30 Day Challenge : My Favorite Pair Of Shoes, Fashion Style I Like, Bags I Want To Have!

I've been slacking due to my final exam;however, today I just need to do this!

Day 09 — Favorite Pair of Shoes:

Right now, I am loving these Banana Republic booties! You know why? Because they are comfortable, and cute! The retail price was $126 without tax. But get this, I got them from Banana Republic Beverly Hills store and they were on sale for only $10!!!! From $126, they went down to $109, then became $10. This was the only pair left and I had to have them! I bet they wanted to bring new items so they wanted to sell everything. I got lucky! So yeah, they are my favorite right now. :) My other shoes can wait ;)

Banana Republic Shoes

Day 10 — Current Fashion/Style I Like:

I pretty much care about what I wear when I am not at work. I am a laid back kind of person, but I am very particular about the dress I wear or even jeans. I like only True Religions jeans. I think the Joey design is genius, especially the twisted inseam. I can't wear any other brand once I bought TR Joey in 2005. To be honest, a brand doesn't really matter,  as long as they look good on you! So far, nothing else fit me except the Joey. :) Nothing feels better than slipping into a perfect fitting pair of jeans. Am I right? :) Well, if I weren't wearing any denim pants, I'd normally be wearing a mini! :)

This is my usual style, only with heels, instead of boots:

I don't know which site this comes from. But I am pretty sure it's either Japanese or Korean fashion sites.

....and this is also my "lazy" style, if I don't feel like dressing up! Pony tail, cardigan, short and striped Ts which I have a lot!

I am currenly loving these few items that I found on Shopbop.com. I them cute, sexy and alluring. :)

Riller & Fount Kimono Wrap  

Riller and Fount Fox Mini Dress

Dolce Vita Casia Dress

Well, these are the few items that I am loving right now.  They can be found at Shopbop.com. And at the moment, they are having Winter Sales, up to 70% off, and yes I am looking at the site right now. There are few items I'd love to have! :)

Day 11 — Bags I Want To Have:

This is the hardest part! I am not too picky about a brand, as long as they look pretty and not heavy when I carry it. :)

My first choice is by Alice + Olivia Sequin Hobo bag, which I find very girlish, and pretty!
Alice + Olivia Sequin Hobo Bag $495

I also would like to get this Juicy Couture Cross Body Messenger Bag. This definitely one adorable bag that I must have!

Juicy Couture Perforated Heart Chain Lock Mini Bag $148

I guess, that's all for now. Until later. I got some shopping to do and blog to visit! :)


♥♥ Rinz


Lucky said...

Your Banana Republic shoes are lovely... And such a steal!
Love that Juicy Couture bag!
Wish i could get my hands on it... *cries

lisa said...

omg you are so lucky you got those BR booties for $10 those are SOOO freakin cute!!

i love the two purses you are eyeing they are very adorable!

-B said...

I adore the shoes you got! What a deal!

& I really like the Dolce Vita Casia Dress too :)

Jo Woods said...

omg, I love those shoes, so cute :) lookin at the pics really makes me want to go shopping now :) xxx

Rakhshanda said...

Love those shoes!! Gorgeous <3

Christine said...

Those boots are amazing and only 10$, WOW :D

나니 said...

I really like the casual outfit with the shorts and the stripey tee : D

Mimi said...

i like your shoes! and aaahhh, i looove shopbop! :D

<3, Mimi

Chanel Craves said...

I love everything on your wish list!! Cute blog!!!

Check out my fashion blog.

Amira said...

like your blog! Follow you) Follow me7

Kristie said...

The dress and high boots look hot! U should put that outfit on so I can see it ;)


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