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OMG! I havent blogged in months or almost a year!!!! To be honest, I've been very busy  and well, lack of passion for blogging and i didn't know why. I used to be able to sit in front of the computers forever. Haha! Nonetheless, I miss reading blogs and miss writiing them too. Lately, I've been browsing blogs a lot...I read them, comment on them and little by little I started to feel like I want to blog again, which is a good sign. :)

Anyways, If its not too late i want to wish A Happy New Year 2014. May your 2014 be filled with happiness and joy.. :)

Anyways, a little update ...because its been long overdue! :):):) 

Well, I am engaged! :)  It happened on 11/04/13 in the most beautiful and romantic city in the world...Paris. My then boyfriend, Arb, actually took me on a European trip as his birthday's treat. We first stopped in London for 4 days before we went to Paris, Switzerland and Italy. London was breathtaking as usual and we did lots of sight seeing and shopping.  We enjoyed our stay (London is one of his favorite cities in the world!) but for me, I knew I couldn't wait to be in Paris with him, because, uhmm well, Paris is magical. It just is... So, we left our Hilton Hotel in London around 5 am or so on November 4th, 2013, a day after his birthday so we could get to Euro Rail on time. Our train to Paris was around 6 am I think which we did not mind because we wanted to arrive in Paris as early as possible. The train ride was amazing. It was my first time on Eurorail! Haha! All we did was holding hands in the train, enjoyed the view until I fell asleep. AND for some reason, Arb's phone alarm went off and this beautiful romantic melody woke me up from me deep nap! I actually got mad at him a little hahha. I even asked him why did he have that song on his phone and he said "I don't know". He only smiled and I didn't bother asking more questions. The melody was actually a ballad from this Bollywood movie Bachna Ae Haseeno  It was the first Bollywood movie we watched together in a theatre and our favorite Bollywood movie by far.:)

The minute we arrived at Paris Gare Du Nord station, we immediately took a city train straight to our hotel.The journey with the train took about 20 minutes. When we arrived at our final station, I think it was Bir Hakim station, or another station around that area, I couldn't remember, but when we walked out from the station, well there it was... Eiffel Tower and our hotel was right around the corner. :) Though it was my second time in Paris, my feeling was different this time. Everything about this city touched my heart, touched my every core like never before. So we went to our hotel, we checked in, and we walked to the Eiffel Tower right away. Yup walking, because the hotel is 5 minutes away. :) And what a view! Eiffel Tower is beautiful! Even more beautiful when you have someone you love standing next to you, holding your hand, look into your eyes and say how much he loves you and that he would do anything to make you happy. :) We took many pictures of course ;) from every angle, every direction, every corner. And yea, we paid no attentions to those gypsies who kept coming by trying to sell us something or asking if we knew English. LOL. Oh well, when you ignore them, they will go away. Around 1.30 pm we went back to the hotel to eat and change. Arb told me to wear something nice. I was like "uhm, its cold, and windy..I'd be wearing a thick jacket". I noticed he was excited and nervous, and was talking to himself a bit lot. So we walked back to Eifel Tower and got in line to get to the summit. It was a longgggg line even though we had purchased the ticket in advance. Once we got up there, we were ecstatic. The view of the city of Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower was magnifique!  Again, we took lots of pictures and enjoyed the time we had with each other until I suddenly heard that melody again. That same melody that woke me up from my nap earlier in the train. I told him to turn off his alarm because its so loud and I was embarrassed. I guess with the wind and the cold air, I got easily irritated, He then asked me to go somewhere else.. far from the busy windy area. So we stepped into the deck area and walked around for almost half an hour before he dragged me to the nearest bench and sat me down. He looked damn serious this time. And then it began......"Love, we have been together for 6 years. We've been through thick and thin together and you know me like no one else knows me..and you make me so happy. I love you with all of my heart and you're the love of my life. I would do everything to make you happy."  (Oh yeah I remember those lines!) People started to look at our direction and yeah I got nervous because I hate being looked at. And then it happened! He got on one knee and proposed! I burst into tears immediately and so did he. I said yes and we kissed. The people around who witnessed the event clapped and congratulated us. One of them was sweet enough to take our first picture as an engaged couple. He said to me, "who would have thought we would be standing here on top of the Eiffel Tower when this happened?". I love him. Thats's all I know.




Later that night, he took me out to a fancy french restaurant to celebrate our engagement. Well, that's the story of the proposal :) More stories to come!



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Edlidza said...

Loves is in the air.... congrats babe... i want to go Paris to 1 day... :P


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