New Purchase: NARS Orgasm Laguna Duo

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

I finally found NARS Orgasm Laguna Duo after weeks looking for it! Yes, it was sold out at Sephora Sherman Oaks, Glendale and Santa Monica. Luckily, I saw this Duo at Sephora Woodland Hills today so I grabbed and paid for it! Yay for me. They had only four left.  I was so happy. I should have bought from Sephora.com but, I'd rather walk into the store and play with those makeup!

Well, this is my third purchase. I love NARS Orgasm Laguna Duo. The colors are pretty and very natural even if you put a lot of "Orgasm" on your face. :)

"Nars' Orgasm Blush (subtly peachy-pink shimmer) and Laguna Bronzer (sheer light brown shimmer)"

On Sephora website, it says that this item is limited edition, but I've been buying this since 2008! Go figure. However, I was having a hard time finding it at stand alone Sephora store, so I guess it is a limited edition then.

Isn't this gorgeous?? I will keep on buying this!

Nars blushes are all pretty! I wish I could buy them all. I was also eyeing Nars Angelica and Laguna Duo set, but the hot pink color scares me a bit. I might go back and check if that color would suit my skin tone. I was in rush today, I did not get a chance to try. Oh well. Later then. :)

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Be safe!




Marie said...

Nice purchase, Rinz!:D I love Orgasm and Laguna too, definitely worth the price.:D

Happy Memorial Day to you too!:D

***** Marie *****

indianmakeupways said...

wow! that sure looks awesome! both in one......thats an awesome deal!!

Joan said...

i've never bought nars cosmetics and they all look so fine! beautiful colors! ;)
btw check out my giveaway!

JesRoque said...

Awesome deal! :)


sugar sugar said...

pretty blush + bronzer! :)

Bonnie said...

Anything NARS Orgasm belongs in my makeup case.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Rinny said...

lol that's hilarious how they still label it as a limited edition item when I've been seeing it around for years already. The duo looks really pretty!

lasophia said...

ooh I need that! Lets see if I can track it down.


Abi said...

Nars is soo good. Please visit my blog as well. :)

Isabel said...

ive been wanting to try this but i dont own any nars products. thanks for following :)

Shellena said...

I just purchased this NARS blush last week and love it...blush does wonders! I love your site! Please check out my site and follow me if you like.


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