StillGlamorus Mythology Eyeliner and True Love Lipstick

As promised in my previous post, here are some simple looks I did with StillGlamorus Mythology eyeliner. :)

StillGlamorus Mythology Eyeliner (Flash/bathroom lighting)

StillGlamorus Mythology Eyeliner (Without Flash-Natural Lighting)

Well, I am in love with the color. It's bronzey and sparkly, and it gives that natural smokey-eye that is not overdone. Don't get me wrong-- I love the killer, over the top smokey-eye look, but if I want to go the beach during the day, I wouldn't want to roam around with "black-out" eyes. At night, maybe. :)

Well, just so you know, besides Mythology, I also used MAC Soft Brown in the crease and along the lower lash line with lots of mascara. However, in the first picture, I rimmed (tightline and waterline) my eyes with MAC Smolder for more intense look. I love the contrast between the bronze and the black colors. Very pretty! Now the most important question is: How long this one stays on my super oily lids? Quite a while! Possibly about 6 hours, then I got to touch up! So yes, this StillGlamorus Mythology is definitely a keeper. Love the color and its performance.

StillGlamorus True Love Lipstick

And this is the lipstick from the same brand called True Love. I really love the natural/nude lips, so this lipstick is a must have! It's a cream lipstick so it last longer on my lips. Yay!

Now the price....hmmm. The lipstick costs me $10.00 and the eyeliner is $9.00. Shipping is about $5, I believe, or maybe less depending on how many items you buy.

Are they expensive for an Indie brand? Well, it also depends on what you think is expensive. I personally think they are affordable. These products are not stamped with "StillGlamorus" brand (yet). Maybe because they are still brand new company? I am not sure, but I don't mind it. I know I love "designer brands cosmetics" and Sephora stuff (who doesnt?) because of their qualities and names (Ahem!), but you know, these Indie brand products have exceeded my expectations. I am quite happy with the purchase and will definitely be buying some more later.

Well, that's all for now. If you guys are interested to learn more about the brand, you guys can check this link out: http://stillglamorus.com/



DeBi said...

oh goodness!!! it is sooo pretty!

Rinz said...

I know right? I love the color. Never thought Id be wearing bronze eyeliner someday hahah

Jo Woods said...

wow, its gorgeous, love it :) and the nude lipstick is lush too, love nude lipsticks. Thanks for sharing :) xxx

sugar sugar said...

the eyeliner is so pretty on you rinz! :D it definitely makes your eyes more sexy. <3

Curves ahead makeup said...

Sp pretty love that cat eye ~~

Rakhshanda said...

Gorgeous <3

D.Sadie said...

i REALLY want mythology now. =( Lol.


Christine Iversen said...

This is really gorgeous :)
My birthday is going great so far :)

Xoxo Christine

Christine Iversen said...

Thank you <3 <3

Vintage Makeup said...

Gorgeous look!!

Rinny said...

The lipstick is such a pretty nude color on you!

Rinz said...

Thanks Rinny. My lips are pretty chappy. I need some lipbalm lol

the nyanzi report said...


Syrious said...

WOW amzing blog!!
love your LIPS!!! *_*
very cute blog!!
i'm following you hope you'll do the same only if oyu'll like it :)
sweet italian kisses

Syriously in Fashion

PinkOrchids said...

You have such pretty eyes! *sighhhh*
I love the creamy lip colour! You have such lovely lips too! xX

Courtney Erin said...

That eyeliner looks amazing!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Sakura said...

The eye makeup is gorgeous! :D

Pop Champagne said...

the eye make up is really pretty on you! I love this look. have a great weekend!

AIDA said...

Wow! I really like that eyeliner!

devin olivia said...

love the eye liner && the nude lips so into nude these days

Venus In Virgo said...

The entire look is gorgeous! Very good post!
Hey please read my first interview if you have time and have a great weekend XOXO

Huda Kaake said...

That is really pretty. Love it :)

Monica (AtomicNony) said...

I love the color of the eyeliner
it's so pretty ♥

Paola said...

answer:thank you so much for your comment!!!I'm really happy that you have checked my blog!;D


Bonnie said...

I lovelovelove eyeliner. I absolutely cannot leave the house without wearing it. It's like crack to me. I feel naked without it. And sad. Very sad.
I would love to perfect nude lips, but I seem to be too stupid.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

나니 said...

This look is flippin' ROCKIN'! : D I love it on you!
Thanks for your comment btw! Sorry the Revlon lippie doesn't work for you : ( It's not patchy on my lips at all.. I LOVE IT! However, if your lips are dry, then I reckon that could be the reason : /


Mmmmmm gonna get myself glittery eyeliners now :) Can't remember the last time I put em on!



Christine Iversen said...

I just haven't been reaching for those eyeshadows that often :)

Love Christine ♥


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