A Comparison: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish vs. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Today, I bought a MAC Mineralize Satinfinish foundation in NC42 (my shade) hoping it would be a great base for my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, but I am not liking it that much. I have reasons why....

The Packaging:

Pros: The pump bottle. It's easier to use.

Now, a comparison between my favorite Studio Fix Fluid and Mineralize Satinfinish:

Excuse my dry hand, just finished washing the dishes ;)

What can you see in the above picture? 

Two totally different "finish", of course. I never read the description of Mineralize Satinfinish. I just went straight to the store and bought it. You know when you like something, you just tend to ignore all the labels and go for it? Just like dating! :) 
And oh, Mineralize Satinfinish NC42 is darker than Studio Fix NC42.

What is MAC Mineralize Satinfinish?

"A fluid foundation that blends the natural light-reflecting properties of micro-minerals with a smooth satin finish. Provides a low-to-medium buildable coverage with a slightly luminous look. Contains antioxidants vitamins C and E. Provides everyday SPF 15 sun protection. Long-wearing. Suitable for normal-dry skins."

The description is perfect. It wasn't the product. It was me. The word "Mineral" made me buy this foundation. I never read the description in the first place. I bought this Mineralize Satinfinish simply because I love my Mineralize Skinfinish powder. I thought the "finish" would be similar, but those two items are not even comparable. 
 The Mineralize powder doesn't even have tiny particles that make me "glow". I felt like one of the Cullen clan when I had Mineralize Satinfinish foundation on my face. Ha! Ha! I hated it! I felt so..shiny, even after I set it with a powder. Oh well. 

I wish the Mineralize Satinfinish were like Studio Fix foundation. Absorbs and disperses oil, with a natural matte finish. I really love Studio Fix. It gives me a perfect coverage. Mineralize Satinfinish is for normal-dry skin, and my skin is oily and acne prone. Of course it makes me even shinier as it provides moisture. Note: I hate oily T-Zone!

Mineralize Satinfinish foundation might be perfect for you if your skin is dry, and if you are looking for a sheen or dewy look. Also, this kind of finish is suitable for night events: club and party. I looked horrible in a natural sunlight. So unnatural. I don't like shiny or sparkly face unless I am Alice Cullen. ;) My foundation has to be matte-finish & oil absorbing...so I am returning this tomorrow.



Mie said...

Sorry to hear about the disappointment!! But thank you for sharing~ I had no idea about the difference either. Good to know :)

sugar sugar said...

maybe you can try mixing this with your other foundations to give you a more natural dewy look. :)

cik puan apel said...

Is that glitter?

PinkOrchids said...

It does look really sparkly!! LOL EDWARD CULLEN!! I'm sure if you wore it to Twilights' premier it would have been fine ;) And yes, sometimes buying cosmetics can be like dating!!
So the foundation was super sparkly? I had a moisturiser that was sparkly but it wasn't that noticeable, instead it gave my skin a glow. xX

Courtney Erin said...

Nice review - I've been curious about this product.

xoxo ~ Courtney

DeBi said...

oh, sorry to hear about it....

but looks great. will try to look over it (i have dry skin)

Rinz said...

SUGAR SUGAR: i Did. it didnt work. I was so shiny

CIK PUAN APEL: sure look like glitter but no, it's tiny particles to give sheen and dewy look

PINKORCHIDS: I have an oily skin, i guess thats why i look sparkly? to me it is... I'd rather put strobe cream as a primer.

Rinz said...

Courtney: are u gonna buy one now? ;)

DeBi: just get a sample first and see if you like it. :D

Mimi said...

great review, rinz! and that alice cullen comment made me laugh! :D

<3, Mimi

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

love the review! Pretty sad that I am allergic to MAC makeup, I wish i could use some of their products =T

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Miss A said...

Totally agree with you re Mineralize Satinfinish.

Have you tried Pro Longwear (that new MAC foundation)? Quite good, I'd say the lasting power's even better than that of Studio Fix (and my skin's very oily too)


Marie said...

Good review, sorry you had to return it. It's all about trial and error, right?:D

***** Marie *****


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