FOTD - April 30 2010

Yep, I wore blue, the color that I once said tacky. LMAO.
I think it depends on how you wear it really..porn girls normally wear em in a tacky way so their eyes will look intense on a camera/film.

Anyway, i love love love MAC Freshwater! - Blended with Fard A Paupieres and Da Bling as a highlight! =)
I am still looking for 'the blush'. Nothing can really replace NARS Orgasm. I tried with MAC Gleeful and Mocha, but hmmmm...i think i might have to buy Orgasm again, such a pretty peach color you can't really find anything out there to replace it!


naturalnchicmakeup said...

ok what is the color of that red nail polish? It's super gorgeous on you!

Rinz said...

LOL i believe it is Off With Her Red by OPI

kali said...

You look so pretty!! Love the blue on you. Definitely not pornstar-ish LOL.


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