My Finance class has started! Booo! Anyway,take a look at W mag new cover!!

Such a beautiful couple!!! I love Victoria Beckham.

Stay safe :) I hope to see everyone's outfit by tomorrow ;)). I will post mine as well :)


I was so busy with graduation ceremony & my BF's brother's wedding

...and I havent blogged for a while!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I am sure did! I had so much fun at the graduation ceremony. My BF graduated with Summa Cum Laude, with the highest GPA. I am so proud of him. I did only 3.4 (grrrr) but i got 2 more classes to go for some reasons and I thought I was done! hmm....but whatever ;) Time to bring that GPA up!

Anyways, here is the picture from the wedding. My hair and makeup was done by Bella Nella, http://bellanella.com/ salon in Glendale. I can do my own makeup yes, but I did not want to stress out. So I had my makeup done instead. It was soooo relaxing to have someone else do the job. LOL.

So, here is the pic!

And here at some snaps from the wedding. It was held at Taglyan Hall in Hollywood. :)
Check them out at http://www.taglyancomplex.com/


Update on my Hair. 7 Months after Japanese Hair Straightening

If you have read this post: Japenese Hair Rebonding/Straightening, then you know what I am talking about. :) Well, my hair is pretty much straight since I had it treated back in April this year. YAY!  Except the roots of course (sigh) but that part I can always straighten it with a flat iron! :) And yes I am still using the Brazilian Blow Out shampoo and conditioner.

Here is my hair picture. It's kinda long now.:) And yes, I just colored it in dark brown since it's officially autumn! :) Los Angeles is getting cooler and I love it!

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here is the close-up picture, taken with a bathroom light and no flash. :) My new hair color.

Product used:

L' Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color in Dark Brown.

I really like this product. It literally took about 10 minutes or less for the color to develop. So basically I spent about 10 minutes coloring and waiting, and another 10 minutes to wash my hair thoroughly. Total time spent: 20 minutes! :) This is so not the traditional hair color product because you don't have to wait for 45 minutes, or an hour. This product works fast! Less than 10 minutes my hair was brown and my hair is quite long and thick!

FYI, this product smells so nice and has no ammonia  (YAY because I hate the smell of ammonia) and it has Royal Jelly which gives natural vitamins to your hair. Vitamins infused hair coloring product is a must since the hair normally gets dry afterwards. And with nourishing crème colorant, the color does not drip on the floor, or on your body, or even on your ears, which is a plus!!! Because who's going to clean up if you are busy coloring your hair? Right? And if it stays longer, it will stain the skin, the carpet, the floor, etc. We don't want that. Also, I read on the box that it lasts through 28 shampoos, which I dont mind since I like changing my hair color often. :)

Anyways, I am very glad that I saw this product at Target yesterday. With 2 bottles, I got to color my hair and my extensions. ;) And it cost about $9.99 per pack/bottle.

My verdict? I will definitely repurchase!! I highly recommend this one!

Have a great weekend everyone!


I am graduating! But, I don’t know what to wear at the commencement ceremony. =/ HELP!

I am torn. I need to make up my mind really quick since the graduation day is next week, on 10/22/2010! Either I have to place an online order today or tomorrow, or walk into several stores later this weekend which I hate doing. Why? Because the stores carry only selected styles and I know I will end up spending a lot of time looking and trying. So… in order to avoid that problem all together, I have selected these following items and I’d like to hear your opinion!! :)

Dress 1:
Let’s start with this dress. This is my usual style, but since it is an education related event, I want to avoid anything short or tight on my body.


Dress 2:
I love the color. Teal is one of my favorites. I love the body hugging - Hervé Léger style, kinda, but I wonder if it’s appropriate. I really don’t mind wearing this…

Dress 3:
This one is simple and sophisticated.

And these following dresses are sooooo adorable!! Ahhhh!! Hard to decide!

They are all Windsor dresses by the way.

Well, if it were up to me, I would looveee to wear all of these cute dresses but obviously I can’t. I can only chose 1 =/

So which one do you guys prefer?


Happy Tuesday!


Shoedazzle.com. Is it worth the money?

So I signed up with Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Society at Shoedazzle.com hoping to find out what she has in store for me. Before I could even sign up, I had to take a survey first which involves pictures of runway models in their attires where I had to pick the one that appealed to me most, or clothes and shoes I would wear, etc. So I did all that and the result is :

I am:

I now have my own showroom where some stylists had picked out a selection of shoes that fit my personalities. :) OK. Happy face right there. I love shoes and I don’t mind spending money on them. I have to admit I love some of the styles. However, based on the pictures alone, the shoes look somewhat hmmm cheap? But, with $39.95 per month (that’s a membership flat fee) what can you expect right? At least, you get to choose between a pair of shoes, or a bag or accessories per month; and I don’t think it is expensive at all. And yeah free shipping too! So far I haven’t bought any thing yet. Ha! ha! I just requested an additional showroom and will go from there. LOL. I am greedy ;). It’s not that I have no sense of style/fashion at all that I need a “stylist” to help me picking out an outfit. I joined this website just for fun because if everything is right in front of my eyes, even with a picture of KIM herself, saying “Hi, try this”, I am more inclined to buy something. You know what I mean? One thing I know for sure, you can definitely get these kinds of shoes from the small boutique at the malls. They are practically almost the same - styles and colors. And yeah, the mall is slightly cheaper. That’s my humble opinion.


Products I Regret Buying!

I am sure every one has these products that they loved when they first bought them, then later they said "what was I thinking?!!!" I got bunch of those. Most of them I trashed though, but I still keep some that I think could be "useful" later. So far I haven't touched them!!  =/ So, here are those items:

1) MAC Tilt.
hmmmm I love blue in general but this blue hue does not work for my skin tone. Or maybe it does, but I am just not into this color!

2) MAC Plum Dressing.
This color is gorgeous but..... I don't know why I don't like it that much. I used it once and I liked it then. Maybe i'll try again soon and see how I feel. 

3) AVON Glazewear Intense Plum.
I bought it because it looks prettttyyy on the catalog! LOL. Wore few times to work. It made me look older than my age =/.

4) Sephora Lip Attitude Star S06.
This one is somewhat "plummish" and "pinkish" in color and sparkly! And wow, I just realized I bought a lot of "plums" LOL.

5) Femme Couture Cake Eyeliner.
It's way too drying and cakey. Does not go on the skin smoothly.

6) Revlon Colorstay. 
It caused terrible breakout - under the skin kinda zits. Ouch! BUT, i don't mind wearing it once in a blue moon for clubbing. It stays on for hours!

7) Black Radiance Creme Foundation.
I wanted the 'on the go' kinda foundation, but this one is bad. It's drying and cakey. Does not blend well. But now I use it to conceal blemishes!

8) Jesse Girl Loose Eye shadow.
My friend gave me this, and she said it could be a substitute for a MAC Pigment...hmmm??? Nahhhh. She was wrong, but I really don't mind the eye shadow. The color is pretty! 

9) Mineral Veil in Tinted Feather Light.
I'll stick to a regular mineral veil. This one is way too shimmery and the bronze color all over the face? No, thank you. I use this to highlight my cheekbones and collar bones. :)

10) Physician Formula Cover in Green.
Isn't this to cover redness on your face? I know it says "Powder Finish Concealer" , but it is way too powdery. Unless I need to cover some red zits, this will be kept in my drawer till then.

11) Victoria's Secret Lipsgloss in Wet. ;)
Catchy name, uh? LOL. This color is exactly like my lip color, so there's no point of me wearing one! I don't know why I bought this. =/

So, I am done with my list. What's yours?? :) Please share!


Organic beauty products at Whole Food. Does anyone like them?

I love going through the beauty isle at Whole Food market as they have tons of beauty products that I am interested to try. However, most of them are somewhat pricey and I don't know if they are really worth the price! There are Dr. Hauschka and this one brand which I totally forgot the name, both are equally expensive; Mineral Fusion Cosmetics; Kiss My Face, Derma-e; Avalon and Earth Science that are somewhat affordable. Whole Food also carries Burt's Bees, which can be found at any drugstores or Target.With all these brands laying around, I am actually wondering if those organic cosmetics /beauty products are better than any regular product out there. I spent an hour today comparing the ingredients on each label, from each product and I found them to be the same! A $50 anti wrinkle cream from one brand here is not any better than Olay from Target or Kinerase from a department store. Well, at least that's what I think since they all contain hyaluronic acid and peptides as their main ingredients. What do you guys think? Are they all the same? With a hot weather and sunny all year round in LA, sun spot and wrinkles can be formed easily. I think I would like to take care of this problem now because I can see a tiny soft line is starting to form! Ughh! LOL. And that shows a sunscreen alone is not enough! It's time to use some good products on my face! :) If you have any cult product that you like, please comment in the box below this post. I would like to check them out!

And oh by the way, I fall in love with these home made soaps at Whole Food. Check out the pictures below. They remind me of LUSH. :) Soooo cute!! And they smell heavenly! I actually bought 2 pieces to try ;). If I like them, I will go back to get some more.


Dolce & Gabanna Ad - Madonna before and after

I was watching E! Network this morning when they had an interesting story about Madonna's D &G campaign. I don't know if they were talking as if it was a bad thing for the 'before and after' picture (Photoshop of course) of Madonna with wrinkles and veins to be leaked out on the internet , but one thing I know for sure, She's Madonna, who cares! LOL :)


THE WINNER FOR MY FIRST GIVEAWAY IS.............!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats!! WOW, I had fun doing it! I was actually nervous through out the whole process and made a boo boo at first. But I learned, LOL. Random.org is awesome even though the service is not a free, but hey I had fun, and that's the most important thing to me :)
I will do this again soon, for sure!

To Edliza: I have sent you an email for your mailing address. It's going to take a while though since it's an international shipping.

I finally bought MAC Venomous Villains!!

Yep,  I got MAC Venomous Villains! YAAYYYY! I was so busy lately that I did not get a chance to go shopping at all. So finally yesterday, I headed to Bloomingdale's, and played with the whole Venomous Villains sets. They had everything. Nothing was sold out. Unfortunately, I was only attracted to these two items, Innocence, Beware! lipstick and Darkly My Dear blush from Cruella De Vil set. Why?? Because I love, love, love, nude colors!! :) The rest of the sets (Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier) are in darker shades, and I don't think they are for me. To be honest, I am just scared of colors that are too bright or too dark. LOL :)

Here is the blush and the liptick!


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