Summer color!

I am finally in the mood of wearing pink color since the weather has warmed up a little. Yay! Black and french can be a bit boring; therefore, I am done with those two. :) I just need something fresh and cute at the moment so I went to CVS this morning and bought this Sweet Nothing nail polish by Nina Ultra Pro. To be honest, I have never heard of this brand before, and of course I was wondering about the quality. But now that I have tried Nina, I actually really like it! The color is gorgeous, a lavender-pink, the texture is smooth, and the brush is not flimsy. The result? Beautiful, smooth manicure. :) I am so happy with the purchase! So, if you haven't tried this brand yet, I suggest you should check it out. It is available at CVS for only $4.50 (the price I bought). Here are the pictures and Happy Saturday everyone!

.....and oh, I would love to get my hands on these 2 colors from O.P.I Pirate of the Caribbean collection: 

Steady as She Rose Nail Polish with Black Shatter

Has anyone tried this yet?


In Palace said...

This colours is amazing Rinz!! love it!

Rinny said...

This is such a pretty color! I love how it looks with the black Shatter polish as well :D

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I love the color!! :D

HitomiNeko said...

I haven’t but it looks like a lot of ppl are trying those shatter nail polishes~ =) maybe I’ll try it too ^^

xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

Rakhshanda said...

lovely color <3

Christine Iversen said...

Thats a very beautiful color and i really want to get the colors from the Pirates of the Caribbean collettion too, they look so pretty ^^

Love Christine ♥

나니 said...

I WANNA GET THAT ONE TOO! D": The Pirates color, that is! lol. I really love that dirty, green color they released with the collection as well : D

Sara.H said...

Such a pretty color :)

KayKay said...

wow that is a really gorgeous nail color.
& about your comment about illamasqua, i do like the blush but it doesnt wear very well. my mac cream blushes last all day but the illamasqua only lasts a few hours

Courtney Erin said...

That's a great soft pink shade - I really love it!

xoxo ~ Courtney

sugar sugar said...

very pretty! perfect for summer and so girly. xD

Marie said...

Lovely shade and it looks creamy!:D Good price too, might have to check it out.

Thanks for sharing!:D

***** Marie *****


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