The Secret Circle Is Now My Favorite New Show!

The Secret Circle finally aired last week after CW spent quite some times making buzz about its new TV show. I did watch the pilot episode and I kinda like the story line. I love everything and anything witches, werewolves and vampires so I had to watch the show. ;). Anyway, from all of the characters in Secret Circle, I am in love with Faye Chamberlain the most. She is supposedly the bad girl in the show which I don't care because she has the most awesome outfits among the girls. This is my favorite look from her:

I love whole combo - the burgundy colored dress paired with a medium size belt, a leather jacket and combat / military style boots. The lovely fringe necklace that Faye has on just completes this whole look. I LOVE IT! This is the kind of style I would normally wear, except the combat boots. I don't own any. I never thought they would look great with a short dress, but I guess I was mistaken. I might want to hit the mall this weekend and check out those combat boots. I think they are awesome! I can't wait for more episodes of Secret Circle for fashion ideas. :) And oh, since I am in love with the total look, I put together an outfit that is similar to the one from the first episode. Enjoy!

The Secret Circle Fashion Style: Faye Chamberlain

Miss Selfridge magenta dress
£37 - missselfridge.com

Black blazer
$49 - sears.com

Lace up boots
$34 - makemechic.com

Miss Selfridge black studded belt
£14 - missselfridge.com


Devin_olivia said...

oooh sounds interesting maybe I should try and watch the show =)

Rinz said...

well it was last night. Did u watch it?:)

Rinz said...

i used to watch Charmed back in the days hahah i loved Shannen Doherty lol.

Rinz said...

isnt it lovely??

Rinz said...

i am still lemming that combats boots!! but they are overly expensive! LOL

donnadell said...

oOOhh ive never heard of this show but it sounds interesting. ill watch it when i see it on :)

ChiChi81 said...

That is indeed a great combination of edgy feminine! She pulls it off with such flair, I love it! Ah, I wish they would air that here as well! These are the type of TV shows I just absolutely enjoy! I was so into Charmed back in the day haha Following you now!


A Single Girl's Musings

Rinz said...

He He! Yes, they always look gorgeous :) It's tonight - i cant wait!

Rinz said...

yes! They do. :)

Nisa said...

love the jacket :)

saccharine0158 said...

all their outfits were amazing! :) i saw my little sister watching it the night before and i think they have an interesting storyline. ;)

Allthingsmarie said...

Nice set and she definitely has an attitude!

When it comes to style, I like Cassie and Diana's.:D

***** Marie *****
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Diane said...

wow i'm with you! that's indeed a beautiful combo!! loving that.. i can imagine those will look good on you hun!


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