My First Blog Award!! =))))))

I was awarded with "One Lovely Blog Award" by L and this is my first time getting such award! =)) I feel so honored!! Thank you so much to "L" at http://explorenotanother.blogspot.com/. :) So the tradition is for me to pass this award to 15 lovely bloggers that have inspired me tremendously .

 So here they are: :)

1) http://www.allthingsmarie.com/

2) http://rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.blogspot.com/

3) http://sanasbeautyspot.blogspot.com/

4) http://themakeupdrawer.blogspot.com/

5) http://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/

6) http://crazybeautylife.blogspot.com/

7) http://venuslovesvirgo.blogspot.com/

8) http://glamourmarmalade.blogspot.com/

9) http://hunnylovins.blogspot.com/
10) http://becksmakeupcorner.blogspot.com/

11) http://naturalnchicmakeup.blogspot.com/

12) http://iamjolene.blogspot.com/

13) http://kittymiu.blogspot.com/

14) http://jewelrybeadsbeauty.blogspot.com/

15) http://jluvbirdee.blogspot.com/

Grab it and post it on your blog! :)


Rakhshanda said...

Thanks a lot!!! Congrats on the award!!

MissA* said...

Congrats on the award, girl!! And thank you!! <3

Jewelrybead said...

Rinz!!!!!! Thank you so much! I was tagging you too!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!


Toni Tralala said...

Congratulations! :) Feels good, eh? I gave you an award before, silly! :))

Rinz said...

Toni: Did i miss something???? LOL id go to ur blog soon and grab it ;) at work now

Courtney Erin said...


xoxo ~ Courtney

PrincezzJazmin said...

Congratulations!!!! I enjoy ur blog as well. omg u added me on ur list ur 2 cute thanks :-)

Kristie said...

Congrats Rinz. You definitely deserve it. Thank you for thinking of me.

Venus In Virgo said...

THANKS! It's so sweet of you :) Im glad you enjoy my little blog, loves your too :)You made me day sweets! XOXO

Venus In Virgo said...

CONGRATS On your award! I got so excited I forgot to say Congrats before LOL! Im so ditzy!


Awww! Thank you so much! You do deserve One Lovely Blog Award! Fabulous!


Marie said...

Congratulations and thanks for tagging me!:D Yay!:D

I hope you are having a happy Thursday, so hot in Los Angeles -- are you liking it?

***** Marie *****

Becky said...

Congrats for the award! And thank you! (^_^)

Mimi said...

hey, thanks for this award! i really appreciate it. and congrats on receiving it! :)

<3, Mimi

Renay Shanel said...

Thanks for the award hun, this is so sweet of you!
Deff put the frosting on my weekend :)

Jo said...

Hullo love,
I'm so sorry I'm so late in seeing this. Congrats on your blog award and thanx for passing it on to me. I'm really happy to know that you consider my blog inspirational for you. Really embarrassed to say that I've not blogged about any blog award I've received so far. I think I might probably do a post that includes all the blog awards. So sorry hun for the lateness but I really appreciate it. =)


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