Update on my Hair. 7 Months after Japanese Hair Straightening

If you have read this post: Japenese Hair Rebonding/Straightening, then you know what I am talking about. :) Well, my hair is pretty much straight since I had it treated back in April this year. YAY!  Except the roots of course (sigh) but that part I can always straighten it with a flat iron! :) And yes I am still using the Brazilian Blow Out shampoo and conditioner.

Here is my hair picture. It's kinda long now.:) And yes, I just colored it in dark brown since it's officially autumn! :) Los Angeles is getting cooler and I love it!

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here is the close-up picture, taken with a bathroom light and no flash. :) My new hair color.

Product used:

L' Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color in Dark Brown.

I really like this product. It literally took about 10 minutes or less for the color to develop. So basically I spent about 10 minutes coloring and waiting, and another 10 minutes to wash my hair thoroughly. Total time spent: 20 minutes! :) This is so not the traditional hair color product because you don't have to wait for 45 minutes, or an hour. This product works fast! Less than 10 minutes my hair was brown and my hair is quite long and thick!

FYI, this product smells so nice and has no ammonia  (YAY because I hate the smell of ammonia) and it has Royal Jelly which gives natural vitamins to your hair. Vitamins infused hair coloring product is a must since the hair normally gets dry afterwards. And with nourishing crème colorant, the color does not drip on the floor, or on your body, or even on your ears, which is a plus!!! Because who's going to clean up if you are busy coloring your hair? Right? And if it stays longer, it will stain the skin, the carpet, the floor, etc. We don't want that. Also, I read on the box that it lasts through 28 shampoos, which I dont mind since I like changing my hair color often. :)

Anyways, I am very glad that I saw this product at Target yesterday. With 2 bottles, I got to color my hair and my extensions. ;) And it cost about $9.99 per pack/bottle.

My verdict? I will definitely repurchase!! I highly recommend this one!

Have a great weekend everyone!


yeevon said...

Wow, you have such a loooooong hair :D
Model for pantene ads!

Mimi said...

your hair looks fantastic!!! :D

<3, Mimi

Rakhshanda said...

Hi Rinz, your hair looks lovely!! Actually I'm a little scared of coloring my hair...So I wanted to ask you that are there any side effects on applying this and till when does the color last?
Waiting for your reply.

appledia said...

I thought you have curled back your hair after that...no?

edlidza said...

i like your hair ... :) very much ...

Rinz said...

LOL. Thanks ladies. I had curly hair and it was hard to take care of!

Rakhshanda: All my life i color my own hair, if i want highlight, i normally go to pro. and no, no side effect unless you use higher % of Peroxide/Developer. I normally choose 3% or less, with no ammonia. I color my hair every 5-6 months, and on me the color normally stays about 3 months. Hope this helps. And yes i use lots of conditioner and take hair vitamins too.

appledia: no, i did not curl my hair. I styled it using a curling iron. The minute i wash it, it goes back to pin straight.

"L" said...

Your hair s so pretty!

karla camille foronda said...

aww!! I love your new hair. my hair is black- by black I mean super dark black! haha:) i never color it and I was afraid it might ruin my hair up to its roots. but by your post, I think i'll take my chances and try the product. after all, It's nice to experiment right? :))


la mì said...

wow!!!I love your hair...very very beautiful!^^
I follow your blog and I would like you follow mine...I wait you kiss kiss =D

Jewelrybead said...

Wow, looks divine and healthy Rinz!!


Courtney Erin said...

I used to love L'oreal hair dye and use it all the time but I recently switched to Revlon (mainly because they're a cruelty free company whereas Revlon is not) and I miss the L'oreal!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Yazzie♥ said...

You're Lovely.

Kristie said...

No amonia is a big plus! Your hair looks very nice and shiny.

katie said...

whooaaa. i wish i had stright hair!


Marie said...

Nice hair color, I like this hairdye too!:D

***** Marie *****

Venus In Virgo said...

The color is really rich and that Japanese hair straightening looks really good,like the frizz is gone and your hair is healthy. I try and try to straighten my hair but it never takes so I gave up lol! I don't want to do anything drastic because I read somewhere a Brazilian blow out could be fatal. My curls are here to stay XOXO

Twinn said...

Love the hair color I was thinking about coloring my hair but idk =/
yours looks great tho

rhaindropz said...

wished my hair would be like that ^_^

dear blog hop on my onsugar blog here:

hugs and kisses

Malisha said...


I love your hair!

I want to get Japanese straightening done but I don't think I could sit still for so long! I can just about manage 3 hours for colour/highlight and blowdry..

I'm gonna go darker as winter kicks in, probably a warm chestnut brown.

Malisha x

Faboulista said...

i did the whole japanese hair straitthening thing2 a couple of years ago but i found that after i did that i could never wear red because it would just wash off like crazy for some reason.

Fashionista said...

thank u for you comment in my blog :)
your hair is totally amazing! that's good you know it.
thank u for following me and I followed you. keep in touch <3
xo, Lorine


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