Party Dresses Anyone?

I finally had a chance to take look at Ideeli website this morning. Yay! I have been a member for so long, but never bothered to look at their site. I really didn't know they carried fabulous items until I opened their email this morning and saw this brand, Tadashi Shoji, which is one of my favorite brands. And to be honest, I normally buy from HauteLook since I have its app on my phone and it's easier to shop that way. It is also can be very dangerous since I tend to click Purchase all the time! ;-)

Anyways, I noticed that Ideeli has finally made an iPhone app. Ohhh nooo! Hahah! Well, I can't help it but to have it installed on my phone. ;) And today, for the first time I really spent hours looking at their sales items. The clothes and shoes are all gorgeous ! You guys should check them out before the sales end or the items get sold out.

Here are some of the items I was thinking of getting this morning.

From Tadashi Shoji, one of my favorite brands.

I love this Grecian dress with sequins. It's beautiful and glamorous! Price $179 from $448. Not bad :)

I was also loving the dresses from this line, Eliza J:

I really love this lace dress. Something that I would wear at a formal gathering. It is sophisticated and feminine. Guess how much this dress cost? $79 from $148.

This dress is quite simple, but I really love it. It's perfect for a dinner date with friends and relatives, especially when you tend to over indulge yourself, you know?  ;) The tummy area is quite roomy! Price? $69.00 from $128.00

Then there's Basix. Never heard of it before but I love the dress.

A combination of silver and black can be quite stunning! Price? $129 from $195.

And these 2 are by Matty M:

This sequin shrug is so adorable and the price isnt that bad. It's $39 from $88.

This tube sequin dress is only $50 from $168. I think this dress is super cute!

And of course I am a shoe lover and had to look at these pairs!

Charles by Charles David. $59 from $110.

Chinese Laundry $36 from $99.

Bebe. $60 from $130.

PS: Ideeli also has Harajuku Lovers bags! It's not my favorite brand, but I find their items quite pretty!

So, if you haven't yet checked this site yet, I suggest you guys go visit now :) www.ideeli.com.

I am about to purchase something....and I hope I don't break my bank. Hahah!


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Closet Fashionista said...

Such great choices! I love ideeli, even though I never buy anything haha

MsRinz said...

Closet Fashionista: are u serious?? I just purchased something and feel guilty about it hahahah

Courtney Erin said...

Wow, I love everything!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Anonymous said...

wowwwww love all your picks hun!!
so fab and classy!
great choises indeed.. i would love to join your giveaway!

Mimi said...

um, wow! i love those dresses! and the shoes! :)

i am gonna go check this out. ;)

<3, Mimi
$25 Apothica Gift Card Giveaway :)

PinkOrchids said...

I love the first dress and the silver and black!! You have great taste :) xX

Jo Woods said...

wow, i love all the dresses and the shoes are amazing :) xxx

Elle Sees said...

some cute pics!
And when I try to do the giveaway entries, it all comes in up japanese or chinese characters and crashes. :(

Bravoe Runway said...

WOW this was a great sale! Similarly to you, I was not going to ideeli because they didn't have an app, and then they had this front row deal where you had to buy an annual membership to get first hand access to the sale before the general public so I never found anything good! I really both of the black lace dresses and the charles david shoes for $59 were a bargain! Hope you got something :)

Donna ♥ Baby said...

the items you picked out are gorgeous! i've never heard of this before but i will definitely check it out! the chinese laundry shoes and the grecian dress are friken gorrrrrrrgeous!

Maryam Maquillage said...

beautiful dresses!! thanks for sharing :))

MsRinz said...

Bravoe Runway: are you serious???? membership?? wow they were joking eh??? who would buy membership?LOL but i think its gone now right? that's ridic~

Bonnie said...

Lovinggggg that black and silver one-shoulder dress!!! It's perfect. In every.way.possible.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Venus In Virgo said...

Great Dresses! I already have the Too Faced palette but good luck to evryone! XOXO

Pop Champagne said...

the dresses are really pretty and those chinese lundry leopard shoes- want!!!

Allthingsmarie said...

I like Tadashi Shoji too, I love their dresses!:D

***** Marie *****

Rinz said...

i love those shoes too!!


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