Stocking Stuffers gift - T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer

My BF and I have agreed to give each other little tokens, once a week in the month of December until Christmas eve. However, I got my first gift today!! I was surprise to see a paper bag sitting next to my stocking when I got home this evening. I thought it was too early, but whatever :) So when I opened the bag, it was the T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer!! OMG, I can't believe it. I've been using a regular blow dyer from Target which is not too bad, but with my long and thick hair, it can take forever to dry. I never complaint about it though, but I guess my BF just had it with me taking so long to get ready. He's been hinting about it since we're always late to parties or dinners with families. He blamed it on my dryer LOL. Oh well. Now I am under pressure to get him something nice and thoughtful as well. Maybe a good electric shaver? :)

Well ladies, and I cant wait to read some posts about stocking stuffers from all of you soon. :) Oh, I will do a review on this dryer next week ;)



What did you get on Black Friday sales?

My BF and I went out shopping the whole night and got home around 7 am since the Midnight Madness in Camarillo Outlet started at 12 am and ended at 6 am. So right after the Thanksgiving dinner, we went out shopping! This is our once a year kinda deal. I love it and he doesn't mind it either. That's our agreement. LOL. Shopping at Camarillo was exciting! To me, it's an ultimate experience - getting stuck in traffic, going around and around for a parking spot and rushing to the stores. And it was pretty cold too. LOL. All in the name of shopping! :). And of course we had to line up a little since there were too many people in the stores!! My dear BF, as usuall, bought more stuff than I did! So what did I get? :) Some pairs of True Religion jeans (my one and only favorite!!!), some Esprit sweaters, a beanie from The Limited and a sweater from Kenneth Cole. :) I actually saved lots of money on the jeans because I normally spend between $200 - $300 on a pair of True Religion and I paid less than the regular price, so I am super happy! =)) Then when we left Camarillo at 5 am, we immediately headed to Macy's ha, ha, ha, and I got myself a pair of thigh high boots at 40% less than the original price! I had my eyes on them for quite a while ;).

So ladies, I cant wait to read a post about your Black Friday purchase!



Burlesque movie is great!!!!

I went to see the movie last night and I love the makeup they did on Christina Aguilera. She looks beautiful and flawless. Her voice in the movie was pretty amazing. I felt like I was at her concert sitting at the front row! :) I really recommend you guys to see this movie and bring your significant others as well! My BF loved it. :)



I wanted to give a MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation/Loose a try so I bought one! Am I impressed by it? Hmmm, I like it but I am not crazy about it. Unlike Bare Minerals foundation, this does not provide a full coverage. It does a good job though, for a light to medium coverage. Plus the sponge applicator is kind of weird. Maybe it's just me who prefer to use a kabuki brush to apply a mineral foundation. Overall, it is good for a girl who's on the go since the cap has a sponge applicator attached to it.

Also, I got some No Place to Run eyeliners and a Get Bright highlighter from MARK cosmetics. I bought them through a co-worker, who is a MARK Rep. Something different is good sometimes, you know. :) So these eyeliners are supposed to be smudge-proof and last the whole day! Well, I tested them and they actually lasted for more than 10 hours!! The picture below was taken about 8 hours later. I smudged them like crazy but they were still on. :)

Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! Enjoy your turkey dinner!


Cherry On Top Award :)

 Thanks so much Jolene (Jewelrybeadsbeauty.blogspot.com) for this award! I love reading your posts as well, especially the New York city life since I have not yet been to New York. I am planning to do it soon though :). Hopefully we can meet up!!

Here are the rules to pass this award along:
1. Pick 3 people/blogs and give them this award
2. You then have to inform the person that they have received this award.
3. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be??

This is quite hard since I love reading posts from everyone here in my list, but I only got to pick 3 though =/. Well...here is my pick:

MiMi @ http://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/
Kali @ http://themakeupdrawer.blogspot.com/
Courtney @ http://sartorialsidelines.blogspot.com/

My answer to the number 3: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be??

Hmmm....I dont regret much of what happened or the way it happened because I do learn from my mistakes. Sometimes things just to happen so we can wake up and smell the coffee!! LOL.

And the rest of my lovely bloggers can grab this and post it on their blogs!! =)) 


LANVIN for H&M - November 20th, 2010

I was at the Americana in Glendale last night when saw this!! And of course I got to take a picture. :) Lanvin <3 H&M!! Since Lanvin is super expensive (technically),  it makes me wonder about the quality of the garment when it becomes available at H&M stores on November 20th. I was checking out the store magazine also, and from the pictures and the price, Lanvin <3 H&M stuff cost $199 and above! I can't wait!


I cut my hair (kinda short) and I regret it!!!

What was I thinking? My hair was long and thick and suddenly I thought about cutting my hair slightly shorter. I actually wanted a long layered style. Well, like most girls always say, if you ask for a long layered, most likely the hair stylist/dresser will chop half of your hair off! Well, she did indeed!! :`(. I asked her not to touch the lowest part of my pair so its length won't change at all and to just trim and layer the top part only, but, oh well, she touched it! I cant do anything about it. I just had to accept it, even though I didn't like it. While she was cutting my hair, I kept on asking her, "are you touching the lowest part?", and she kept on saying no. I was like hmmmm.....kinda like I wanted to tell her to stop, but at the same time I felt bad. So when it's done, I realized my hair was way shorter than what I wanted.

I showed it to my bf and he was unhappy about it. He said girls need to have a long thick hair because that's what make them girlie, feminine, bla bla bla. Well, I admit that long hair makes me feel pretty, and short hair makes me feel grumpy. Long hair makes me want to dress up and put make up on, but shorter hair makes me feel lazy. LOL. It is just me though. I know some girls can rock short hair styles. Well, at the end, it is up to an individual..really. :) I loved my long hair. I wish I didn't get the hair cut today. =/

Anyways, below is a picture of my new short haircut (to me)  and yeah it is still straight because of the Japanese Straightening (similar to Brazilian Blow Out). And an hour later, I put on my hair extensions LOL, just because........ and no, I didn't style it. Just wanted to compare between a long hair and a short hair. :)

Oh another thing, I am back on taking this Hair Vitamin called Hair ReVive. I bought it online from VitaCost about 3-4 months ago. It helps my hair grow faster! Yeah, my hair takes forever to grow!


FOTD - KAT VON D Rosary Lipstick - from Tattoo Chronicles Lipstick Set

So I went out yesterday after spending days at home doing my Finance assignments (grrr...too much writing and calculating, my brain is fried!) and I decided to wear one of the lipsticks from Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Lipstick set! The color is Rosary and it's actually very dark but for some reasons (maybe the flash?) it looks slightly lighter on my lips! I didn't do any drastic eye makeup as you can see in the picture below. It was just one of those nights where you just want to cruise around the town, eat and do nothing. LOL. FYI, I never wore a red lipstick before just because red makes me look older and weird! LOL. I know red is just a color but that's how I felt until yesterday! And I can say that I really like this Kat Von D lipstick. Well, what I found out yesterday: This lipstick did not dry my lips (I also fell asleep with a make up on! Ooppps! Guess I was too tired =/) and it did not leave any red mark on a straw or a cup!! YAY! So i guess I have found "the red lipstick" for me!! I can't wait to try the rest of the lipsticks later. :)

Happy Sunday!!


My latest purchase! Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Lipstick Vol 1

I have not tried any of them yet, but I know I will like them all because they are soooooo pretty!! :). These are miniatures lipsticks from her best selling colors. The colors are: Rosary, Underage Red, Cathedral, Hellbent, Lolita and Celebutard. You know, the packaging really captured my attention when I was at the Sephora store this evening. It is very pretty, which reminds me of hmmm, the bible?! LOL. It is quite stunning! Well... here are some of the pictures!!! I'll post a FOTD later this week :) Enjoy!


Circle Lenses by Magic Color

I bought these Circle Lenses from an online retailer for $40 per pair and they have 0 power. The brand is Magic Color, a Korean brand I believe and I got them in dark brown. :) Any other color will look weird on me, LOL. Well, they look somewhat weird in the picture (close-up shot only!) but almost natural in real life. I wore this for the first time about 2 weeks ago and yep, sorry it took me a while to post it. I've been soooo busy with my finance class. =/
Anyways, the contacts did not irritate my eyes, so thumbs up!! And yes, they made my eyes hugeeee :) I love them!!! I think we can wear Circle Lenses for fun only, and not on everyday basis. And no, I did not wear it for a long period of time. Probably for only 5 hours that night.


My First Blog Award!! =))))))

I was awarded with "One Lovely Blog Award" by L and this is my first time getting such award! =)) I feel so honored!! Thank you so much to "L" at http://explorenotanother.blogspot.com/. :) So the tradition is for me to pass this award to 15 lovely bloggers that have inspired me tremendously .

 So here they are: :)

1) http://www.allthingsmarie.com/

2) http://rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.blogspot.com/

3) http://sanasbeautyspot.blogspot.com/

4) http://themakeupdrawer.blogspot.com/

5) http://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/

6) http://crazybeautylife.blogspot.com/

7) http://venuslovesvirgo.blogspot.com/

8) http://glamourmarmalade.blogspot.com/

9) http://hunnylovins.blogspot.com/
10) http://becksmakeupcorner.blogspot.com/

11) http://naturalnchicmakeup.blogspot.com/

12) http://iamjolene.blogspot.com/

13) http://kittymiu.blogspot.com/

14) http://jewelrybeadsbeauty.blogspot.com/

15) http://jluvbirdee.blogspot.com/

Grab it and post it on your blog! :)

It's my boyfriend's birthday today and I made him a website!!

Just want to show some love to a guy who has showed me so much love! :)


Have a great night everyone!! I'll update soon with CIRCLE LENSES! Omg i love that thing! :)


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