EOS Max Pure Brown Circle Lens

Hello Lovelies!

I was given this product by Lens Village (lensvillage.com) for a review....

Take a look at the cute packaging!

This lens is by EOS in MAX Pure Brown. You can find this product HERE. 

Is EOS Max Pure Brown lens comfortable? Yes. I tested them and wore them for 4 hours as usual. I did not have any problem. But again, it's different for everyone.

I feel the color is quite natural. It does enlarge my eyes. My eyes are quite big and sparkly in person, according to my boyfriend who can be the world worst critic ;). He said I still look like me, only with big sparkly eyes. He thought they are pretty. Ha! Ha! If you prefer a natural color, I would suggest you to try Max Pure Brown.

Product Description:

Diameter : 14mm 
Base Curve : 8.60mm 
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year 
Expiry Date : 2013
Power Available : 0~1000 / -0.00 ~ -10.00

By the way, LENVILLAGE is having a big sale right now. Some of popular lenses are now $10/pair, instead of $19.50.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great start of the week everyone!


Happy Friday !!

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