ISO Beauty

On May 1st, I bought this pink flat iron from ISO Beauty Kiosk at the mall. However, I haven’t tried it yet . Why? Well here is the story. The girl at the mall did a demonstration on my hair using their flat iron. My hair was so soft and the curl was intact for days!!!! So, i bought the product like 2-3 days later. But when I got home I had that feeling where the product wont be the same like the one at the mall. I checked and saw that the iron looks a bit plasticy. The metal itself looks metal, not something special like they said. I dont know it just my opinion.

ISO Beauty Professional Turbo Silk 1" Dual Voltage Tormaline
Price: $320.00 Sale price $280.00

Update: The Iron heats up fast and reduce frizziness! my hair is always straight and sleek. Curl? Nah..I dont know how to curl my hair with flat iron. Tried and fried. I'd stick with my curling irons!

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