Here Is The Updo For The Last Wedding Event

Sorry about the dark root! I was so lazy to get it retouched, but I will this weekend:) 

Additional pictures from my boyfriend's cousin's wedding:

PS: A review on Hana Flat iron will be up tomorrow!

Here's a sneak peak of what I received in the mail. Thank you Misikko for this beautiful package!

Have a great Friday night everyone!



Saimese said...

Love the updo! The venue looks great too.

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Dirt On The Rocks said...

I got a package from Misikko.com too and it's awesome. I bet you're absolutely enjoying it :)


MsRinz said...

Saimese: Thanks babe. Appreciate it!!

Dirt On The Rocks: I am loving it!!

Rakhshanda said...

Great pics <3 Thanks for sharing!!!

Jessica said...

So pretty!

Roshni said...

the wedding looks fab - so posh! Loving the updo btw xx

나니 said...

I actually think it looks super cool with the dark roots : D

sugar sugar said...

the package is lovely and i think you did an amazing job with your updo! :D

Marie said...

Pretty updo!:D

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Teeney said...

CUTE do!! and that wedding looked Crackinnn!!


- teeney



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