30 Day Challenge - Day 05 — My favorite thing(s) to do

Hi Ladies!

Wow, I think this 30 Day Challenge is so hard to do since I have to post every single day! Anyway, I am getting better at this. :)

So today is Day 5, and I am going to share about what I love doing during my spare times, besides chatting and talking, hanging out with friends, reading, shopping and makeup!

First off: YOGA

 I am barely starting my routine and so far, I am loving it. It keeps me calm and helps me breathe better. :) So, I won't give this up anytime soon!


Once upon a time, I was so anal about having a rocking abs, tight arms and no jiggly skin/muscles. I achieved that, but then I let myself go since I was too busy with school that I neglected my body and health. Now I am back doing the old routines and it's very hard. Giving up sugar and carb is a no-no. I love my food; therefore, I will eat it which means I have to work harder to get back in shape. I will try not to give up. :)


Take me to a club, and I'll thank you! I love dancing to good music. I haven't gone out much lately since I am busy finishing my last class, but if I had the chance to go, I would normally stay until 2 am. :) Dancing is a good cardio! Especially if you are in those killer heels! Good workout. ;)


Aishwarya Rai in Devdas

I grew up watching Bollywood Movies, even though I am not Indian! :) I guess it was because of the cultural mix around me at that time. I love watching the beautiful love stories, songs, pretty guys and of course the gorgeous actresses! Katrina Kaif is one of my favorites! Well, Bollywood movies are so dreamy that I get lost in them...It even makes me want one those guys - so romantic!

Some Song Clips!
From: Dostana. I love John Abraham

From: Devdas with Aishwarya Rai


♥♥ Rinz


The Dollymix Diaries said...

I woild love to try out yoga, it seems so relaxing. I love watching Bollywood films too even though i'm not Indian either. I love the colourfulness, songs and love stories.

Great post

Oreleona said...

awwnnn my own addiction is Asian movies and dramas

roshas said...

Aww i love this post! I love bollywood movies! You should watch 3 idiots and Anjaana Anjaani :) Aish looks so beautiful in that clip!

Wow I wish I could have rock hard abs - but it requires far too much work :( xx

indianmakeupways said...

wow! its so cool that u like bollywood movies! and yup its hard to stick to fitness routines. i myself am trying to stick to mine. ATB!!!

sugar sugar said...

i am too lazy to work out but i like to dance too! hahaha! :D

Beauty Style Addict said...

I've never tried yoga but i would definately give it a try. Good luck with the challenge i'll be checking back hehe ^-^

lady_flower123 said...

I love dance too!!
I never try yoga... ;/

Follow me if u want:
I'm following u now ;)
xoxo ;*

SiSi Sparkles said...

I've tried yoga by watching a video. I must say that it WAS very relaxing and soothing to the mind, but I almost always fall asleep :/

Good luck with the 30 day challenge, posting something everyday is a challenge for me, lol. :]

Saimese said...

Hey hun! Thanks so much for being a regular commenter on my Jan series. Keeping up with that series was a lot of work - as you can probably tell right now from your own 30 day challenge! I'm glad I'm done that though & now I can finally start replying to comments & checking other blogs out. I'm glad you still have the time to check out other blogs & comment even during your challenge - I found that SO hard to do!!

& dress #3 would be perfect for an engagement pics, wouldn't it? I absolutely love Elie Saab's designs - they're so girly & dreamy. He's my fave designer!!

Good luck with the challenge.. I'll keep checking. I'd love to try yoga some day!

Barbie said...

If you're wanting to dance, AND work out, you should look into Zumba or Cardio Dance Party classes! I take both of those classes a few times a week at 24 Hour Fitness. They're SOOO fun and they really help burn calories, tone, etc. :)

To answer your question, generally I use L'Oreal True Match foundation or Covergirl TruBlend. I also love Revlon ColorStay and MUFE Mat Velvet +. The MAC ones will have my face horribly broken out within just a few hours of wear. It's crazy! I need to just dump my bottle out and BACK TO MAC it.

Marie said...

I should get back to yoga too!:D

***** Marie *****

Mimi said...

i took yoga classes in high school, and they were great! :D

<3, Mimi

Rinz said...

Barbie: Barbie you are right! We have Zumba class here at the gym!!

Sasmita said...

Hey Rinz, you seem to be much inspired by the Indian themes ?
I do a bit of yoga & love Hindi (Bollywood) movies :)


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