Black and White Dress : Nicole Miller VS. Forever 21

I came across this one Forever 21 dress that is a dead ringer to Nicole Miller's Black and White party dress. But if you really look closer and pay attention to the details, the design is different. =) For those who prefer the less expensive version of designer dresses, I'd go to Forever 21 since the co. gives variety of options =) And they are so damn cute!!

Nicole Miller's Dress worn by my friend, Amy:

Forever 21 Dress:

Created to be a show stopping party dress, this strapless silk organza dress features a floral chantilly lace overlay and a cloth covered belt with matching bow decoration at the waist. Boning in the bodice seams. Hidden back zipper. Fully lined. Medium weight. Woven.
Price: $42.80

And I believe this is Betsey Johnson's dress worn by Paris:


Klaudea said...

Oh man I think I actually like F21's version better! Although I wouldn't complain if I had the Betsy Johnson one either!

Thanks for dropping by my blog hun! Your blog is plenty cute too! I really love your profile picture! :D

Rinz said...

i love any short black and white dresses LOL =)) thanks so much for the support!

evilzombie123 said...

Personally I think a simple, short and slim red dress would look best on any woman at a party but thats just me. This is a good look and yeah I can see some ladies looking really good in it at a party. So you have this dress or your friend has it?

Rinz said...

my friend!!! i am thinking of purchasing one for the upcoming wedding events! LOL - simple and chic =) thanks for the comment!

evilzombie123 said...

The red dress or this? I can see you wearing this, good look.


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