Review: Coastal Scents 56 Blush & Eyeshadow palette

I bought this palette not to long ago. I think the palette is pretty and I love the varieties of colors that come with it. Do not be scared of the bright colors of the blushes because all you have to do is to apply them very lightly! Love the eye shadow colors though, ranging from the lightest to the darkest shades. One thing that's missing is the blackest black color. The darkest shade it comes with is somewhat greyish-black. Well, we can always buy a separate black color. :)  The texture of the shadows is somewhat powdery, but it has a great staying power though. One problem (which can be fixed. ) is that some colors won't show up unless you apply a shadow primer first. Just apply any primer, even the cheapest one from a drug store will do the trick. In my case, I have to do apply a primer all the time since i have oily eyelids! For someone who is on a budget or simply doesn't want to spend lots of money, this palette is great for you.



Must have magazines for the Month of September!

I was actually lucky to have found this month Allure, at a local Target store. It was sold out everywhere, even when i bought it today, there were only 6 left!! Is it because of the cover? Can't deny that Miss Kim K is the It Girl right now. She looks stunning here, very natural looking. =) I also picked up People Style Watch magazine just to check out the preview of Fall looks.


Bridal Shower Look - and no i am not the bride!

I went to my boyfriend’s fiancĂ©e’s Bridal Shower last week and it was fun and beautiful. =) The shower took place at Allied Art Guild in Menlo Park, near San Francisco which was quite a drive from LA. LOL. Nonetheless, it was worth it. Allied Art Guild is gorgeous and that rustic style building tells a story of its own. I can’t wait for their wedding! Anyways, here is the FOTD for that special day.

  • Cargo foundation – I find this very lightweight and not heavy/cakey
  • MAC Studio Fix fluid – on area that needs some coverage
  • The Balm Concealer
  • MAC bush in Mocha 
  • MAC bronzer in Refined Golden
  •  Base: MAC Paint
  •  True Love Shadow palette by Kat Von D
  •  Benefit BADgal eyeliner
  • YSL Faux Cils

  • MAC Blankety lipstick
  • NYX Lipliner in Natural


Just purchased some brushes from Coastal Scents!!

Over 30 brushes are on sale for 40% off!

And since i love bronzer soooo much, i bought these few items for myself, plus a lip brush and an angle liner brush!! The brushes are amazingly soft =) and the price?? NOT THAT EXPENSIVE!


I just bought these 3 items!

...and I love them all!

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils
Result: Amazing lashes!!! I love it!!!!!! Ill post before and after pic, tomorrow hopefully!

Victoria's Secret Lipgloss in Wet. I love the color, it is very natural. It actually matches my lipcolor LOL! Ill do the swatch tomorrow.

The Balm Concealer. I have dark circle and I don't know what;s out there that can magically erase the problem!! I just want to try this out. See if I like it =)


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