About Me

♥ Me ♥

♥ My name is Rinie. I guess it's too long for some people, so they call me Rin, or Rinz.

♥ I love blogging because it gives me freedom to be me!  I can write what I like, especially on things that I can relate too - makeup, fashion, gossip, & anything girlie. Blogging is also considered a self therapy. :)

On a personal level...

♥ I enjoy my life even though it's quite hectic.

♥ I’m a Taurus, that means I am stubborn! Yes, I am. It helps me not to give up in everything I do.

♥ I love cooking and decorating. My favorite food ? French & Japanese cuisine.

♥ I love shopping and doing makeup. I think it helps me meditate!

♥ I am a MAC NC 42 and a Giorgio Armani 5.5.

♥ My favorite lipsticks are MAC Half n Half and Freckletone. I reach for these two most of the time.

♥ I am a lash- girl. I love thick flirty false lashes!!!!

♥ I wear eyeliner all the time. If I don't feel like wearing makeup, the only thing I would put on me is MAC Smolder liner!

♥ I guess that's it! Happy Blogging!!


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