I am back from a month vacation!!

Hello fellow bloggers,

I am back from a long vacation!! Yay!  I was actually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia visiting family and friends. I had so much fun and it was a great trip for me. It's been a while since I last saw those lovely faces. :)

Anyway, I am going to do a short blog post - just some pictures of the food I ate on the plane. Ha! Ha! Well, a lot of us may find the airline food unappealing, but for some reasons I really loved the meals on Cathay Pacific Airways. :-) Chinese food baby!! And also, it was my first time on Cathay Pacific. I  normally take Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines, but their round trip tickets are sooooo expensive!! They are normally around USD 1,700 to 2 grands so when I found a cheaper alternative, which was Cathay Pacific I just hit the purchase button. ;)  Besides, I wanted to spend my money on other things...like shopping!! :)

Another good thing is...Cathay Pacific Airways is based in Hong Kong. If you are like me, a cosmetic junkie, especially Asian brands, you will find a lot of things to buy at the Hong Kong Airport during a layover. :) I actually spent some times at Scent and Beauty boutique browsing makeup and skincare. I wish I could take some pictures!! Oh well...

Cathay Pacific Airways Menu:

Cathay Pacific Airways Supper:

Sweet and sour chicken. Yum!

A cup of Noodle!

Well, I skipped breakfast because I wanted to sleep!

About to arrive in Hong Kong!

Lunch in a different flight:
Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpur.

Again..rice. I am Asian and I don't mind it ;)

Well, that's all for now. I am going to post some makeup stuff I bought later ;)




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