It’s almost 3. 00 p.m. and I am still at work! =/ LOL. I just can’t wait to be home and relax a bit, before I hit my bf’s co-worker’s birthday party. Hehe. Well, I don’t know her or even met her, but who cares?! Haha. I was invited, so why not? Just go, be nice, dance etc etc etc. whatever.

So, the party is gonna be at Capitol City Bar and Grill, in Hollywood, around 10 PM ish. Check out the website: http://www.capcitysports.com. I think it’s a sports bar. Hahaha. Pretty lame coz I am not into sports, but then again I’ve never been there, so I don’t know. It is supposedly one of those high end sports bars / lounges in LA, so hopefully the ambiance is beyondddd great.

As a girl, this is the perfect time for me to play dress up and get all dolled-up! Heels, hair, short dress and makeup!! =) hahaha. LOL. Every girl does it, so?? (Except for those conservative ones….)

Hmmmm, for FOTN (that stands for Face of the Night – if you are an MUA’er or Specktra’er girl, then u should know this!!!), I think wanna play around with Kat Von D’s palette, The True Love (awwwwwww LOL =P and it’s LIMITED EDITION!!!!) Maybe some pretty bronze and black colors for smokey eye effect? :) I pretty much love every color in this palette. They are great, easy to blend - have lots of shimmer though except for the matte black color. I actually went thru hell to get this palette since it was sold out at every Sephora in San Fernando Valley and LA. At the end I got it from Sehora.com. It’s pretty expensive for a brand new name in the industry. But then again, it’s Kat Von D! LOL, not some cheapo drugstore cosmetic! I did try some colors once - the purple and the eggplant for my bf’s cousin’s wedding (the wedding wasn’t all that- pretty lame though they spent quite a lot of money; and the lady got lucky- she hit the jackpot! LOLOLOL if u K.W.I.M??) Anyway, the colors came out really nice. 2 thumbs up for KAT VON DD!!!

K, MY BREAK IS OVER – NOW BACK TO WORK, LOL. I think i am going to post some makeup pics later. =)

Here it is =) The Kat Von D's True Love Palette.

AS for the FOTN, these are the prods!

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Sherry said...

Nice colors~I had a hard time finding the palette as well :/ but glad u got one!


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