I think The Duchess of Cambridge looked amazingly beautiful!

Growing up in a country that is a part of British monarchy made me look forward to this royal wedding since I was 14. Yep, 14. I knew everything about Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis. I was emotional when I heard about Princess Diana's tragic death. I did a huge presentation about her life during my history class. Well, time sure has passed by and I am no longer that little kid anymore but, I surely do have lots of interest in the lives of the Royal Families, still! I haven't slept at all because I was waiting for the Wedding of the Century! I thought Kate Middleton looked stunning. I love her wedding dress by Alexander McQueen. I love, love, love the lace and the clean train of the dress, and her clean makeup. Breathtaking! I normally see black smokey eyes/club scene makeup on most brides in Los Angeles, and I thought wow, it's way too much for a wedding. I mean, a bride should look beautiful with less makeup. A bride should look like her everyday self, but only better! Just my two cents.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite shots, taken from AP. Have a great Friday, everyyone!


Origins Zero Oil Toner and Moisturizer Review - For Oily Skin ladies out there!

I've been searching for a holy grail product that could reduce oil productions (as if) since having oily skin is a curse to me. I hate it. I don't like looking greasy even though people say that a natural oil helps us aging gracefully. Hmmm, no, thank you. I want a normal skin. Better yet, a dry skin! I don't want to blot my face every hour or so. Oily skin doesn't help in makeup application, and the worst part is that oily skin can leads to acne. Actually, I was having skin problems for a while until I was put on acutane for 6 months. That medicine literally saved my life. There was no other product in the market that could help cystic acne, not even Proactive, and I had tried everything. Acutane is somewhat a dangerous drug, and I got to be monitored every month while I was on it. I was lucky not to have bad side effects like depressions and bone problems. Well, that bad skin chapter was over, and now I am looking for something that could help mattifying my oily skin, besides following this advise from eHow.com.


things you'll need:

  • Clay based facial mask
  • Oil free water based moisturizer
  • T-zone mattifier
  • Mineral finishing powder
  • Start off by using a clay based mask to mattify oily skin. Apply a thin layer of a prefered clay based facial mask and wait for it to dry. Wash it off. Natural clays such as kaolin and Umbrian clay have superior oil absorbing capacities. Additional herbal extracts added to these masks like algae, lavender, nettles, and olive leaf extracts help in calming facial skin to acheive a fresh and radiant surface.
  • Use a water based mattifier on the t-zone if skin is super oily. The skin on the nose, forehead, and chin, also refered as the t-zone, especially are crowded with sebum producing glands and are prone to looking oilier than the rest of the face.
  • Use an oil free moisturizer with sunscreen to hydrate and protect face without making it looking oily. Look for ingredients such as olive based squalene, jojoba leaf, aloe vera, algae and other marine ingredients in the moisturizer. These moisturizers create a radiant matte finish without clogging pores.
  • Avoid mattifying products that are solely based on silicones, commonly used in mattifying products and makeup primers that promise to make pores look smaller. While these products create a smooth surface temporarily, they can clog pores and cause blackheads and acne in the long run.
  • Apply a layer of mineral finishing powder as the final touch to reduce shine on your face. While there are a ton of mattifying powders available in the cosmetic counters of department stores, look for powders that are mineral based. Use a superfine powder that is lightweight, sheer, and doesen't clog pores.
Okay, these steps are not that hard. Really. But I hate doing steps, so I went out and got these two items!

Origins Zero Oil : Oil Free Moisture Lotion and Pore Purifying Toner

Review: I can't say that they are helping in reducing oil or prevent oil production, what so ever. As a matter of fact, the lotion makes matters worse. I reach for blot tissues more than usual each time I use this lotion. I can say every half an hour or so. The toner on the other hand has "Salicylic Acid", an antiseptic that prevents breakouts and redness. This one ingredient is definitely a plus! It does keep the tiny zits under control. However, I don't think it reduces any grease or oil on my face. Oh well. I am still using these two products, but only at night. I am sure some people might love these products but, they are definitely not for me.

So, if any of you use a special product that helps controlling oil production, please share in the comment below. I am looking forward to try a new product!




Me and My "New Hair"

I posted a lot of pictures of Ms. Tila Tequilla's hairstyles a few days ago, hoping those pictures would give me the courage to chop my hair to chin length. I went in and out hair studios many times, indecisive, because I refused to cut my hair. My hair is my security blanket, you know what I mean? :) Well, at the end, I decided to do "this" instead. ;) What do you guys think about the cut? :) I have always wanted the "Vidal Sassoon" signature hair cut, and now I have it! I will tell you more about this tomorrow! I am sleepy, I need to go to bed now!




World Most Beautiful Woman......

Have you guys checked out the latest People magazine? I just bought it today, and I am happy to see Jennifer Lopez graces the cover! I have always been a big fan of hers since "Love Don't Cost A Thing" day, and I always thought she was beautiful. Now, she actually looks better than ever. One thing that never goes away is her signature bronzey/glow and her "au naturale" makeup look. I remember she had Scott Barnes as her personal makeup artist for years, but I am not sure about it now. Well, it doesn't really matter whether it's Scott Barnes, or some other unknown Makeup Artist, because Jennifer Lopez looks beautiful every week on American Idol without having tons of makeup on. And oh, her outfit each week is to die for, and I love, love, love looking at those amazing legs of hers!

J.LO on Scott Barnes About Face:

PS: Scott Barnes, I love your Bento Box collections!

 This week People Magazine:

Tracy Anderson's Method. I personally had tried this, and it was super hard to do! But the result is amazing! Look at those abs!

What we all could learn..... though most of us know this stuff already.......

That's all for today ladies!!

Have a great Sunday!



I am obsessed about my hair! I am getting a short hair cut :D

Happy Saturday!

I felt so unmotivated these few days to either blog, or do anything in general. I guess I needed some push or some changes in my life. So I took the initiative to look at myself in the mirror and see what I would like to change about myself. No, I am not talking about plastic surgery, though I have nothing against that. I wanted something that is not permanent, but it has to be very drastic. So I said to myself, HAIR! Change my hair style, color, etc! So, today I went to a wig boutique, and tried on several short wigs. I really wanted to see if a short hair would look good on me since I've been having  a long hair for so many years, and I am somewhat ready to change and chop it all off. Well, to be honest, I wasn't really enthusiastic with the idea of change, since I don't do well with it. I like to play it safe but now, I am kind of bored with myself having the same hair, same style, and if I don't try it now, I won't do it ever.  I was actually quite shocked with the transformation. Looking at myself in the mirror today with an auburn and dark red highlight short wig was actually quite cool. I felt different. Finally. However, I am scared of changes. I want to rock a different style, yes, but I am scared I might regret it later. Since I am talking about changes and all, I would like to continue my 30-Days Challenge. :) I would like to hear your opinion of having a short hair.

Day 14 — Photo of a Hairstyle/Haircut I'd Like to Have

I am so obsessed with Tila Tequila hair style now, so bear with the pictures of her in this post.

So this is how my hair looks right now..somewhat. Long and with a short layer, that's it.

...and I was having the ideas of cutting an inch of my hair and get some bangs just like these following pictures:

...or perhaps just do this style? side swept and clip some bow on my hair without cutting my hair? :)

...but that is not drastic enough! So I kept on looking, and saw her pictures with these styles!

..and no, not the blonde color because I would be looking weird. I just love the cut. However, the more I browsed, the more I got interested into having a short hair with highlights. After seeing these following pictures of Tila,  I thought to myself: OK, I would like to try this style!

 Well, that's the style I want to try, but with a reddish auburn color and red highlights. We'll see. Also, I just found out that Tila has changed her hair style, once again... darker hue, more sophisticated version of Tila Tequila, which I think looks really good on her.

So, what do you guys think? To cut, or not to cut? I am anxious!


♥♥ Rinz


Get Sinfulicious! It's yummy!

Hello Ladies,

I was away for a 3-Day mini-vacation last week in Palm Spring, California. It was lots of fun even though it was so hot during the day. I did a lot of shopping of course, and during my shopping spree at night, I saw this one pretty boutique that specializes in skincare/bodycare products. Maybe the yummy scents from the boutique that drew me in, or perhaps its pretty pink and white design, who knew! :) My friends and I were greeted by this lovely associate, Jenna, who demonstrated how the scrub, body oil and lotion were made or mixed together, and also let us tried the products first before we decided to buy some. So, we scrubbed our hands with this pink exfoliating salt which smelled wonderful by the way, and before we could rinse our hands, Jenna sprayed this scented oil to lock in the moisture. Few seconds later, our hands were softer and smoother. And oh, the scent lingered till the very next day by the way. Since we were amazed by the result, and of course by the amazing scent as well, we then decided to buy some. It was actually hard for me to decide on the scents because there were too many of them, so I went ahead and asked Jenna to make me the same one like the one we tried earlier. I think it was a mixture of mango, papaya and another fruit, but I forgot what it was. Ha!Ha! So Jenna mixed everything right in front of us from scratch!  It was indeed amazing to watch (I recorded this!). Basically the bath and body products were made from natural ingredients, and everything were made on the spot upon order, except other stuff like bath bombs, and facial moisturizer.

Anyway, here are the pictures from the store, and you guys can check them out at sinfuliciousbodycare.com. They carry a lot of products for head to toe! If you are visiting Palm Spring, don't forget to stop by at the store!

Selection of Scents

Bath Bombs


Bottles / Packaging

Candles, Moisturizers, Lip Balms

Moisturizers and soaps


Salt Scrub and Oil

Salt Scrub

♥♥ Rinz


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