hours or so. Unless I have a good primer, a good foundation, or base on, what ever I put on will melt, FAST! I think having a great makeup setting spray is a must.


Lip Glaze by Stila in Berry (middle)

Why I want this?

I love, love, love this Berry color! The color is pearly mauve, and I think it is so pretty. Besides, it really goes with my tanned skin. FYI, I am NC 42 in MAC, so if you guys have a natural tanned skin, I'd suggest you get this color. The mauve color is not that intense, so it's wearable. :)

Item 5:

Long Wear Lip Liner by Stila in Aspring (far left)

Why I want this?

This goes with everything! I love the natural lip look, so I am thinking of getting this color. This Aspiring is basically a neutral beige color similar to Spice by MAC. I had a Spice before, so I want to try a new brand this time.

Item 6:
Velvet Eyeshadow by Benefit Cosmetics
From Second Left: Dandy Brandy (Copper) and Where's the Smoke (Pewter)

Why I want this?

I love these copper and pewter colors, and I think they made a great combo for smokey eye look. Also, I found that a copper color will make brown eyes "pop". When ever I do a copper liner, my eyes will sparkle, so hey, this color is a must have for me.

So, what do you guys think? Should I add more stuff in my Sephora basket? Let me know! Happy Sunday!!

P.S - I still need to finish my 30 days challenge. I know I've failed, but I need to do it!  :)

♥♥ Rinz


나니 said...

Oh wow! So many items! My bank account is twice as empty as I'd thought : ( so there will be NO splurging on my behalf.. -cries self to sleep-

Rinz said...

Well, I have set aside some budget for good highlighter and gloss! :) I cant keep buying stuff so a budget is a must. He he

Eli said...

I've always wanted to try out DeSlick in the powder version. The spray won't last as long as it claims in my opinion, and it's not convenient to tote around like the powder. But the idea behind it is great :)

-B said...

I love Benefits eyeshadow in Dandy Brandy; I definitely recommend getting it. Its a gorgeous colour, and the texture is fabulous. :)

Terri said...

I love urban decay setting spray!

Marie said...

Happy Sunday, Rinz!:D

I think the NARS set would be a great buy & De Slick looks interesting.:D

***** Marie *****

Rinz said...

Eli: thanks for the info. Ill sure be checking the powder form!

Courtney Erin said...

I've never tried any of these but I hear amazing things about NARS.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Kristie said...

Congrats for finishing school! I would say thumbs up to the new NARS Illuminators in Laguna and Copacabana. I haven't tried Orgasm but I can imagine it much better compared to Super Orgasm.

MSodapop said...

I've wanted to try the de slick spray too because I too experience oily skin, but the reviews i've seen have said that it only helps stop oilyness for 2 hours or so. So the 16 hours it claims to keep your face matte is not so true.

sugar sugar said...

NARS and de slick seems to be good investments. Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder by Guerlain is also a good investment but i think it will make your wallet cry. :/

Anonymous said...

i havn't tried any of these, but I love the look of NARS Illuminator

indianmakeupways said...

Ur selection of items are making me drool. I dont know abt the urban decay makeup setting spray but i do use the skindinavia one and i too have really bad oily skin and this spray helps to keep my makeup in place. :)

Jo said...

Congrats on being done with school! That's a lot of Sephora stuff.

Re you comment:
Yup! I experienced the 1st snow in my life at NYC! I wrote about it with pictorial photos of my solo walk in one of the parts of the NYC posts. I think you might have missed it. =)

Rinz said...

Thanks Ladies!!

Indian Makeupway: I really need a good setting spray but i tried it again today, it did not help that much :( It's like water squirted from the bottle LOL

Rinny said...

I have a sample of the NARS illuminator that the SA gave me, but I never got around to trying it out. The Stila lipglazes are really popular, but I don't like glosses that dispense through the brush >.<

Mimi said...

yay for being done with school (for now). ;)
i haven't been to sephora in a loooong time. must go now. :)

<3, Mimi

Faboulista said...

lucky u to be done with school. what i woulnt give to finish mine as well. so much homework. then i could bask in the awesome makeup you are showing here.

La pépite modeuse said...

I follow you

Hollie said...

congrats on finishing school. It's good to know that you're taking up Masters. Have fun as much as you want while you're still free..


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