My August 2011 BirchBox

 I am sure most of you Birchbox subscribers have received your August Box. Well, here is mine...

August 2011 Birchbox:

 Hmmm....What futuristic beauty product do you wish existed? 

 I think I have found it. I just want a home light therapy system so I don't have to go back and forth to my Dermatologist. It can be quite expensive you know. So I am thinking of ordering Baby Quasar for anti aging and acne. I just hope it is worth the price! PS: I am linking the website so you guys know what I am talking about! My light therapy session at my dermatologist office cost about $150 for 15 minutes!

 Then I unwrapped that purple paper ........Guess what's inside? Some aftershave cream and Smashbox Primer. :-/

So what's inside August Box?

1. JUNE JACOBS - Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque 3.7 fl oz for $62
Powered by natural fruit extracts, this creamy mask dissolves dull cells, then boosts skin with essential oils and antioxidant-rich tea extracts.
~I think this one is alright. Papaya scrub is always good though~

2. OUIDAD - Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel 6 oz for $16
A styling aid with brains! When this non-sticky gel senses heat, it stops hair from expanding. Welcome to frizz-free curls.
~ I don't have curls like that, but I don't mind to give it a try~

3. SHAVEWORK - The Cool Fix  2fl ox for $11 & 5.3 fl ox for $25
At last, a solution to bumps, ingrown, and other shaving and waxing side effects. Bonus: it soothes as it works.
~I have yet to try this. Maybe right after my next wax session~

4. SMASHBOX COSMETICS - Photo Finish Foundation Primer 1fl oz for $36
This award-winning primer is better than ever, with brand-new packaging. It gives skin a matte, velvet-soft finish and keeps makeup in place all day.
~ I can get this at Sephora~ 

EXTRA twistband - Hair Tie.
This soft elastic gives the hair tie sophisticated makeover - it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair.

Now, what do I think of August box?

First of all, I do not like the hair tie like I didn't like the Snack inside my July box. I don't eat snack or tie my hair. Oh well. July was my first Birchbox by the way and I subscribed because I saw some girls received Laura Geller's blush in their June's Box. At the same time, I also read that UK girls who subscribed to Glossy Box received NARS Multiple!! That got me excited! So I thought it would be great to try new makeup since Sephora only offers foundation samples and not a blush, or an eyeshadows or even a lipstick. Of course just like everyone else, I went ahead and subscribed! I've been waiting for that magic moment to happen you know..where I would scream out loud out of excitement, but so far it hasn't happened. ;)

I know that Birchbox main's purpose is to introduce new beauty brands and educate the consumers on skincare/makeup since the consumers can easily get overwhelmed with beauty products at Sephora (this was taken from the article I read about the company), but seriously, I am a major Sephora addict and no, I don't get overwhelmed at all. The Sephora website provides a very clear information about each brand and the products. Besides that, in order to become a member of Beauty Insider, I had to fill out some questionnaires just like I did with Birchbox website and voila, the system spit out some products suggestions. How simple is that? So I don't really get the real concept of Birchbox other than their informative website and samples that are not even customized to skincare/makeup need. Maybe some months they get good samples, some months they don't? Who knows.... I will give it a try for another month and if it stills doesn't excite me, I will just discontinue my subscription. Why? Because if I want to get some skincare samples, I can easily get them from Beauty Collection or Sephora. Just ask the Sales Assistants and they will be happy to provide you some samples. But again, that's just me though.

Are you are a Birchbox lover? If so, what do you think of August samples?


JC ♔ said...

LMAO at the hair tie... anyway I hope I at least get the Papaya scrub this time.

MsRinz said...

JC: girl, that thing doesn't even tie. So not elastic lol

Mie said...

LOL everyone who got the smashbox primer didn't really want it. Im the only one who did want it xDDD~

I understand your point on wanting more make up samples cause you can easily get skin care samples. I agree. I didn't even mind their fragence samples. But a HAIR TIE???

I kinda liked your box more than I liked mines. They were decent sizes. I'm going to unsubscribe :/

Isabel said...

i wish we had birchbox in canada :(

Courtney Erin said...

I've been curious about doing this...it sucks that it hasn't worked out better for you.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Christine Iversen said...

Wish we had something like this in Norway :)
Maybe the next one will be better? :)

Love Christine ♥

D.Sadie said...

Aww, sorry you weren't satisfied with this month's box. But yeah, like Christine said, maybe next month you'll receive better goodies. =)

Curves ahead makeup said...

I feel the same way !!! some mnth are just bad !!!

sugar sugar said...

maybe you'll get better products next time dear. :) don't lose hope!

Sara.H said...

You people are so lucky! I wish we could have the same thing in here. SIGH. Love those goodies. :)

Vintage Makeup said...

Hope you get better things next time!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i dont have birchbox cause i live in canada but i like reading posts about it to see what ppl got. i have to say this month wasnt really that interesting :| but its nice getting prodcuts for 10 dollars :)

Jenn said...

Man I hope they get more makeup products in these boxes.. I haven't revived mine for the month yet still waiting..

AIDA said...

Haven't subscribed yet.. maybe I'll pass lol.. but you do get a good value of products for $10 is it?

MsRinz said...

Aida: not sure really... Maybe. But its mainly stuff that are not yet popular. I don't know I just want makeup lol it would be nice to see Nars Multiple or gloss. For June box for example,, most of the girls I know got crappy stuff but some Were lucky to get Laura Geller full size blush. That's not fair :-/

Pop Champagne said...

hmm interesting review on the box. for me I don't get those because I know what I need and I hate excessive skin care/beauty stuff lying around the house that I don't use. and LOL about the hair tie!

Bonnie said...

I was excited about Birchbox when I first got it, but when I got two lame-o boxes, I canceled. It just wasn't worth the money for me, especially when I am so picky on what products I use. However, for people who love to experiment, I can see why this is such a great thing.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Marie said...

Oh, Rinz! Sorry about the disappointment! I was thinking of trying a month but then again, I do know what I want and need.. so I guess I'll never try subscriptions like this.

***** Marie *****
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Mimi said...

ohh, this is the first time i've actually seen products sent by birchbox. i'm sorry to hear they're not that good this month! i don't know if i'll ever try subscribing to birchbox. :/

<3, Mimi

Closet Fashionista said...

So cool! If I knew I would use all the products I would totally sign up for this, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

i'm missing a lot.. been busy for a while.
anyhoo, i like your post~birchbox seems really interesting! i like their packaging too! so exciting to open.

devin olivia said...

Oh thats wonderful to get to try out new products.
Too bad you didn't like them
If I was as interested in makeup as I am in fashion I would try it out

Katie said...

We got the same box, I love the mask! xo

Angie L. said...

I personally like to go snoop around Sephora for my finds...there's just no fun in makeup or products if you can't play with them first.


B.Inspired said...

I am a die hard sephora fan, VIB in fact! I am tempted to try birchbox but it's reviews like this and photos of items I see in there that doesn't make me feel all that enticed. As for the hairtie...ok that is a weak effort to try to just throw sthg into the box. I've never heard of glossybox or beauty collection, but i'll definitely check it out!


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