Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Zero Eyeliner and Skyscraper Mascara

Hi Everyone! :)

I hope you guys had a great Christmas holiday! New year is around the corner, and I bet everyone can't wait to party!! :) I know I'll be heading somewhere to dance , dance, dance!

Anyway back to the topic, I would like to talk about Urban Decay 24/7 Zero Eyeliner and SkyScraper Mascara. I got them before Christmas actually (picture below), and finally I got a chance to try them out! :)

In my opinion, both of these items are wonderful and amazing. Zero stays on for over 8 hours! It does not smudge at all. YAY! I have an oily skin and no eyeliner stays put  unless I put a great primer on. I have 3 favorites: NYX, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. So, without using any of these primers, Zero stayed on from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 pm. Awesome! I am happy with Urban Decay Zero eyeliner. Skyscraper mascara is not that bad either. It does a wonderful job at lifting and curling my lashes. However, YSL Faux Cil is still my favorite but I don't mind repurchase any of these 2 items.

Zero eyeliner but without Skyscraper mascara:

I changed the color of the eyeshadows, and I had Zero eyeliner and Skyscraper Multi Benefit Mascara:

 And of course if I want to hit the town, I prefer my Sherani Lashes and MAC Fluidline for more drama!

♥♥ Rinz


Charming Vanity said...

Wow! love the effect of the eyeliner on ur eyes. Pretty! I just placed my order on my first urban decay. Can't wait for it to arrive now! And the benefit mascara is amazing on ur eyes. =D


Courtney Erin said...

Great product reviews - the eyeliner sounds really good.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Toni Tralala said...

Your eyes look so sultry in the last photo, Rinz! :P I love love love UD!

Jo Woods said...

Wow, the eyeliner and mascara looks amazing, your eyes look so pretty. I've been trying to master drawing a line with liner, but it doesn't seem to matter which one I use it looks like a kid has done my makeup, lol. Great review :) xxx

luckiebeauty said...

Love the last picture with the lashes..looks beautiful and sultry!

Closet Fashionista said...

Great review! They look great :D

Megg said...

You are very good with make up!
I like it!
If you like fashion, please come and see my blog: I upload my fashion draws!
Love, Megg.

minnja said...

Fabulous :)



Bonnie said...

Your eyes are super gorgeous! <3 I love the eyeliner.
The only mascara I use is Dior. I, too, have oily skin. I also have really long eyelashes, and Dior is the only mascara that actually works on my eyes.


Rinz said...

@ Charming Vanity - I am sure you will love it! UD has some amazing stuff!

@Toni - Aww thanks girlie, and I love UD too!! I still need to get that palette! It's no longer available.

@ JoWood - Thank you but I am sure your skill is great too! Post some FOTD! :)

Rinz said...

@ Megg - I am following u!

@ Bonnie- thank you. BTW, are u using Dior Show mascara?? I really need to try that one in Blackest Black!

Toni Tralala said...

Seriously? I can't believe it's out of stock! Well, not really... It's such a must have so I'm not surprised. lol.

You'll get it! :P Try out the Galleria!

My Shoes Please said...

Wonderful make up! Happy new year! I'm following you :)

Terri said...

this looks like amazing eye liner, im gonna have to give it a try ! im a newbie with UD!
great blog! im following you :)


Sabina said...

I LOVE the last photo!! You look totally awesome - the makeup is great :))))
I've never been to Barcelona, so I am very excited! Although I'm just a stupid teenager hahahaha :D

Toni Tralala said...

Woman, don't be a hater!!! :)) You know it's pretty cool. :P

Faboulista said...

i have read from another blogger as well specialinzing in beauty that the YSL mascara is the best ever. it seems that a lot of people are agreeing on that so my next mascara purchase will be just that.

Emilie said...

wauw you are so good in drawing eyeliner-lines :) I always suck in that haha :p Anyway great review!!
Have a very happy new year :)



MakeupSparkle said...

This is so pretty! and a great deal :)


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