Review: T3 Featherweight Blow Dryer

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday first of all!! :) I am sure some of you are getting ready right now for a Friday Night Out! Well, I am going out too, but before I step out, I would like to share my opinion about this amazing blow dryer. I received it as a gift from my B.F during last Christmas. This little thing is very impressive that I have to blog about it.

What it is:
A professional, Tourmaline-infused hair dryer that delivers lightning-fast drying and a lightweight body. 

What it does:

The Featherweight works differently from old-school dryers. It uses SoftAire™ technology to produce a large, perfectly balanced cone of uniform ionic and infrared heat that dries large sections of hair evenly. Simply put, drying larger areas at a time means faster drying—60% faster in fact. Plus, this fast, even drying means no-over drying, which leaves hair smooth, shiny, and silky soft.

Patented T3® Tourmaline technology infuses the 'electric stone' deep into the dryer's components. Tourmaline emits ions and infrared heat to deliver frizz-free, healthy styling by sealing in moisture and reducing static electricity, polishing any style to lustrous perfection. Weighing in at less than a small bottle of water, the dryer's state-of-the-art components are lightweight and quiet for effortless styling.

Source: Sephora.com

My Review:

Well, I am glad that I got this blow dryer as a gift, since it is quite expensive to buy. Retail price is $200. But then again, maybe I would, only after I had a chance to try it out first.
First of all, this thing is so light that it does not hurt my wrist at all if I hold it for more than 5 minute. The regular hair dryer (I am talking about the $20 hair dryer that I dont even know the name!) that I bought from Target is heavy and is quite annoying to handle.

With T3 Featherweight Blow Dryer:

- I have a thick hair; this blow dryer dries my hair under 5 minutes, max!

- The heat is not super hot, which is a plus, or otherwise you will burn your face and scalp!

- The air blows gently and concentrated that I don't look crazy while drying my hair. LOL. 

- I find it easier to use round brush with this hair dryer.

- It minimizes and reduces flyaways. My hair is very smooth every time I use it. Silky straight if I use a paddle brush or a round brush. NO FRIZZ!

- It gives shines to my hair. Seriously, my hair is so healthy now. After I cut my hair a little, and starting to use this blow dryer, I don't notice any split ends. It's been a month now and I use it everyday. Yay! I always had split ends in the past from frequent use of hair styling tools, especially from a blow dryer.

- The best part is when I flip-out my hair and style it a little; the style will stay until I wash my hair later at night. I don't have to use any hair spray.

With A Regular Hair Dryer:

- It takes me up to 10 minutes to dry my hair using the highest setting.

- The heat is unbearable at times and it makes me sweat. Yikes. So I normally use the lowest setting, and it takes forever to dry my hair.

- I look like a crazy woman everytime I dry my hair. LOL. My hair goes everywhere even with the help of a round brush since the air stream is not concentrated. I believe it has something to do with the fan inside the blow dryer.

- It sometimes creates flyaways; therefore, I have to tame it down with hair serum or gel. 

- My hair gets split ends easily from frequent use. No shine, coarse and unhealthy.

Ok, that's it! I just wish this blow dryer was not that expensive, you know? *Sigh*

Check it out at http://sephora.com

 With Paddle Brush:

♥♥ Rinz


Barbie said...

Wow, you have nice hair!

I have a tourmaline hair dryer too. Not the same as this one, but I notice a huge difference in the way it dries my hair. I have fine hair, but I have LOTS of it.


Courtney Erin said...

I really need a new drier and this time I want to actually invest in a good one so I'll have to keep this in mind - it sounds really good!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Primp and Giggle said...

your hair is very prettyyyyyy! im totally sold and want T3 now! thanks babes! i just gotta save up now lol! ;)
xoxoxo heather


Bonnie said...

You have no idea how much this review has helped me. I have been debating over whether or not I should by this exact hair dryer for the past three months. I never knew anyone who has used it, though. You are an especially good source since you have long, thick hair like me and because you sweat while you dry your hair -- I hate that.
This hairdryer is going in my Sephora shopping basket, like, now.
Thanks for the info!


Mimi said...

this hair dryer is soooo cute! i wish it was a little more affordable, though. :/

<3, Mimi

superslickgloss said...

Hi Rinz! To get back to you on the nano liner I think it's worth the investment. The eyliner is only 5 dollars and it isn't huge but it allows you to dabble in color. It is relatively creamy and will last for a full 8 hour day. It is extremely pigmented for an inexpensive liner and blends easily with your finger or brush. I'm going to make a review right now for it and link it in the comments for you. Love your blog! :)

superslickgloss said...


Hope you enjoy the review!

Subscribe back?


Rinz said...

Barbie: It does! I thought all dryers were created equal LOL

Courtney: I really love this T3 I wish I had known about it back then.

Primp and Giggle: lets hope they will give out some discounts someday!! $200 is too much money

Rinz said...

Bonnie: I am glad I could help a bit. I hope you will love it too. There;s no comparison between this dyer and a regular one.

Superslickgloss: Thanks so much for the review :)

superslickgloss said...

No problem! I can't see you on my followers list but as long as I'm on your dashboard!! :)

have a nice dayy!!!


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