Japanese Rebonding - My Hair Story =)

Well, I don’t really fancy my natural wavy+curly locks even though some people might find it quite sexy. ;) Haha. Well, sexy if I take really good care of it, put tons of mousse, gel, etc but it’s a hard work really. It's too much! I just want to be able to wake up every a.m. and feel beautiful (I know, right? LOL) without having to fix my hair every morning. Such a dreamy thought!

Well, I normally spend 1-2 hours on my hair alone. Time spends on my makeup and picking out outfits is totally another story. My boyfriend always says that I am way too high maintenance for him, which I find it untrue. I like to look nice, that’s all. Who doesn’t? Until I got tired of fixing, and just went to work as it, put my hair up - the best solution i found. But really, my hair needs tons of work, so i am not really a high maintenance girl as he thinks! ;-P Normally, I would blow dry my hair, tame the frizz and put tons of mousse so it will look nice and pretty. That, if i am lazy ahaha. And the 2 hours routine would involve a hair dryer, a flat iron (CHI is the best!) and a touch of a curling iron (Milano rocks) so I could have that “perfect hair” look =). Wavy, sexy, tousled hair is my signature look (that's what my bf likes, he said that), and i will flat iron straight if I want that sleek and edgy hairdo. Such a hassle, and I could only do it when I am off work. LOL. The outcome is great though, of course with all that hefty effort. It just that I don’t wanna go through that routines anymore – I am tired of it all. Too much work!!

So, I decided that I want to cut down some steps; therefore, I opted to have my hair re-bonded. Yeah, you heard me right. REBONDED. This Japanese Rebonding (also called Japanese Straightening in the USA), is the one and only technology that allows your hair to stay straight to the max, literally forever until the new root shows up. LOL. Then, you can have your root retouched, but your re-bonded hair will stay like that until you chop it off. =) Neat, eh? This pin-straight hair style is so popular in Asia, besides the Digital Perm that I would like to try someday. However, this technology is so new in America (is it still? I think so!) so I’d say be careful with those salons that advertise Japanese Straightening/Rebonding. I don’t really trust them. I don’t think it’s the same technology. =/ Maybe yes? Still, I am not going to take a chance, especially if they charge over $600 for it. I have to confess that I had it done once, at *TOOT* ( i wont bash any salon), few years back and poof it didn;’t last. This salon is one of the biggest salons in LA, and they did advertise it as Japanese Straightening. Later, i found out that it was just a regular perm. Haha. Why? Because my hair went back to its original state within few months, 2 months to be exact! Grrr.

Anyways, I had my first experience with Japanese Rebonding in 2001. I had my hair done at SNIPS. http://www.snips.com.my/ SNIPS ROCKED MY WORLD FOR YEAAARRRSS!! LOL. The last Japanese Rebonding i had was back in 2006 (at Snips, again), when I went back home to visit my family. However, between 2006-2008, I went to regular salons in LA to get my hair done. I had my hair permed, waved, etc and some I liked, and some I didn’t. In 2009, I basically was in this dormant mode =`( and I didnt wanna do much. I didn;t care much about my hair really. But things have changed now, and i am so excited about life and doing the girly stuff again. =)=) Due to that, I decided to visit Kim Sun Soung salon last week. That after Milli told me many times to go and get my hair done! Haha. Technically, it should be called a Korean Rebonding LOL since it's a Korean salon, but they use Japanese stuff, so?? =P. And yep, my hair is glorious again, (thank god, finally) and I am looking forward to waking up in the morning =P. Haha. Why?? That's because I really don’t have to spend much time on my hair like i used to. Yay!. Just get up, hit the shower, blow dry ( so far, my hair is pin straight no matter what and i am keeping my fingers crossed, for it to stay like this forever!), make up and head to the office! Hehe.

And thanks Elim. You’re such a sweetheart! I had a pleasant experience at the salon and that 5 hours went by so fast! LOL. I'd go back anytime! =) P.S Yeah, the process normally takes up to 5 hours!

PS - Here is the website: http://kimsunyoung.com/

and here is the result: =) I am happier than ever!


Elankovan said...

hey,Ms.Rinz!! CAn i know tat when u did ur first rebonding in Snips,did they mention about any treatment u have to go through before the 1st year finishes and did they give u any kind of oil,shampoo.....???

Renuka said...

hey,Ms.Rinz!! CAn i know tat when u did ur first rebonding in Snips,did they mention about any treatment u have to go through before the 1st year finishes and did they give u any kind of oil,shampoo.....???

Rinz said...

Yes, they did! I bought some of the products. The brand is O2. They are quite pricey but worth it. They helped in managing my hair :) hope this helps!


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