NuMe Curling Wand 32 MM

Hello pretty people!! I was away for while!! Gahhh!! Life is soooo busy for me. =/ I am trying to balance everything...and I hope I do it right. LOL. Anyway, I got some free time to spare now and I have to write this important blog post to show my appreciation. :)

I actually won a blog giveaway (Thank you Mie @NoBeautyLimits) and I received this wonderful NuMe Curling Iron plus some other pretty stuff! What an amazing feeling because I love hair styling tools!! ;) Anyway..here is the picture:

I basically won a $135 NuMe 32MM Curling Wand that comes with a heat resistant glove, a set of feather extensions and feather extension starter kit. How cool is that?? I haven't tried their feather extensions yet, but I will soon. :)

 Anyway, here is the product description taken from NuMe website:

"NuMe's tourmaline curling wands lets you have it all by creating gorgeous long lasting curls and voluminous waves. The simple and effective clip-free design gives you silky smooth curls every time without the risk of tugging or breaking your hair. Our exciting technology will give you the healthy, bouncy, luscious curls that you only dreamed about having. Best for all hair types.
The NuMe Curling Wand uses our signature negative ion technology to get you the lasting look you want, quickly and without the damage of conventional irons and curlers. Get perfect frizz- free curls, a cascade of mermaid waves or just some added volume to your locks without the hefty hair dresser bill."

So, I've been playing around with this curling wand and I really, really love it. :) To be honest, I would normally prefer a traditional clip-curling iron (Versus clip-less / wand) because it's easier to use where I don't need to wear a glove and twirl my hair around the wand you know...However, I kinda like this NuMe curling wand now because unlike any other curling wand I've tried, NuMe is very lightweight, easy to use, and it heats up real fast. It actually beats my favorite BaByliss Pro. So wearing a heat resistant glove and twirling my hair around the iron are no longer my biggest issues! Thank god! So I get to curl my hair so fast..so easy, and the curls stay for hours!

 Here is the picture of my hair :

Well, it took me literally 5 minutes to get this result. I was a bit busy at the time so I did not spend more than 15 minutes (like usual) to style my hair and my hair still looked full and voluminous. :) The waves/curls stayed like this from early in the morning till late at night without any help from hair spray/gel. I am quite happy with NuMe Curling Wand so I highly recommend you guys to give it a try...

Here is the website if you want to know more about NuMe: http://www.numestyle.com/ . The online store basically carries all kind of hair styling tools and here is what I have: http://www.numeonline.com/shop/products/Curling-Wand.html

I guess that's all for now! Happy Monday to everyone and I am glad to be back writing! Yay to me!



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