Another good hair day for me!

I love having a long hair because I feel more feminine that way. LOL. Once in my life, I tried a “ Victoria Beckham” short hair style and I didn’t like it at all. I felt like a boy LOL, instead of  “Posh”. I guess because I didn’t know what to do with a short hair!! So after that incident, I told myself I would never, ever cut my hair that short, ever again.

Anyway, this is me using Foxy Locks Extension that I bought not too long ago. Wearing hair extensions can be pain in the “you know what” since it requires a lot of steps just to get that pretty, bouncy hair! But with lots of practice, I can say that I am so used to it now that it just doesn’t bother me any longer. :) In this picture, I only put 3 clips of hair extensions (look how thick it is!) and I took me about 10 minutes (attached, combed, curled). I am not sure if I could compare this brand to any brand in LA. I did try the Euronext brand from Sally Beauty , but it didn’t give me the same thickness or volume like Foxy Locks does. So thumbs up for Foxy Locks!


Diana Erika said...

its so pretty..... nice hair your got. I just love it ...hehe

Marie said...

I like it, so much volume!:D

***** Marie *****

Jewelrybead said...

Simply gorgeous!!



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